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About Nicholas Sparks:

It has often been said that truly talented writers narrate about what they know, or what they have lived. Best selling author Nicholas Sparks writes from believable, human experiences. He knows about love, and writes about it very well. He is able to weave plots based on ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. He has drawn on his personal experiences in many walks of life, his many encounters with individuals, and his imagination to create endearing tales of the human spirit.

Young Career

Nicholas was born December 31, 1968 in Nebraska. As a young man, Nicholas was faced with a crossroads when he finished at Bella Vista High School in California in 1984. He considered law school and he looked into the publishing world. He had done very well in school, was a track athlete, valedictorian, and had written a novel, The Passing, he was trying to get published. He wrote a second novel, The Royal Murders, while studying business at the University of Notre Dame Then, with his degree in business finance, he went to work in a variety of jobs, from waiting tables, to real estate appraisal and even selling dental equipment…and writing in his spare time.

But he didn’t give up. In 1996, his next effort was, The Notebook, a story of mismatched young lovers, separated by social differences in 1940s South Carolina, but it also ended up in a literary agents’ slush pile. On a fluke, it was dug out, read through, and his young literary agent decided it was worthy of exploring as a project. What resulted turned into a mega hit, an instant bestseller and a new career for Nicholas Sparks, who at the time was 28, a young husband and father of two.

In 2003, Nicholas returned to the beloved characters in The Notebook in a sequel of sorts, in The Wedding . He picks up the story generations later with the struggling marriage of the elder daughter in the original story. The beloved main character of one story is former story become the mentor to the young man in the latter story. He teaches about love, patience, perseverance and commitment in a whole new perspective. Fans of The Notebook are given a real treat in The Wedding. And a very unexpected, but well-received ending.


What emerged is one of the world’s most beloved storytellers. Since his first bestseller, each subsequent book has done just as well. He currently has over 89 million copies in print all over the world. Fans are always anticipating his next release because they have grown to love his style. He writes of ordinary people testing their faith or Christian belief while overcoming a tragedy. He draws on basic morals and values of doing the right thing, and his characters don’t always experience the typical happy ending. Readers are left with a feeling of overcoming odds and enduring hardships that make us all feel a little stronger.

Family Life

Nicholas Sparks, his wife Cathy, and his five children, threes sons and twin daughters, make their home in North Carolina. They are a very devout Catholic family and have recent raised funds for an international college prep Christian private school to be established in their hometown. As a youngster, Nicholas and his parents and an older brother and sister, lived in an assortment of American communities as their father studied business and became a professor. His mother was an optometrist’s assistant and homemaker. Nicholas and Cathy are very involved in their community of New Bern, North Carolina where they contribute extensively to educational efforts, sports facilities, and programs that launch young creativity. Nicholas is also a major contributor to the Creative Writing Department at his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame.

Nicholas is very popular as a guest author on speaking tours. People Magazine named Nicholas Sparks their “sexiest author” on one of their annual lists. What makes him so endearing? Fans love the fact that he is sentimental : he used his first royalty check from The Notebook to buy his wife a new wedding ring. Or maybe it’s because all his books are set in North or South Carolina, paying homage to the communities he now calls home. And more and more of his heart-warming stories are being made into films.

Novels in Film

Message in a Bottle was the first Sparks novel to hit the big screen, and it was followed by the enormously successful The Notebook. A Walk to Rememberis a tribute to Nicholas’ sister Dana, who died at the age of 33 of a brain tumor, and an inspiration to him. Other films include: Nights in Rodanthe, Dear Joh,The Lucky One and The Last Song. In his eighth project, Safe Haven, Nicholas Sparks also worked as a producer. Worldwide, Nicholas Sparks films have grossed nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars. His projects have attracted lead actors such as Diane Lane, Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Miley Cyrus, Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.

Current News about Nicholas Sparks.

Other recently completed works include a screenplay entitled True Believer. It is under development as well as another project called At First Sight. His 2011 novel The Best of Me has had the movie rights purchased. Like all his works, Nicholas Sparks writes of the Carolinas with a romantic storyline that captivates and endures.

Meanwhile Nicholas Sparks is still at work writing, which seems to be what he does best. His eighteenth novel is entitled The Longest Ride. It’s another story that pulls at the reader’s heartstrings, but has an endearing ending where the lives of two couples, paralleled in the story, have lives that intertwine. Sparks himself says the inspiration for the novel came from the ending. He knew how the characters would end up . In his crafting of the story, he wanted the reader to feel a certain way at the end, similar to the characters. Unwavering love and undeniable friendship are key in Sparks’ storytelling once again.

Nicholas Sparks has 17 romantic novels to his credit. He also had published one non-fiction book in 1990 with co-author Bill Mills. It is a book about the Lakota People called Wokini : A Lakota Journey to happiness and Self-Understanding. It has sold 50,000 copies.

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  1. Naomi: 3 months ago

    I found “The Return” with some donated books. I can’t wait to see the movie made. As always, the characters have a challenge to preserve. Everything happens for a reason.

  2. Trish Jenison: 5 months ago

    I would absolutely LOVE to read his first 2 novels; The Passing and The Royal Murders. Could you let me know if I can get a copy. Love all his other books. I own 15 books and still have 9 more to buy not counting the 2 novels that didn’t get published.

  3. Barbara Scotto: 1 year ago

    My friend Teresa turned me on to Nicholas Sparks books. I am hopelessly addicted. I have burned the midnight oil many times. I feel like the characters are friends of mine and I become part of every story. AMAZING!

  4. rhonda anderson: 2 years ago

    i have read all your books and love each one thenpass them to my daughter who keeps them

  5. Janet: 2 years ago

    Absolutely the best reads!!! He pulls you in, and makes you feel an actual part of the book. I get fully engrossed when reading his novels. I can never out them down. I have read all but a few. Lookin forward to picking those up soon.

  6. Rose Lollathin: 2 years ago

    It”s late and I should be in bed, but I am scanning through your life and all of the books that you have written…I have ordered 6 already and have another list waiting…I love the romance
    that you portray in every one of your books..
    they really move me as I am a self proclaimed
    Hopeless Romantic…thank you for the joy that comes out of your books…


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