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Publication Order of Crown of Feathers Books

Crown of Feathers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Flames (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wings of Shadow (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of House of the Dead Books

Nicki Pau Preto is a published author of fiction and graphic designer from Canada. She holds a master’s degree in Art History.

She lives outside of the city of Toronto. She has always enjoyed the types of stories that are able to transport her somewhere new, when there are characters to love, and when there are entire worlds that she can lose herself in.

A self-described starving artist, Preto says that she likes to shop for bargains, considering the process to be something close to a competitive sport. She also thinks that cereal brands such as Froot Loops can technically be considered suitable options when it comes to replacing meals.

Nicki Pau Preto is the accomplished author of a youth fiction fantasy series. Crown of Feathers first kicked off in 2019 with the publication of the debut book. It shares the same name as the series and is a fun read if you love fantasy, interesting premises, or want a unique story to occupy your time! The sequel would be published for reader consumption just a year later in 2020.

Crown of Feathers is the first novel to come out in the series by the same name. For fans of epic fantasy, this book is a must when it comes to getting yourself a copy! In it, readers will come across the main character of Veronyka. She is a young woman who finds herself in the unfortunate position of being an abandoned war orphan.

Veronyka says that once she had a sister of her own, before she rose from the ashes like a phoenix and became the daughter of the force known as death. She said that early on she made a promise to her sibling that no matter what, they would not be separated by the throne. However, she doesn’t truly know whether this is a promise that she can keep.

After all. this is a unique world with its own reality. The reality of their lives there is that sometimes you have to kill before you are kill and decide that you are going to rule so that you are not ruled instead. Likewise, becoming queen is something that can be taken or it can be given to you, depending on the situation.

Veronyka’s world is seen over by warrior queens who are just as fierce as the rule they hold. A large empire was able to be built, thanks in part to the legendary heroes known as the Phoenix Riders. These were fighters that would sail through the upward sky, making their way on wings that were made of fire. That is, until two sisters find themselves in a war that ends up being capable of tearing this all apart.

Now it has been well over a decade. Sixteen years have passed, and Veronyka wants nothing more than to become hero like the Phoenix Riders. If she could do this, it would be a dream come true. But things seem destined to turn upside down a bit when her sister, who is always controlling, commits a betrayal that shocks her to the core.

Veronyka decides that the time has come to strike out on her own and going into the world. Her goal is to do whatever she can so she can locate the Riders and join up with them. If it means that she has to pretend to be a boy just so she can be part of the ranks, then that is what she is determined to do.

She ends up having success and becomes a part of the Riders team. She’s just starting to feel as though she fits in when her sister arrives and it threatens to ruin everything. Her sister shows her the complex lies that may end up being the force to change all that’s going on. To top that, the empire has found out that the Riders have come back and is doing whatever necessary to try and mount a campaign to destroy them and keep them destroyed.

Epic and dramatic, this is story that illustrates the power of salvation and destruction. Woven in with Avalkyra Ashfire’s story about the final Rider Queen that wants to dismantle the empire before ever handing it over to her sister, this is a creative and engaging tale. Pick up a copy for yourself and find out what happens in the first story of a gripping saga!

Heart of Flames is the second installment of the Crown of Feathers series by Nicki Pau Preto. Main characters Sev, Tristan, and Veronyka have the task of doing what they can to prevent a persistent empire from doing whatever it can to take down the Phoenix Riders once and for all.

Things are very tense, with the odds of the Phoenix Riders and the empire probably breaking into a war with each other remaining high. It seems that all of their futures and hanging gently in the balance, sitting on a knife’s edge. Is it only a matter of time before action erupts, and violence along with it?

All that Veronyka really wanted was to become a Rider. She may have gotten her desire, but now there is supposed to be training to contend with. However, she just really wants to fly out instead so she can protect the village from the empire, which is slowly advancing.

Meanwhile, Tristan has become a Master Rider but differs with his commander father about how they should best protect people. Sev has been put to spy duty and to go find out what he can about the empire. However, keeping a cover may mean that he fights on a different side. Meanwhile, Val is doing what she can as Veronyka’s sister and greatest threat to try and take back her lost empire. Even if that may mean starting a war.

A fight may be coming that could disrupt the empire’s course and the future for everyone. The Riders must each make a choice about what they are willing to sacrifice in the name of victory. What will happen in the end? Read this book to find out!

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