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The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dog Gone, Back Soon (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Wonder of Lost Causes (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Tell Me Where It Hurts (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Is the Best Medicine (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ever By My Side (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nick Trout is a professional veterinarian who hails from England. Trout works at the Angell Medical Centre, located in Boston. The Angel Medical Centre is one of the biggest animal hospitals in the entire world. The great thing about Nick’s career is that it is quite unpredictable, mainly because going to work each day is definitely full of surprises. In Nick’s first installment, he captures the passion and the rush of the modern university medicine. In Nick Trouts, the second novel, he focuses on more pets and their owners as well. Trout also tries to expose the more emotional and vulnerable aspects of what it truly means to heal sick animals.

Nick Trout Best Books
Tell-Me Where it Hurts
Unlike many non-fiction works, author Nick Trout is an exceptionally talented author. The readers are going to enjoy Nick Trout’s wry sense of humor both in the author narratives especially the one where a couple discovers infidelity, and quirkily observation. Author Nick Trout manages to weave perspective and insight into the numerous issues that vets face on a day-to-day basis. Some of the issues that vets face include performing euthanasia, the challenging task of introducing poor prognoses to the loving owners and the ever-rising costs of animal medicine. Furthermore, he also weaves anecdotes about his early life, caseload, and his life as a vet student. A majority of the readers who have read this novel have complained that the effect is disorganized, however, the novel read like a true veterinary going through his day, where multi-tasking numerous animals throughout the day is a must.

With that said, Tell-Me Where it Hurts is not only funny but also a heartbreaking and heartwarming novel. If you are a person who loves animals or plan to become a veterinarian, then you will enjoy Tell-Me Where it Hurts. Throughout Tell-Me Where it Hurts the readers are going to feel as if they are present with Dr. Nick Trout in the hospital, as he was meeting animals or even performing surgeries.

The Patron Saint
The Patron Saint is a brilliant narrative written by author Nick Trout. It is story about forgiveness, homecoming and also making peace with one’s past. The book begins as author, Nick Trout introduces the readers to Cyrus Mills, who has recently returned to his hometown. Mills has returned to his hometown to take over the veterinary practice that belonged to his late father. However, to complicate matters, Cyrus Mills is not a trained veterinary; thus he has never treated animals before in his life. Thus, Cyrus returns to his hometown with only one mission in his mind; sell the veterinary practice and then return to South Carolina. Nonetheless, Cyrus did not anticipate the effect that his arrival was going to have to the quirky characters that he met.

With that said, the Patron Saint is a thoroughly enjoyable novel, which features various animals. Author, Nick Trout does not disappoint at all. Trout does a brilliant job of bringing all these animals to life, with their traits and personalities, which enables the readers to feel a profound connection with each of these characters. There are moments when the readers are going to feel worried and intrigued at the same time especially when Cyrus Mills was trying to figure out what was wrong with the patients. Furthermore, there are numerous animals that will definitely get the readers on an emotional level. Apart from the animals, the humans in the Patron Saint were also equally intriguing and interesting. The narrative flows smoothly as Cyrus Mills tries to familiarize himself with the new surroundings, which is not only filled with ghosts from his past but also painful memories.

Readers will enjoy how Cyrus Mills managed to handle the stress, especially when he was out of his element. Cyrus Mills is a loner, who has done an exceptional job of ensuring that his feelings remain hidden by choosing not to get much closer to people. Seeing Cyrus opening up to both people and animals was definitely uplifting. If you love heartwarming narratives that feature animals, in supporting and leading roles as well, then the Patron Saint is highly recommendable.

Love is the Best-Medicine
Love is the Best-Medicine is another heartfelt and touching narrative from Dr. Nick Trout, a New York-Times bestselling author. Just like Trout’s previous novel, Love is the Best-Medicine is centered in the field of veterinary medicine; It is a narrative about two dogs which completely changed the manner in which Dr. Nick Trout looked at death, life, love, and fate. In this installment, author Trout introduces the readers to Hellen, an older spaniel that is found abandoned and neglected in the parking lot of a restaurant, on one rainy night. Irrespective of Helen’s terrible smell and mangy condition, Eileen and Ben fell in love with Helen and decided to take the animal in. However, when Helen is just rescued from the cold and mean streets, a tumor is discovered, and thus, Helen is given a rather painful prognosis.

All Eileen and Ben want, is for Helen not only to beat the odds but also to survive so that she can have the chance of swimming, during summer. Apart from Helen, author Nick Trout introduces the readers to Cleo, a miniature Pinscher that keeps on breaking its legs and in the process devastating his owner. While Cleo was visiting Sonja, Sanji’s daughter, she gets another fracture. Flustered that the injury happening when she was responsible for Cleo, Sanji decides to fly Cleo all the way to Boston so that a professional can treat her. It is at this point that we meet with Dr. Trout, who presides over what he expects to be a routine surgery. However, what happens after the surgery forever links the two families together, a vet, their dog and also teaches them all a lesson about grace. With that said, Love is the Best Medicine undeniably immerses the readers into the dramatic life of pets, especially those whose survival is uncertain.

Each of the pages in Love is the Best-Medicine underscores the profound bond that humans have with animals and the responsibility that vets such as Nick Trout carry. Dr. Nick Trout has a rather impressive array of training, fancy equipment and skills at his disposal.

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