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Nicole Edwards is known for writing the bestselling erotic and contemporary romance books at New York Time and USA Today. She lives in Texa with her husband and three kids. Her real name is actually Stacy. The name Nicole Edwards comes from combining the names of her daughter and youngest son. Since Nicole was a teenager, she enjoyed writing creative stories. Currently, she spends time in doing what she loves most. As a successful author, she has several written several book series.

Club destiny series

This series was her stepping stone to success. Nicole began writing the series on 2012 and it is composed of 9 books.


This was his first book in the series. Until Samantha Kielty was promoted from her small office in San Antonio to a bigger one in Dallas, she thought she knew herself well. She got it all wrong. Her new boss was immensely sexy and what was in store for Sam was the erotic fantasy she had only read in books.

Logan McCoy was carrying on with his life well until he set his eyes on his new Vice President. A lady who makes his body heat up and urges him to do things he didn’t think he was capable of. He is hoping that Samantha is strong enough to deal with his dominating and controlling nature.

The first time Sam and Logan set eyes on each other, sparks ignite the fire and they spill out their deepest darkest desires. Will they find love in this inferno that burns between them?


Throughout her life, Sierra Sellers had never had any difficulty in finding a date until her mom’s meddling way result in her meeting with sexy Luke McCoy. She discovers that it is impossible for her to fight temptation and gives in to her deepest dark fantasies – a position she doesn’t want to go out of.

Luke McCoy, owner of clubs destiny, has been running away from the demons chasing him. He lives in a world filled with lust and forbidden fantas and when his twin’s brother introduces him to Sierra, he has to fight against a temptation he can’t resist.


This is a follow up to Temptation novel. Now, Logan’s brother has fallen in love and Samantha wonders if love will find her again. In her mind, thoughts of Logan and nights filled with ecstasy linger.

Logan wishes that she could give his wife her desires, an erotic threesome. However, Luke is no longer part of their relationship and Logan has to look for a man to fill this gap. Now that he has found him, his only hope is that the inferno between them doesn’t consume the house.

Logan has nothing to live for rather than satisfying Samantha in every way he can. There is nothing left for them to feed except their addiction for each other.


Ashleigh Thomas might have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when she decided to move back to Dallas to be closer to her family. This decision, however, brings her closer to the only man she had never said no to. In her attempt to conceive her erotic and romantic desires, she find herself in his arms and his bed – her ambition being fulfilling some of the darkest desires she had written about but never experienced for herself.

Alex McDermott had managed to convince himself for more than five years that he can resist Ashleigh. But when she comes back to Dallas, the overwhelming desire for her takes the better part of him. Alex has a deep secret that might drive Ashleigh away forever, something he is not willing to let happen.


McKenna Thorne, the owner of Sensations Inc. is very familiar with the lifestyle that makes Club Destiny famous. She is curious to know what is behind the popularity of this club. During her quest, she meets Tag Murphy, a sophisticated sexy attorney who represents the club and its owners. It only takes one meeting for McKenna to realize that the heat the 2 of them can generate can melt down the thermostat. Regardless of this, she requests an exclusive interview on the club.


Lucie Werner’s life has always veered of the path she hopes it will follow. Her current life is not how she had pictured it five years ago. Yet again, her life is not ready to disappoint her with unexpected outcomes. This time, an erotic night of passion with the man she had been captivated by from day one, a pregnancy arises followed by the birth of a beautiful little girl. Kane didn’t have any memories of that night until recently when he discovers they had a daughter.

Kane Steel was furiously angry at Lucie for keeping his daughter as a secret from him for almost five years. Even though he can’t recall the events of that fateful night, Kane cannot suppress the feelings he had for Lucie all this time. With the secret spilt out, he wants time to mend the relationship with his daughter but the feelings towards Lucie are too strong for him.


Life after love wasn’t an easy thing for the two alpha men to embrace. Sierra Sellers is the lifeline between Luck McCoy and Cole Ackerley and each day, the bond holding them together is put on a true test.

Their life wasn’t not going to be smooth after they confessed their love for each another. Apart from their personal insecurities, a baby is on the way and that is when they realize… for the 3 of them, there are a few bumps along the road.


Xander Boone has built his life by going after what he wants. However, he comes across a big challenge when he strongly desires a woman who had been off-limits to him. All things about her are not easy but the ride is all the way worthwhile. Therefore, when an opportunities presents itself Xander knows it is time for him to call in a favor. Mercedes Bryant believes that there is only one way of doing things and it is impossible to grant Xander what he wants. She is about to be taught a lesson… by Xander.

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