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Publication Order of The Nick Temple Files Books

Switchback (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heraklion Gambit (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silent Vector (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Flemish Coil (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Chamber (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heidelberg Gap (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Nick Temple File series is a series of novels by American spy, lawyer, historian, linguist and teacher turned novelist Jonathan Dyer. The Nick Temple series are some of the most popular historical fiction thrillers out there, having made the lead protagonist Nick Temple a well-known character in historical fiction circles. Dyer wrote the first novel of the Nick Temple series, “Switchback: A Nick Temple File” in 2012, and went on to publish two more titles in the series in the following years. With Jonathan Dyer having some military intelligence background, the series of novels draws a lot from his experiences. Dyer received some military training at the National Security Agency in Maryland, before becoming an active field agent charged with spying on Soviet activities from his post in West Berlin. The novels parallel his time in Berlin as his lead character is at various times a CIA agent spying on Soviet Union activities. The series is best described as a fast-paced historical thriller that documents the never-ending struggle between the two major military powers of the Cold War era – the United States and the USSR. Bristling with historical detail and suspense the novels portray just how desperate the situation could get under the threat of biological, nuclear, or chemical attack by the Soviets. It is the portrayal of the lives and times of the men that had to make sure that the US remained one-step ahead of the Soviets, even as they dealt with their own personal problems.

The lead protagonist in the series is Nick Temple who works in various capacities for the CIA including CIA spy, charter member of the Agency, and CIA Station Chief based in Berlin. When we are first introduced to Nick Temple, he is a valuable charter member of the Agency since his days working for the OSS. Even as a former OSS agent, it is not easy working for the CIA as he constantly has to put his life on the line in the quest to gather that little bit of information about what the soviets are planning. Over the course of the series, he transitions to CIA Station Chief in Berlin before moving back to the United States to serve as a special agent. Together with a small committed band of American Cold War agents, they work in Russian occupied Berlin and collect important information about the Soviets plans. Despite Nick’s hard outer exterior, the stresses of the job take their toll on his mind and body just as they do to most of his colleagues. What keeps him going is the strong conviction he has held from his OSS days that American interests and her people come first. The belief is not only from a patriotic bent, but also from a strong conviction that the world would become a better place if the US got the upper hand. But even with a band of committed brothers, Nick still has to navigate a mine field of highly trained elite Soviet agents, traitorous allies, and enemies fighting from the shadows.

The Nick Temple File series by Jonathan Dyer are must read novels for anyone that loves the Cold War or historical fiction works. Taking from real-life experience of the author, the books make for some of the most realistic depiction of how life could be for an intelligence agent working behind enemy lines. With some of the most memorable of characters and twists and turns of plot, it offers the perspective on just how fluid intelligence operations may be. In fact, Joe Munoz, a former intelligence agent that had been stationed in Berlin during the Cold War had nothing but praise for the novel. Set in Russian Occupied East Berlin, the eye-popping imagery and detailed descriptions of the novels invites the readers into the true landscape of Berlin as it was during the time. Nick Temple as a character is well fleshed out with all his strengths and flaws and most importantly his dedication and patriotism towards his country. What make the novels so great is that they are not only a historical rendering of the events of the Cold War, but rather a deeper analysis of what went on in the boiler rooms so to speak. Nick Temple’s transition from charter agent to Station Chief to Special Agent gives perspectives of the pressures that come with each aspect of the intelligence job.

“Switchback: A Nick Temple File” is the fast-paced first novel in the Nick Temple File series by Jonathan Dyer. With a host of memorable characters and crisp dialogue, the novel takes one back to the fierce struggle between the two world powers at the height of the Cold War. The novel starts out with the American intelligence community at a loss as its agents from Istanbul to Berlin are being taken out in alarming numbers. The CIA calls upon Nick Temple, a man with OSS experience that has put his life on the line for his colleagues and his country for decades. What follows is an explosive tale of boldness as Nick navigates the Russian occupied Berlin and carries out his action packed secret mission. But when it comes to intelligence, things are never so easy as Nick has to deal with a ruthless KGB agent, a high-ranking traitor, an alluring double agent and a host of men playing the game from the shadows. Will his high stakes game of betrayal and intrigue land him into the hands of the brutal KGB?

“The Heraklion Gambit: A Nick Temple File” is the second novel of the series and prequel to the first novel Switchback. The novel steps back into the most intense years of the Cold War when each side was looking for the littlest of edges in the battle for supremacy. Nick Temple who is in Berlin as Station Chief has just uncovered a daring plot by the Soviets to overthrow the Cretan government. Russia has always wanted a warm water port in the Mediterranean, and Crete represents one of their most realistic chances of doing so in decades. Together with a small band of agents, Nick must now thwart an elite corps of Russian commandos that are on standby to take down the Cretan government. Bristling with historical accuracy and many interesting characters the novel is an expertly written narrative that will keep you flipping through the pages.

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