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Coming from America, the writer Nichole Christoff is a world renowned author of thriller novels, having created numerous collections of them, as she has amassed a worldwide audience through her engaging style of prose and her compelling characters that draw her readers in to her highly immersive world.

Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Raymond Chandler and Jane Austen, she has had a rich history to draw from, creating stories that feed her readers with both exciting and rich tapestries to become involved in.

This has lead to her becoming one of the most prolific novelists currently working within her field to date, as she writes not only for a national audience, but an international one as well. Her understanding of character alongside her richly woven narratives is exemplary, as she is able to combine the two to thrilling effect, creating a style and tone that is entirely unique to her. With a good ear for dialogue, she really understands how actual people speak, something which has really resonated with her fans on an international level.

Building suspense too, she is really able to draw readers in, keeping them engaged throughout, in both a compelling and witty plot that keeps her audience held on the edge of their seats right until the very end. This has served her well over the years, as many have flocked to her work looking to find out more, as her mysteries really leave it up to the reader to discover the story at their own pace. It is her characters that reflect this too, as they really come alive off of the page, with her providing fully three dimensional personalities that really resonate with readers regardless of where they are from. With a lot more to come in, she doesn’t appear to be showing signs of stopping any time soon, as her writing career grows from stength-to-stength on into the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Born in America, she would harbor a passion for writing from a very early age, taking to reading and writing wherever possible, as she would nurture it as a craft throughout the years. With a clear gift for suspense, she would learn how to engage audiences on a most visceral level, understanding what it is that they want and what they were looking for. Always looking for the next big idea, she is either out in the woods or in front of the typewriter, looking for her next story, something which she carries on to this very day.

Writing Career

It was in 2014 that she would write her first novel ‘The Kill List’, which would also become her first in the much loved and long-running series of ‘James Sinclair’ collection of novels. This would become her primary franchise, as she would go on to chart the various case files of the eponymous private investigator, examining his various case files and mysteries and investigations as the series progressed. With a clear love and passion for the genre, this would become a strong and interesting addition to the genre, withe number of critics and members singing her praises, as she would reach the top of the bestseller lists in the following years to come.

The Kill Box

This would be the third title in the now much loved James Sinclair series of novels, as it would go on to provide a mystery all of its very own. Continuing on from the last novel, it would carry on in much the same vein as before, allowing the central character of James Sinclair himself to progress as well as the world he inhabits. Initially brought out on the 20th of October in 2015 it would be released through the ‘Alibi’ publishing label, as many would come to appreciate it as a benchmark of the overall series.

Following a number of familiar lines for Christoff as an author, she really manages to bring out all the elements here. With characters that are seemingly broken, yet at the same time easy to relate to, she works at creating a novel that resonates in simple yet roundabout manner. The locations are well drawn too, as they leap off of the page, drawing from previous novels, and building upon them for the books to follow.

Jamie Sinclair wants to take a vacation, as she is a hard working woman who has a work cut out for her, but this isn’t the case as her net investigation leaps into her peripheral. That’s when a stung out soldier who looks like they’ve seen enough leaps into her bedroom taking an innocent woman hostage demanding her attention. Knowing the veteran though, she must dive into his past as she seeks to understand what it is that he really wants, especially if she ever hopes to get some much needed peace. Will she find it though? Why are they there? What is in the kill box?

The Kill Wire

Bringing this out on the 6th of February in 2018 this would come to mark the fifth tile in the now much loved James Sinclair collection of novels. Published through the ‘Random House Alibi’ outlet, it would continue in much the same vein as before, whilst also taking the series in entirely new directions. It would also work to develop the characters, building upon their personalities and who they are as people as the franchise progresses.

The private investigator Jamie Sinclair is hoping to put the past behind her, as she has a vast number of demons hidden deep within her closet. Dealing with a large quantity of high-profile and high paying clients, she knows exactly where she is and that’s exactly where she likes it. That’s when her ex Marc finds his way back into her life as he has a new case for her to handle, and this time it might be more than she is used to. Can she cope with this new and dangerous investigation? Will she survive to find out the truth? What will she discover as she finds herself dangling on the kill wire?

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