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Nick Pirog is an American writer with a penchant for writing thrillers since the age of 12 years.He was born in Denver and attended Colorado state University. Nick Pirog followed his childhood passion for writing professionally after his graduation.His first published book was Unforeseen written at the young age of 22 and published in the year 2008. Nick Pirogi is an extremely gifted writer as proven by his own admission of devoting just 10 hours a week for writing which seems outlandish looking at the intricate plots of his novels alongside the depth of his protagonists` character as evident with his depiction of Thomas Prescott,Henry Bins or Maddy Young each having several layers revealed with varying degrees by Nick Pirog.

Thomas Prescott:
Nick Pirog has created several interesting protagonists around which his novels revolve.One of these is a intelligent character named Thomas Prescott gifted with an unbeatable sense of humor along with a knack of solving some of the toughest crimes of Homicide`s history.Nick first presented Thomas Prescott in his very first novel Unforeseen where Thomas is going after a serial killer that had terrorized the town with his serial killings in October several years ago and comes back to go after Thomas` close friends.The other Thomas Prescott book by Nick Pirog is The Afrikaans which is bound to give you an adrenaline rush without having to jump mountains and will leave you craving for more at the end of this riveting nail biter.Thomas Prescott has to save 400 hostages on cruise liner from pirates while racing against time to uncover more sinister truths behind the hijack.Another one of Thomas Prescott`s novel by Nick is Grey matter in which Thomas is looking to combat the deadly cocktail of a broken heart,loneliness and a killer`s thirst for his blood and all of this on a thanksgiving.

Henry Bins:
Another one of Nick Pirog`s protagonists to have a series of successful books for him is Henry Bins.Henry Bins is probably one of the most unusual characters as he suffers from a medical condition that virtually guarantees boredom and scope of finding thrill is next to nothing but Nick manages to spin an intricate web of events to engage the reader by keeping the suspense hanging till the end.Henry Bins is a man who suffers from a medical condition which makes him sleep 16 hours a day and he is only awake from 3 am to 4 am in the morning.This protagonist is unique because despite all of its constraints is able to live his life and is also able to solve mysteries.The first book 3 am was the first installment featuring Henry Bins as the main character who wakes up one morning of his medically mandated one hour of consciousness to hear screams of a woman and the plot thickens with the sighting of the President of the United States.The next book dedicated to Henry Bins is 3:05 am where Henry is again seen solving mysteries from a one hour daily window.The plot seems improbable but the writing by Nick makes it not only believable but also makes us sympathize with Henry and be thankful to god for fulfilling lives that we live.

Maddy Young:
Maddy young was introduced to the readers by Nick pirog through the novel The Arrival which was about how there`s a chance of leading a new life after death at the same age with the same body albeit in a different world known as TWO where everything is weird Google is goggle and Facebook is Deadlock among some of the weird things of this new reality that Maddy has to adjust to.This book enthralls the readers by introducing them to a bizarre yet intriguing world of TWO.The second Maddy young saga book is Borns which features introduction of 10 new people into the new bizarre world of TWO but maddy notices the strange injection each new entrant receives and questions the motives leading to strange and exciting consequences.

Nick has also written some hilarious short novels that would leave you gasping for air like 3:06 am The Lassie Files. This is only 40 page novel which describes an unusual day in Henry Bin`s life when he has to take care of his Dad`s 160 pond dog Murdock because he has sent his dad on a vacation to LA and when murdock and lassie play a game that goes awry warrants a vet which was easier said than done as a snake owner kidnaps the vet and Henry,Murdock and Lassie come to the rescue and that too within an hour.

Nick Pirog has written some of the most original novels in the thriller genre and has carved a niche for himself. He has created characters like Thomas Prescott the homicide detective who solves the deadliest of crimes with a sense of humor.On the other hand Nick gave us Henry Bins whose everyday life is limited to one hour of the day at a time when it is difficult for us to even imagine the possibility of a fulfilling existence albeit he manages very well probably living more in that one hour than we live in an entire day.Then we have Maddy Young who has died and is yet living in a different reality.Nick has successfully planted the concept of this alternate world called TWO in which Maddy explores its bizarre nature and learns to live and adapt to its uncertainty.Nick Pirog can be better described as a writer who pushes the envelope of Thriller genre by introducing various elements of supernatural,good old fashioned heroism and unconventional humor through his books and as can be seen through his popularity has been accepted by avid book readers too.

