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Nick Stone
Nick Stone is a Mystery and Thrillers author. Born in Cambridge in 1966, Stone spent most of his early years in Haiti before going back to England in 1970. As the son of a Haitian mother and a Scottish father, Stone enjoyed the best of both cultures. His debut novel, Mr. Clarinet, won an International Thriller Writer Award and the Macavity Award for Best First Novel. This debut novel has evolved into a series, and the author has other thrilling novels to his name.

The Verdict
The Verdict introduces Terry Flynt, a man who has just been offered the biggest opportunity in his career. Terry is to help defend millionaire, Vernon James who is accused of killing a woman in his hotel room. While this case could propel Terry’s career, it turns out that Vernon is no stranger to him. He is his former best friend, a man he now loathes after he betrayed him so badly. Can Terry forget about the past and defend his enemy for the sake of his career? Is it possible to stay objective in this murder trial, given Terry’s strong feelings for Vernon?

As the date for the trial lingers, Terry delves deep into Vernon’s life. This forces him to look into their shared past and the secrets that could potentially destroy them. While Terry has been looking forward to Vernon’s downfall for years, too much is at stake now. How does this court clerk find out if Vernon is guilty? What can he do to ensure that justice is served? It is very easy to fall in love with Terry despite his flaws. He has a very likable personality, and it is fun how he narrates the events happening in this story. As he works to prepare for the trial, he also has a wife and kids to worry about, not to mention his nagging pull for booze.

This is a legal thriller that grabs your attention and doesn’t ease up to the last page. The story is multi-layered, and there is so much readers can relate to. Everything from the action to the pace is just right, and it is fun seeing how things unfold in and out of court. The narrator is Terry, a struggling law clerk with a grudge and enough secrets to last a lifetime. When Terry’s firm accepts a high-profile murder case, he is shocked to discover that the man they are to defend is his former schoolmate and friend, Vernon. However, when he discovers that some of his secrets would be unearthed thanks to this case, Terry has to do everything possible to save his name.

The Verdict is an exciting courtroom drama that any legal thriller fan will love. Set in England in 2011, this story takes the reader all the way to London, where preparations for the Summer Olympics are in top gear. A royal wedding is also in the works as Prince William is set to Marry Kate Middleton. All this is happening in the background as the main focus is on the murder trial involving a millionaire who turns out to be the narrator’s greatest enemies. Follow Terry as he takes you with him to the courtrooms in England and all the investigations on this murder trial. Things will get intense pretty fast, and it won’t be easy putting this book down, even for a minute.

Mr. Clarinet
Mr. Clarinet comes first in the Max Mingus series. The book introduces Max Mingus; a former Miami detective turned PI. Max has been in prison for shooting four men for viciously killing a young lady. Just when he is about to finish his jail term, Max’s wife is killed in a horrific car crash. Max is beyond sad. He and his wife had planned to tour the world when he got out of prison, and now, she is no more. What is this detective going to do with his life? Well, it seems that fate has his future already planned out.

Because of his prowess as an investigator, Max gets a high-paying client soon as he gets out of jail. Allain Carver is a wealthy man and has been trying to find his kidnapped son for three years now. He offers Max 15 million bucks for this case. Max is tempted to turn down the offer. He knows that there is no chance that Allain’s son is still alive. He had also heard what happened to all the people who went looking for this young boy. Many never came back alive, and those who did, their lives were utterly destroyed. However, with nothing to lose and all the money Allain is offering, Max decides to go to Haiti searching for Charlie Carver.

Before leaving for Haiti, Max visits Clyde Beeson, the last investigator who worked in this case. Clyde came home with dysentery and now lived in a trailer with nothing much to live for. He warns Max not to go to Haiti, but he is a man on a mission, and he rarely runs away from trouble. From the time Max gets off the plane, the stench of the poverty in Haiti hits him like a strong wave. Talks on black magic and voodoo also follow him wherever he goes. However, this is nothing compared to the loneliness in Max’s empty house or the depth of greed, corrupton, and manipulation in Haiti. The trail to Charlie eventually leads to Mr. Clarinet, a local myth, and Max quickly learns that his life is in grave danger.

Mr. Clarinet is a fast-paced mystery characterized by poverty, environmental devastation, child abuse, voodoo, and murder. The author paints a perfect picture of the devastation in Haiti such that you can feel the poverty through the pages. The mystery unfolds slowly and, on every page, you will be hoping that Charlie Carver will be found alive. Max is a lovable protagonist, flaws and all, and his search for Charlie is characterized by unending action. The touch of black magic and voodoo helps keep things exciting to the last page.

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