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All You Can Ever Know (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Living Remedy: A Memoir (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump's America(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Map Is Only One Story: Twenty Writers on Immigration, Family, and the Meaning of Home(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Body Language: Writers on Identity, Physicality, and Making Space for Ourselves(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Adoptee to Adoptee(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
When We Become Ours(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung is a widely read and celebrated American author. Through the national bestselling memoirs ‘All You Can Ever Know’ and ‘A Living Remedy,’ Nicole has mastered the art of entertaining her readers while also informing them. Whether through The Atlantic, The New York Times, GQ, or The Guardian, readers have come to expect her captivating stories that spark raw emotion and thought.

Her book All You Can Ever Know has earned her numerous awards, including the National Book Critics Circle Award, the NAIBA Book of the Year, and the PEN Open Book Award. In addition, it has been featured in dozens of publications, including Time, The Washington Post, and Library Journal, and has received distinctions from many outlets, including being named a Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers choice selection, along with an indies Choice Honor Book.

Nicole has a natural knack for narrating complex stories with simple but captivating words. This mastery of word choice is an integral part of her books and her wide range of articles that appear in renowned media and literary outlets alike. Regardless of her work’s length and medium, readers can always depend on Nicole Chung to captivate them through her wistful and inspiring stories.

Nicole Chung artfully combines each narrative with a poignant message that speaks to her unique perspective. Through her stories, readers feel her unrest while also appreciating her passion. Her relentlessly honest writings have allowed her to become an authority in her area of expertise, be it the struggles and joys of adoption, the challenges of life as a modern Asian-American, or the complexities of raising a family.

Her distinctive voice has also been appreciated by other writers, with her work lauded for its fresh approach and wisdom. With each story, Nicole engages her readers further, exploring feels they can’t fully articulate but which she can turn into a conversation. Her stories often feel like a way to traverse difficult topics in an attempt to reach a greater understanding.

For readers, Nicole Chung is a voice of understanding and thought-provoking counsel. Her writing highlights both her vast knowledge and her humanity. With her mastery of words, Nicole gives her readers an opportunity to take a journey, whether to another way of life, another part of the world, or simply to gain insight into a viewpoint different from their own.

Early and Personal Life

Nicole Chung has certainly had a unique life journey that has led her to becoming a successful author. Born in Seattle in 1981, Nicole spent months of her young life on life support before being adopted by white Catholic parents in Oregon.

In the midst of her twenties, Nicole began to take an interest in reading and writing, particularly non-fiction, leading her to enroll at Johns Hopkins University, where she graduated with a degree in 2003 and an MA in 2014.

Presently, Nicole resides in Washington DC with her husband, Dan, and two daughters. Sadly, both of her biological parents have passed away prior to Nicole being able to visit them; her father due to her finances at the time while her mother due to the pandemic lockdowns. Despite this, Nicole has been able to find solace and inspiration in her writing, while at the same time inspiring many others through her own words.

Writing Career

Nicole Chung is an acclaimed writer, and her writing career has grown from strength to strength over the years. In 2014 she worked as the managing editor for The Toast, an online magazine, before becoming the editor-in-chief of Catapult magazine. While in both roles, she wrote essays on topics concerning gender, race, and media.

In 2018 she released her first book, All You Can Ever Know, a memoir about her journey reconnecting with her birth family and the surprising twist of the tale. It was well-received by critics, described as one of the year’s finest books, vibrant, provocative, and a page-turner. It was noted for its relatability and thoughtfulness.

Chung would later release her second memoir, A Living Remedy, in April 2023. This work dealt with the US healthcare system and the deaths of her parents. Chung’s continued commitment to writing, and her endeavours to write from a personal perspective, will no doubt grant her more writing success for many years to come.

All You Can Ever Know

In 2018, the stand-alone memoir ‘All You Can Ever Know’ was published from Catapult, authored by Nicole Chung. It tells a story of Chung’s life as she embarks on a personal journey of identity and interracial adoption. Chung reflects on her search for an understanding of her own origins alongside her desire to unravel the secrets of her family history.

Nicole Chung was adopted and raised by a white family in an Oregon town. Growing up, she heard her adoption as a comforting, but largely fictional story. As she grew older, she became increasingly curious about where she came from and decided to search for the people who gave her up.

All You Can Ever Know is a powerful story of her search and the discoveries she made, exploring what it really means to lose and find your roots. Along the way, Chung discovers painful secrets and heartbreaking realizations, and through it all finds her own identity as a writer and as an Asian American.

A Living Remedy: A Memoir

In 2023, Nicole Chung’s second memoir, ‘A Living Remedy: A Memoir,’ was published by Ecco. The work was highly anticipated, having been the follow-up to Chung’s debut memoir. Her book would bring readers along for an enlightening journey of profound self-discovery, looking at the American health-care system.

Nicole Chung left her overwhelmingly white Oregon hometown for a scholarship to an East Coast private university in pursuit of a better life. There, she faced the guilt of leaving behind prolonged hardship, but eventually began building a wondrous middle-class family. Tragically, her father died of health complications, followed shortly by her mother’s cancer diagnosis made impossible to navigate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In A Living Remedy, Nicole Chung shares a poignant and personal look at the strength of family amid hardship and how the hurdles of inequality in the US create insurmountable barriers.

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