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Nick Milligan is an Australian artist, musician, music journalist, festival promoter, and published author. He was also a producer on the 2014 short film The Library of Burned Books.

Milligan is known for being a creative force in the music industry of Australia for over a decade. He graduated in 2005 from the University of Newcastle and has worked as a musician, a music journalist working on a freelance basis, or his years spent working promoting music festivals.

Milligan first started his career in literature with his novel Enormity’s release in 2013. That was when the book first became available to readers. The sprawling epic is a rumination on such topics as the music industry, religion, and worship of celebrities.

He also published a collection of his short stories in 2017 that was titled Tomcat Feelings. He continues to put in the time to write fictional novels and give his fans more unique stories to read! Nick has profiled a number of influential artists going back since 2002. His writing and articles have been featured in a variety of publications, from Hotpress to Smash Hits, YEN, Rolling Stone, Frankie, Reverb Magazine, and Dazed and Confused.

He has also served Reverb Magazine as its editor in chief, has served YEN Magazine as the editor of their music and their film features. He was also a sub-editor there for a time as well for a time as well as at Frankie, The Maitland Mercury, and Dazed and Confused. He has interviewed many well known artists and celebrities, from movie stars to singers and actors and writers and more.

Some of these big names include Ice Cube, Matt Damon, Rhys Darby, Slash, Juliette Lewis, Ian Gillan, Pete Townshend, Alice Cooper, Frank Black of Pixies fame, Dylan Moran, Bret Easton Ellis, Bill Bailey, GZA, Daniel Johns, Anton Newcombe, James Mercer, Tori Amos, Joe Perry, Amanda Palmer, Kings of Leon, and many more along the way as the list continues to grow.

In addition to being a full time author and a resident of Australia, Milligan hosts plenty of events in his home town, including a trivia night revolving around music and film that takes place on a weekly basis. The gathering has actually managed to accrue a loyal following ever since it started years ago.

Nick Milligan is the creator and the author of the Enormity series. This engaging fictional series started for the first time in 2013, when the first installment of the series was released. There have since been three more stories included in this fun fantasy series. If you’re looking for something a bit wild that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then check out Enormity for yourself and read the three-part saga all the way to the end to find out what happens.

Enormity starts out focusing on the main character of Jack. His career in the entertainment industry is going really well because he’s not only a rock star, he’s the most famous one in the entire world. The only catch is that he isn’t even from the planet that he’s famous on.

Jack used to have dreams of being a professional rock star when he was young. All that he ever wanted in life was to be a musician. Then he changed things up and signed up with NASA to go on one of their space programs. Just like that, he’s on a mission heading off into deep space.

These things usually go well when they go well. When they don’t, they usually go disastrously awry. The mission predictably takes a turn for the worse when they crash on another planet. Are they alone on this new world? It turns out that this is a place inhabited by alien organic beings already, an intelligent race that actually evolved from humans.

These are the descendants of the human race, and they have developed on a timeline that is parallel to the people of Earth’s. When he plays guitar and performs some of the top rock songs on Earth for the aliens, they are amazed. They’ve never heard the words of Leonard Cohen or the folksy tunes of Bob Dylan. Neil Young is a revelation for them.

As you can probably figure out, Jack is an immediate his among all of these aliens. They are overjoyed to be able to listen to all of this new music and discover art from musicians that they never would have otherwise been able to hear. There are plenty of aliens here to appreciate the art that he is playing for him, too. If he stays here, he might be more famous than he ever would have been on Earth.

Jack always truly wanted to be a rock star, but now he has the chance to really make it happen. Could crashing on this planet be the best thing to ever happen to him? As he keeps playing, he can tell that he is on the verge of becoming a super star. The audiences that he is drawing from around the entire planet clearly show an appreciation for what he is doing.

If this keeps up, Jack may never decide to leave. The people of this planet are totally obsessed with the music and think that Jack wrote all of these songs. He becomes a celebrity and is even quickly achieving a high and widespread degree of reverence. How long can this really go on? They say that all good things eventually come to an end.

Landing in this place is like living in a brand new dream world, and Jack is loving his new role as a rock star to the alien masses. He is basking in the glow of this new fame and adoration from all of his fans. With any luck, this will not come to an end anytime soon.

However, this star may soon find out that the lie that he so casually told to maintain his status is about to have major consequences. Can he survive this wild ride through his newly acquired fame? It’s anybody’s guess. Full of twists and turns, check out this three part novel and read to the end to find out what happens next!

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