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Nick Medina is a horror fiction author from Chicago Illinois that is best known for his blockbuster debut work of fiction “Sisters of the Lost Nation” in 2023.

As a Native Indian with roots in Louisiana, the author drew on family and personal experiences in writing his novel. He also did research on the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls epidemic in the penning of “Sisters of the Lost Nation.”

The author went to college where he graduated with degrees in multicultural and organizational communication. He is also particularly musical and loved to listen to classic rock, play the guitar, exploring haunted cemeteries among a range of spooky stuff.

He currently makes his home in suburban Chicago.

Apart from his writing endeavors, Nick Medina is a college professor who teaches multicultural communication and public speaking.

At some point, Medina also studied screenwriting and journalism and over the years he has gotten some prestigious commendations. Nick Medina has commendations from the likes of the Northern Illinois School Press Association, the Chicago Headline Club, the Illinois Woman’s Press Association, and Columbia University.

The author published his first short story in 2009 and over the years has published a ton of short fiction work. His short fiction works have been published by the likes of “UnEarthed Press,” “Dark Highlands,” and “West Pigeon Press.”
Nick has also had many of his works published by outlets in the United Kingdom and the United States such as “Underground Voices,” “Midwest Literary Magazine,” “The Absent Willow Review,” and “The Washington Pastime.”

Nick Medina loves to call himself a proud member of the Biloxi-Tunica Native Tribe in Louisiana. Growing up, he remembers that he used to visit the reservation regularly with his family. It is from these interactions with the people living on the reservation that he now pens many of his novels.

Over the years, he had the opportunity to talk with and interview people living on the reservation on issues of gender identity, the murder and disappearance of women, and even folklore.
“Sisters of the Lost Nation” which is his debut work is a literary thriller that follows a 17-year-old Native American named Anna Horn.

Nick Medina’s novel “Sisters of the Lost Nation” follows a young Native girl who is looking for answers with regard to women that have been going missing from the reservation under mysterious circumstances.
In her quest, she delves into the stories and myths of her tribe, even as she is also haunted. Anna Horn is tormented by bullies stalked by disembodied entities abnd entitled visitors who come to the casino at the reservation that she always has to look over her shoulder.

With sinister and strange happenings in the vicinity of the casino, Anna begins to suspect that some of the horrors they are experiencing may be very modern. As girls begin to disappear and the tribe tries to find answers, Anna is also struggling with trying to define and find her place on the reservation.

As she desperately searches for keys to solve the mystery, she comes to believe that the solution lies in legends from the tribe’s past. Things get very interesting when Anna’s little sister also goes missing and it does seem the demons on the reservation are stronger than had previously been believed.

Part mythological horror and part gripping thriller, the author spins a timely and incisive novel of life as an outcast, the price of discarding tradition, and the courage needed to achieve one’s dreams.

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