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Publication Order of Nick McIver Adventures Through Time Books

The name ‘Nick McIver’ refers to a series of adventure novels written for children aged ten and above. The books follow the efforts of two kids who travel through time and fight pirates.

+The Story

When Nicholas McIver is introduced to readers in the first Nick McIver book, he is just the 12-year-old son of a lighthouse keeper. The year is 1939 and the only thing on the minds of every normal thinking human being is the war.

The Nazis are an ever presented threat and that is especially true for people like Nick who live on the British Channel Islands. Nick wants to do his part to help Winston Churchill combat the oncoming German threat.

However, circumstances conspire to throw him into conflict with an unexpected foe. Nick finds a time machine hidden in a cove. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, there’s an evil pirate by the name of Captain Billy Blood who spends his days traversing different time periods and kidnapping little children.

Blood wants Nick’s time machine but Nick knows that Blood has the capacity to wreak untold havoc across the time stream. The Nick McIver series explores Nick’s battle to overcome captain Blood.

The series suggests that history is in flux and that it is possible to initiate changes in the past that could have a disastrous impact on events in the future. Where he initially saw his objective as one of stopping the Nazis, Nick’s adventures with his time machine find him fighting to save the day both in the past and the present.

Nick is joined in his quest by his sister Kate and Lord Hawke. Together they strive to keep Captain Blood in check.

The Nick McIver series was Ted Bell’s first creation. Today, the author is best known for Alexander Hawke, a series of adult action and adventure novels. However, ‘Nick in Time’, the first novel in the Nick McIver series was Ted Bell’s first novel.

Bell was living in London at the time. He had a young daughter who was an avid reader of young adult literature. While Bell could appreciate the literary value of some of his daughter’s favorite authors like R.L. Stine, he also had a desire to see her tackle more mature literary undertakings like Huckleberry Finn.

It didn’t take Bell long to realize that the young adult novels of his youth were probably too dated for his daughter to enjoy. His attempts at finding her something more contemporary to read led him to Stephen King’s ‘IT’. However, after skimming the book, Bell was pretty certain that the pacing and the language of the story were unlikely to appeal his child.

It was here that ‘Nick in Time’ was born. Ted Bell decided to write the sort of young adult novel that might appeal to his daughter. He set his sights on producing a story whose language young readers would easily grasp.

He also sought to inject a faster pace, heightened tension and plenty of action into the mix. The author needed a heroic protagonist and he needed both genders represented. The result was Nick and Kate McIver, the siblings at the heart of the Nick McIver series who go on adventures through time.

Considering his interest in history, it made all the sense in the world for Bell to make his first attempt at writing young adult a historical fiction undertaking. He was especially excited by the prospect of putting historical figures he admired like Winston Churchill into his stories.

The ‘pirates’ angle was a late addition, but Bell thought it was a no-brainer. At the time, there were no better means of engaging young readers than throwing pirates into the equation. There are drastic differences between these books and the author’s Alexander Hawke series—which is written for adult audiences.

Bell had fun writing these books and his wish is for readers to have equally as much fun reading them. The author discourages the categorization of the Nick McIver series as a collection of children’s books.

Rather, the author believes that the books are more for the family than anything else and can be compared to the likes of Treasure Island.

Ted Bell had hoped earlier on that the McIver series would receive a film adaptation. He even sold the film rights to Paramount. However, a movie has never materialized.

+Nick of Time

It is 1939. The Germans are in the process of bringing great conflict to the world. Nick and Kate are siblings trying to do their part to help Winston Churchill prepare for the inevitable ar. Nick thought his life was hectic.

He did not realize how good he had it until he met Captain Billy Blood. The adventure starts when Nick finds a time machine. Then he learns about the evil pirate that takes children and holds them for ransom.

With his sister and Lord Hawke by his side, Nick’s battle with Captain Blood will take him everywhere from the sea to land and even beyond time to the centuries that came before.

It will take courage and determination on the part of Nick if he is to save his home and his friends from destruction.

+The Time Pirate

It is 1940 and War is finally here. The British Channel Islands are at the mercy of the Nazis who have begun their invasion. However, Nick has no intention of becoming a passive bystander, not with the threat facing his home.

Nick’s chance to fight comes when he stumbles upon an old World War One Fighter Plane. Nick decides to use the plane to take to the skies and take the fight to the enemy, both by taking photographs of vital German operations and also participating in dangerous bombing raids.

But Captain Billy Blood isn’t just sitting around waiting for Nick’s schedule to clear. The evil pirate is more determined than ever to get Nick’s time machine. And this time he’s certain to succeed.

Blood captured Nick’s sister. He then took Kate to Jamaica in 1781 before giving Nick a message, promising to give Kate back if Nick brings the time machine. However, that is the least of Nick’s problems.

The courageous boy travels to the era of the American Revolution and discovers a plot that could change the future. Nick will need all his friends and allies to protect his machine, rescue his sister and keep the world safe.

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