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Nicola Sanders is a best-selling psychological thriller author that is best known for the novels “Don’t Let Her Stay” and “All the Lies.”

The author published “All the Lies,” her debut novel in 2020, and soon after followed it up with her second novel in 2023.

Sanders currently makes her home on the edge of a dark forest where she lives with her partner alongside whom they regularly have to fight off magpies.

“Don’t Let Her Stay” by Nicola Sanders is a novel about a woman who thinks someone inside her house wants her dead but no one believes her assertions.

Joanne is lucky to have a wonderful husband in Richard, a gorgeous baby girl named Evie, and a beautiful house. While she should enjoy everything she has, Jonanne is feeling bored until Chloe who is Richard’s twenty-year-old daughter shows up.
She has never been in communication with her father ever since he remarried. However, she wants to make peace and asks to move in for a few months so that she can help Joanne take care of her newborn daughter.
It sounds like a perfect plan as they would be able to connect. Richard too would be happy to have his daughters get to know each other.

But soon after, Joanna starts wondering if Chloe really wants to help or if maybe she made a terrible mistake letting her into her home. Could she still ask her to leave and not make things worse?
It makes for a suspension-filled psychological thriller similar to the works of the likes of Shalini Boland, Sue Watson, and Frieda McFadden.

Throwing in unreliable narration, it is an unputdownable domestic thriller that will keep you engaged from the first page to the last.

Nicola Sanders’s novel “All the Lies” is the story of a woman who finds herself running for her life even though she always thought she had the perfect husband.
On the surface, Jason and Amy had the perfect marriage but a closer look would have shown that Jason is a violent and controlling man.

While she had been on a short vacation without her husband, Amy made friends with a young woman named Liz who was traveling alone to go meet a mother she had never set eyes upon. The two women are so alike that they may just be siblings.
Unfortunately, they get into a nasty accident that leaves many passengers dead. When Amy wakes up, she finds that since many of her belongings had been mixed up with those of Liz most people assume she is Liz.

But Amy knows Liz is missing and could even be dead and decides to take up her identity for a while she figures out what to do with her life. Still, as she settles into her assumed identity, she soon finds people that do not believe all the lies she is telling.
She has to be very careful given that one mistake could cause her a lot of trouble. It is a compulsive and fast-paced thriller that shows that there is more than one way to get out of the grip of a narcissistic psychopath and get out of a constricting relationship.
It is a suspenseful and compelling read that sucks you right in from the first page to the last.

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  1. Lena Smith: 8 months ago

    Really liked Don’t Let Her Stay but it leaves
    you guessing???? Will there be a Part 2 ????
    Will part 2 be on Kindle???


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