Nick Pirog`s writing style has been molded by a significant influence of writers like John Grisham,Nelson DeMille,Micheal Crichton as is evident by his writing style and storytelling where he tries to present his characters such that they are not only grand but also relatable as is evidenced by the popularity of Thomas Prescott`s book series.Nick has been a prolific writer and is bound to influence several future writers from his books just like he was inspired by To kill a mocking bird, Ender`s game, The Testament and The Plum Island. Nick`s books can be best described as a package of thrill,mystery,bizarre in an appealing wrap of humor.

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19 Responses to “Nick Pirog”

  1. Molly: 4 months ago

    I’ll throw in the first $100 to crowd source a bribe in the hopes of enticing him out of his 10 hr writing block so he can finish 4 a.m. I do NOT KNOW how I am going to be able to wait for it. Torture

  2. Christine Phillips: 2 years ago

    Hi i’ve just listened to all five books in the Henry Bean series. Please tell me that isn’t the end of it. Please. Thanks

  3. Vikki Steeger: 2 years ago

    Loved both Thomas Prescott and Henry Bins! Great writing, entertaining and enough suspense to keep you turning the pages. I hope you continue the series, especially Henry Bins! One has to root that eventually he can have more than 1 hour!


  4. Michele Roach: 2 years ago

    I love your books! laugh out loud funny! I talk to my cat all the time so this made it even funnier! Please let us know when you are going to finish the series! I love janet evonovich series because of the humor so you now have a big fan in me! Great entertainment. Thank you

  5. Shawnna Grigsby: 3 years ago

    Just finished the Henry Bins 3:46. We need closure. What happened to dad? Did he know about mom was he in cahoots with her. Was she a mark for him and he fell in love and damn it all just for her to turn around and choose her secret world. Please finish this series. I have enjoyed it so much!!

    • june kelso: 3 years ago

      when will books six and seven be out?

    • Georgia: 2 years ago

      I am screaming.
      I’ve just finished 3:46 and I need answers!!!!

    • Ged G: 1 year ago

      Love the ‘Thomas Prescott’ books. I laugh so much with the characters sense of humour.

  6. Trudy Thompson: 3 years ago

    Can’t leave it hanging after book 3:46 am. What’s after that

  7. Martha Donovan: 3 years ago

    Just finished book 5 of Henry Binz. Hated the ending as we have no idea what is happening. Readers seem to think there will be two more books in the series but I see no indication of that. So my advice to readers is don’t begin the series because there is no closure to it. Why would the author do that?

    • tina: 3 years ago

      I’m right there with you, I want to know what happened!!!!

      • Lela: 3 years ago

        Need closure like Thomas Prescott series! Please write at least one more that tells us about Dad.

        • Carol Ehrman: 2 years ago

          I love the personality and humor of Thomas. He literally made me laugh out loud so many times! (I’m the King uv da woid!”) Made me or my pants! Keep that up!!! I love suspense and mystery but I leave the story at descriptive gore. As for Henry, give him at least a few more hours a day! Even my husband asked me if Henry gets more time! And he’s not reading the book! He likes the idea of a 3 hour nap in between and hopes you can work that in for Henry. At least he can replenish before he goes out to save the works. Right?

  8. Alicia Combs: 3 years ago

    Loved the series Thomas Prescott and Henry Bins… I have been searching and I can’t believe that Cliff hanger on 3:46. Please let me know if/or when you finish that series!!!!Thanks for the entertainment!

  9. Robbie Monsma: 3 years ago

    PLEASE write the rest of the Henry Bins novels! Loved all your books but that one really leaves us hanging!

  10. Susan Pierce: 3 years ago

    Love your work. Have read all of Thomas Prescott and Henry Bins series. Hope for a book soon to follow zip what’s up with Henry’s Dad. Love the animals in this series as one who has cats and a dog and talk with them all the time.

  11. Laurie A Flynt: 3 years ago

    You are very funny. I l.o.v.e. that you have conversations with Lassie. I hope 3:46 is not your last book of this series. The narrator does a real fine job.

  12. SYDNEY WETHERBEE: 6 years ago

    Hello, Author Nick Pirog-are you ever going to write a 2nd book in the Elephant Rebellion series? I reeaaalllyy want one! Please!

  13. Rosa Altamirano: 7 years ago

    Hello Mr. Pirog. I can’t wait for 3:53 and 4 a.m. How soon will they be available on ebooks?


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