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Nick Haskins is an author of fiction. He writes novels that could be classified into the romantic fiction genre. His novels are full of characters that enjoy passion in their lives and contain the secrets of the rich and the escapades of the individuals that reside in those manors and mansions full of drama and intrigue!

Haskins first became a published author officially with the release of his fictional novel, On the Edge of Heat. The book was released in 2011 and introduces readers to the character of spoiled rich girl Alexis Kennedy fro the first time. He followed that novel up with a second novel, titled Jamal. After that, he released his third novel, titled My Husband’s Wife. Betrayed is his fourth novel to be released.

Haskins was born in Toledo in the state of Ohio. He currently lives there. When he was younger he aspired to become a writer for television and film, and he channeled that creative energy into writing. Following his creative dreams, Haskins began writing and his first book was completed and released in 2011 as a result.

Nick Haskins is focused on adding to and building up on an already-established catalog of his fictional work. He enjoys writing and is also currently working on not only writing more novels but building his readership. Haskins says that he definitely has plans in the works to become a writer full-time.

On the Edge of Heat is the exciting debut romance novel from Nick Haskins. What do you do when you live a life of privilege and everything is usually simply handed to you on a silver platter? For one thing, you have a lot more free time for your personal life.

For Paige Ross, Alexis Kennedy, and Charles Morton, playing games may lead to more than just fun. Will the tables turn on them and bring them only sorrow? Heartbreak is the name of the game. For Charles Morton, when he finds himself torn in the middle of a love triangle, he has no idea what to do. He has girls racing against each other in a game where the prize is his heart.

Paris, Nicole, and Stephanie are all competing for Charles and none of them are letting up anytime soon. During the course of their journey, one of them is bound to crash and burn, destined to be out of Charles’s life for good. What will happen to the other ladies? Will one of them be able to finally make the love thing happen and get him to propose and walk down to the altar so that their union can be legally declared in front of God and the entire world too?

You never know, and anything could happen. The only thing that Charles knows for sure is that there are women fighting for his affections, and they really mean business. He also knows that all of them want a really big wedding and to declare their devotion in front of everyone and then probably to get pregnant with his child and start a family with their firstborn kicking off the first day of the rest of their lives.

Maybe Charles is not certain that he’s ready for holy matrimony, but does that even really matter at this point? These women are playing hard, and they are playing for keeps. They’re used to getting what they want, and what this young man wants may not even matter to them. Meanwhile, rich girl Alexis Kennedy is having love troubles of her own.

She’s slowly falling for Maxwell Storm, a man that she really is starting to think that she could spend forever with. Alexis never expected to fall for this lover, but now she is starting to consider the possibility that this man could become the love of her life. Little does she know that this is no accidental meeting; this man is actually hired to be payback, not her soulmate.

Why would someone want to do this? Alexis’s father Macmillan crossed someone a long time ago, and now Maxwell Storm is the messenger boy for karma, live and in person. Alexis was Maxwell’s target for so long that he’s not going to forget the mission now that he’s got her in his sights.

Meanwhile, Paige Ross is also having love troubles. She thought that she and her boyfriend Desmond were going to stay together forever. Desmond has been cheating on her for a long time, and after years of attempts to get him away from other women she decides that she is going to have to switch up her approach. As a result, Paige ends up in bed with Malcolm, Desmond’s brother, in order to show her partner a lesson that neither of them are going to ever forget.

What will happen in all these relationships and scenarios? The drama is heating up, and dinner is about to be served. Make sure that you’re not late to the dinner table and pick up this thrilling first novel from author Nick Haskins to find out!

Jamal is the second novel from author Nick Haskins. When it comes to everyday life, Alexis Kennedy and her friends Taylor Marie and LaTavia don’t have the same lives that other young women do. They live a life of privilege where they do whatever they want. However, there comes a price with being rich.

Taylor Marie has been bored ever since her accident of a marriage to her ex, Winston. LaTavia is looking for an escape from her daily life, while Alexis just wants to have fun– like any self-respecting rich girl would. All three of these ladies have no one in their life and far too many lonely nights.

All three of them end up having the same fantasy, but is it the same man or is it an illusion? Jamal is gorgeous and seems so real in these women’s heads. But when it comes to this handsome young man, is he real or not? These three ladies may just find that the ultimate man may only be real in their heads. Can they ever meet Jamal in real life, or are they destined to be disappointed? Read this second novel from Haskins to find out!

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