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Author Nicholas Evans was born on July 26, 1950 in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England. He went to school at Bromsgrove School before going to St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. At Oxford University, he studied the subject of law and graduated with first class honors, after that, he worked for three years at the Evening Chronicle in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

He sadly passed on August 9th, 2022.

Evans produced documentaries for television about politics in America and Middle East that was for a weekly current affairs program that was called Weekend World. He got to know the United States quite a bit from his extensive traveling that he did during this time.

In the year 1982, he began producing different art documentaries that were about famous filmmakers, painters, and writers, many of which won awards. These were about Francis Bacon, Patricia Highsmith, and David Hockney. The next year, he made a film about David Lean (who was a British director of such films as “Doctor Zhivago”, “Bridge on the River Kwai”, and “Lawrence of Arabia”). Lean became a friend and mentor to Evans, and encouraged him to switch to fiction.

Evans spent the next decade writing and producing many films (for both cinema and television). In the year 1993, a blacksmith in England told him about horse whisperers (someone who is able to work with traumatized horses). It was here that Evans got the first idea for his first novel.

After being published, “The Horse Whisperer” in the year 1995, sold roughly fifteen million copies around the world, it became a number one bestseller in more than twenty countries, and been translated into a total of 36 languages.

Robert Redford (who directed, produced, and starred as the lead and titular role in the film) called Evans about making a movie of “The Horse Whisperer” and asked if he would write the script for it. Evans declined and Redford seemed to pleased that he said no, and it felt to Evans that Redford was not really offering him a chance to write the script. It just seemed like a courtesy. Evans felt that he would not be able to do what it took to do the movie justice. He felt that the movie was enjoyable, especially the first half of the film.

Nicholas Evans lived in the city of Devon with Charlotte Gordon Cumming (his wife and singer songwriter).

“The Horse Whisperer” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 1995. His name is Tom Booker, and with his voice, he can calm wild horses down, with his touch he is able to heal broken spirits.

Annie Graves has come all the way across the continent to Booker’s ranch in Montana. She is desperate to heal her daughter (who has been injured), the girl’s brutal horse, and her own injured heart. She has come for some hope, her child, and she has to come to him for some kind of reason to believe.

There is a lot of emotional aspects to the book, that made some love it as much as they do. Fans of the novel found this to be a heart wrenching love story that lives and dies with sorrow and pain. No other author could have written the story any better than Evans did, as he wrote this one well. Readers were drawn into the story and unable to put this down for very long at all. Some readers have highly recommended the book, as it is a top notch story people need to read.

“The Loop” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 1998. Helen Ross (is 29 and works as a biologist) goes into a hostile place to keep wolves safe from the people that want to harm them.

She fights for self esteem and her own survival, going on a love affair with Buck Calder’s son. Buck is her biggest opponent, most brutal, charismatic, and the most powerful, and his son is eighteen years old.

Some fell in love with the novel a lot quicker than they thought they would. They got caught up in the loves of the people in this that made them keep reading. Fans of the novel found this was an excellent read, with an interesting and enjoyable story. Evans truly did his research in writing this book, especially in how to raise animals. Nicholas Evans does a great job starting his novels, something that some hope continues with all of his work.

“The Smoke Jumper” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2001. Connor Ford is his name and he falls from the sky like an angel, as he tries to save the woman he loves and knows the whole time that he cannot have. Julia Bishop is his best friend’s partner and also a “smoke jumper”, Ed Tully. Julia loves both of them, until a tragedy of fire happens on Snake Mountain (which is in Montana) makes her have to choose and scar each of their hearts.

After the fire, Connor goes on a distressing odyssey to the very edge of human experience, going to worst wars and disasters to take pictures. It brings him fame, but no happiness. He is reckless in this life that he does not want anymore, and dares life to take him at every turn. There is another fateful day that takes place on another continent. It makes him have to walk through fire again.

Some have read all of the work by Nicholas Evans, and find that he is a top shelf writer that does nothing but create killer novels. Fans of the novel found this to be well written, and found both leading men to be charming; Connor had a lot of passion and Ed had a lot of perseverance. They also thought that Julia really loved both of the men in this. Some found that they were up into the morning, just reading this book, it was that strong. This is an author that some read every time that a book is released from.

“The Divide” is the fourth stand alone novel that was released in the year 2009. The body of a murder suspect is found frozen in a remote mountain creek that has iced over. It takes the police from New York all the way to the Rockies. It poses some questions that leave some unsettled about a young woman with promise that came from a loving family could commit murder and acts of ecoterrorism.

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    Dear Nicholas Evans I have really enjoyed reading your books and was wondering if you would be writing another .
    Kind regards Kathleen

  2. Maggie Ford.: 3 years ago

    Dear Nicholas Evans, I have just read your first book & loved the Horse Whisperer. I will definitely look for more of your books. Thank you. Maggie.


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