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Publication Order of Nicholas Colt Books

Chronological Order of Nicholas Colt Books

Publication Order of Nicholas Colt & Jack Daniels Books

By: Jude Hardin, J.A. Konrath

Publication Order of Nicholas Colt & Diana Dawkins Books

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Nicholas Colt is the main character in this series of thriller crime novels by Jude Hardin. The series takes place in the state of Florida. He used to be a rock star whose entire family and the members of his band died in a bad plane crash twenty years ago. He is now a private investigator. He was the band’s lead guitar player, but broke his hand, which ended his career.

The publication order is different than the chronological order of the series. The novel “Colt” comes is a prequel novel to the series. That being said, each novel can still be read in whichever order, as each book is a stand alone work.

There are both novels to this series and short stories. There is also a crossover novel that stars both Lieutenant Jack Daniels and Nicholas Colt that was written by Jude Hardin and J. A. Konrath (who writes the “Jack Daniels” series of novels).

“Pocket-47” is the first novel in the “Nicholas Colt” series by Jude Hardin that was released in the year 2011. A fifteen year old girl who is named Brittney Ryan has gone out on the streets. Her older sister, who is also her guardian by law, has hired Nicholas Colt to find her and bring her back. Should be easy as pie, Colt believes. At first. He plans on dropping in on a boyfriend that Brittney is not supposed to see, so that he can quickly finish the case and move on. There is something deeper behind her going missing. It pulls Colt into a web of murder, deceit, and murder. Colt finally learns, after much digging, what Pocket-47 means, it brings back memories of his family and band dying two decades ago. That crash may not have been accidental. Colt wants to save Brittney, no matter what, and struggles to get through what happened in his very own past. That will not stop someone who is a nasty and violent criminal, one of the worst in modern history. This is due to him having other ideas.

Fans of the novel found that the novel has a great hero in Nicholas Colt who cares about people, has a great voice where you get to see his philosophy and sly and cynical wit that is all his own. He is both a strong character with attributes that readers should expect from a lead in this genre but there is something that is believable about him too. An unputdownable read that has great action sequences and a twisting plot that keeps fans on the edge of their chairs. This is a must read for fans of thriller books.

“Crosscut” is the second novel in the “Nicholas Colt” series by Jude Hardin that was released in the year 2012. Colt has gotten his life on the right track, he is no longer a private investigator. That changes when he is pulled back in, due to a double murder and one of his exes comes in and wants him to find her brother. Because the brother has gone missing. A white supremacist militia (that call themselves the Harvest Angels) that Colt shut down three years back. Or maybe not. Colt goes to Tennessee and thinks that he has figured things out. It is a copy cat case. Colt walks through a bloodbath, finding out that he has solved nothing and nothing is typical. It has become personal for him. He finds the truth while hunting the people responsible down. He is abducted, drugged, and brainwashed, all before he can tell authorities about what he has learned. He must fight to remember who he is, all with the world teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Fans of the novel found that with this novel Hardin takes both a private investigator novel and psychological suspense novel to a whole new level that is unrestrained. It is fast, fierce, and is unrelenting. He is also able to take the thriller genre into the darkest parts of the mind and the human heart too. It keeps you reading and flipping the pages, to the point where you will be done in about a day. Fans find that they want more and more novels about this character, finding that they have quickly become fans of this series.

“Snuff Tag 9” is the third novel in the “Nicholas Colt” series by Jude Hardin that was released in the year 2012. Colt’s career working as a private investigator with a license ended when he was convicted on a drug related charge. He has had to make his money under the table, working as a security consultant. Good luck has a habit of running to bad for Colt. It is about to again, when he takes the case of someone (an affluent young accountant) who has gotten a letter that tells them that he is supposed to play a super violent game called Snuff Tag 9. Colt thinks that the letter is nothing more than a scam, but is proven wrong by a psychotic billionaire that weighs over four hundred pounds. Freeze is putting real people into the game. His version of it anyway. Colt is taken and a device is put on him that is going to stop his heart if he does join the game. He finds himself deep in the swamp hunting and being hunted by eight other people. These are people that he does not know, and they do not know him either. He has nothing against them, but must kill them if he means to survive.

Fans of the novel found themselves rooting for Nicholas the whole way through, and they found that they had to force themselves to set the book down to do other things. This novel made some think about what they would do if they found themselves in Nicholas’s shoes. This novel is not about the action, but the psychological aspects and developing the character of Nicholas. Some found that the novel picks up the pace some and makes you keep reading, and does not go in the direction that you think it will go.

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