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Nicola Martin
Nicola Martin is a mystery writer best known for debut novel Dead Ringer. This is a contemporary story that shows how much our lives would change if we made use of one of the best technology innovations today. This talented author studied literature at the University of California and the University of East Anglia. Her prowess shows in her writing and explains her growing readerships despite not having many published works out there. Martin lives and works in Bristol.

Dead Ringer
Dead Ringer tells the story of two girls Ella and Jem. Thanks to technology, these two girls from completely different countries decide to meet and connect. This first meeting marks the beginning of an adventurous journey that will awaken feelings of happiness, jealousy, and even highlight a few mental health issues. Just imagine what you would do with an App that makes it possible to see your look-alike at the press of a button. All you need to do is upload your photo and let the app do the rest for you. Once you find your counterpart, you can decide to keep your interactions online or meet and get to know each other better in real life. While this idea sounds exciting and straightforward, it is what brings Ella and Jem together.
Jem is an aspiring musician and actress by day and a brash party girl by night. She lives in a beautiful flat in Chelsea, which she can easily afford thanks to her wealthy parents. Away from party-hopping, Jem has a loving boyfriend who would do anything to make her happy. Because of a coke habit, Jem doesn’t have much. She owes many people money, and there is a dodgy guy named Carlo looking for her. Jem wishes for a change, something to take her out of her privileged life and offer a new adventure. When she meets Ella, she suddenly knows the perfect thing to do to get the experience she yearns. Will Ella help her fulfill her desire?

Ella’s life is Jem’s opposite. First, she doesn’t have a good job. She works a casual job in a hotel, and her income doesn’t allow her to live in comfort. Ella lives a sheltered and lonely life in Cumbria. With little, if any money to spare, Ella wishes for a different life, one she wouldn’t have to struggle too much to get her basic needs. She also yearns for support, which her parents are not keen to give. When she uploads her photo in the MeetYourDouble App, she did not expect to meet someone who looks so much like her. Just like Ella, Jem is looking for a change, and after a brief exchange online, the two girls plan a meet-up in Cumbria.

That first meeting stirs something in Ella. Her hunger for a different life intensifies, and she doesn’t hide the fact that she would like to swap and lives Jem’s life for a while. How does it feel to have so much money that you never have to worry about bills? When Jem discovers that she needs to get out of London quickly, the thought of a swap suddenly seems like a good idea. Jem will pack her bag and try to live her look-alike’s life while Ella lives the high life in London. This makes the beginning of a dangerous game that comes with dire consequences. Will Jem adapt to Ella’s lonely life? How about Ella? Will she agree to go back to her life after experiencing the excitement characteristic of Jem’s life?

The premise here is high-concept. It is normal to wonder how two people who are not related look alike enough to fool the people around them. Well, as you will discover in the story, some people notice when the swap happens, and the two characters pretty much drive the story. This makes this story more believable. When you think about it, this could happen. In this era, face-recognizing Apps are common, and there is no telling how this technology will be used in days to come. Out of the billions of people spread in different corners of the world, it is highly likely that there is at least one person who looks almost like you. With such an App, meeting a look-alike doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea.

This story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you experience the lows and highs in Ella and Jem’s lives. Unknowingly, these two young ladies attempt to run away from their problems only to discover that not everything is as it seems on the other end. This intriguing story will hook you from the start, and its modern twist feels like a breath of fresh air. Jem and Ella are both exciting, and it is fascinating to see the different ways they choose to handle life’s challenges. Could it be that Ella’s life is not as dull as she thinks? Is there a chance that Jem will make better decisions after this experience?

Ella’s thread comes with a twisty yet compelling edge that gives this story some unexpected depth. As the author highlights Ella’s mental health, it is easy to see how her lack of family support and unexamined trauma has led to her lonely unsatisfying life. This story comes with a dark side that makes you question how you would act if you were in these two women’s shoes. Finding your dead finder could come with some good, but so many bad things could also happen.
Dead Linger is a gritty and exciting psychological thriller. This book’s synopsis will instantly draw you in, and the story will hold your attention to the end. The ending is perfect, considering the rollercoaster ride the story will take you through. Ella and Jem are lovable characters. They are both incredibly flawed, and they suffer from issues affecting most young people today. Amidst all the flawed characters is Jem’s boyfriend, who comes with all the characteristics of a perfect companion. If you are looking for a thrilling story with some element of modern technology, this book is an ideal choice.

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