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Nicole Graves Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Nicole Graves Mysteries Books

Nicole Graves Mystery Series

Nicole Graves Mystery is a series authored by Nancy Boyarsky. The series began publication in February 2017 when The Swap, the debut novel was published.
The main character in the series is a lady named Nicole who is attempting to solve some mysteries she finds herself in.

The Swap

The Swap the debut novel in the Nicole Graves Mysteries series is about Nicole and her husband, Brad. The book begins when the couple is living in Los Angeles, and Brad is given some working time to go to England by the IT Company during summer to work there. His wife Nicole insists on going with him as she felt that they need some time together. They arrange a house swap of their apartment with a couple’s house in London.

Nicole thinks that this is a great opportunity for her dreams of touring London to come true. She also sees this as a good chance change their daily routine and revive her marriage with Brad and keep watching Brenda, her husband’s assistant who seems to be too affectionate with him. They are to interchange homes with Fredrick and Muriel Lowry, a couple of Brad knew through his work. The Lowry’s are to come and stay in the Lewis’ Condo in Los Angeles while the Lewis’ will go and live in the Lowry’s home in London.

After their arrival in London, for Nicole things don’t turn out good for her. At first, she loses her suitcase and starts doubting as to whether this was a good idea to come along with his husband as she experiences things that scare her. A couple of days later she discovers that Muriel and Freddy did not arrive in Los Angeles and it seems that they are missing. At first, someone breaks into the house and then several thugs who are doing follow-ups on the Lowry’s and threaten her demanding about the couple’s whereabouts, information which Nicole did not have. They lock her in the bathroom and later she is attacked while in the museum.

Nicole is disappointed since her main aim to come to London was to try working on her troubled marriage, but things seem too far from being good when his husband begins working right away.

The couple seems to have had a debt of some amount of money to someone who appears to not stop at anything until he finds them. Brad is not concerned with helping her out as he is distant and busy with his work and the police are not helpful at all. He does not take Nicole seriously, and she is left to deal with the problems on her own, and it’s up to her to remove herself from the mess left by the Lowry’s. Things intensify, and she finds herself running from the police, the thugs and Brad.

Nicole is determined in finding out what happened to the Lowry’s and why someone tries to kidnap her. Her life is turned upside down as she is assaulted and harassed before even a single ends while on vacation. She plays nasty games with her stalkers as she tries to find out why they are after her.
The mystery is engaging with lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing to the last page. The book is also packed with many actions explosions and kidnappings as Nicole gets involved with criminals.

The Swap is a quick read, and it’s hard to put it down once you begin reading. The author writes the book with a lot of suspense and mystery making it more interesting to read.

The Bequest

The Bequest is the second book in the Nicole Graves Mysteries. Nicole is working as an office manager at a law firm in Los Angeles after arriving from her London kidnapping adventure. She does not get a break to get her feet under when she is informed that the in-house investigator and her workmate, Robert Blair is missing in action. She heads to his house to look for him and finds his house unlocked, and after doing some search, she finds him killed with a bullet on his forehead inside the house.

She later finds out that there is an endowment in his will that he leaves all his property to her. Nicole does not understand why he was murdered and why he had to leave all his wealth to her since they were not close friends. She is now becomes involved in the murder when the police show up at the house of the private investigator and soon finds her life in danger. As she uncovers the truth in an attempt to prove that she is not the killer, she realizes that she has put herself in more danger from some people in power who want the truth about their corrupt deeds to remain underground.

The police find pictures of Nicole in Robert’s bedroom that show that they might have been in an intimate relationship. They believe that she is holding some information and might be responsible for Robert’s death. She decides to decide to disappear after an attempt on her life to find out Robert’s killer, what was he involved in and where he got all that wealth from.

The Bequest’s main focus is on Nicole and everything about her and how she interacts with the world around her. Although the author uses Nicole as a young lady, she writes her story with a skill that will make the reader walk in her shoes.The whole story is narrated on Nicole’s point of view. You will find yourself flipping pages as you cheer up Nicole’s attempts in escaping the paparazzi, jump the arrest for murder and catch up with her long-distance English lover as she tries to find the killer of her associate for her to stay alive.

The writer incorporates lots of twists and turns to make the reader wonder what is going to happen next. Nicole turns her series of adventures and misgivings just like in the first book. The book has good mystery and suspense with some excitements and great characters. Nicole, the main character is smart and capable of handling any challenge the villains bring her way. You will end up like her take on the Los Angeles and the corrupt brokers.

The story is fast-paced with many adventures in it making it a delightful read. There are some actions mostly in the last quarter of the book as it unravels against the backdrop of Los Angeles.

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