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Nicole Jordan was born in Oklahoma in 1954. She is an American female author, who does romance novels. He is an outstanding and popular best- selling author in America. Her historical romances have shown up on numerous list of best-seller among them, USA Today,, Waldenbooks and New York Times. Due to her great writing talent, Nicole Jordan received the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence in the best historical category. Besides that, Nicole Jordan has been the Romance Writers of America RITA Award finalist. For the RWA’s Favorite Book, she has been a runner up. This can clearly show that Nicole Jordan did not just write books because she had time to as well as resources to do so, but because for her it was a talent and more of a calling. For this reason, during a skit named The Tonight Show, her novel by the name Touch Me with Fire was used by Jay Leno as he pretended to read it.

The father of Nicole Jordan was a US army and for this reason, the family migrated from one place to another frequently. This explains why Nicole Jordan ended up graduating in Germany from her high school course. She highly attributes her romance novels love and passion to her mother, who instilled it in her. She did this by loudly reading The Scarlet Pimpernel as well as Pride and Prejudice to her when she was ten years old. It did not take her long time after this and she started reading Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt romances, this time by herself. From Georgia Tech, she earned the Civil Engineering degree. After this, she almost worked for a decade as a manufacturing manager. She did this for eight good years for Procter & Gamble. This is a company that dealt with making toilet tissue and disposable diapers. It was until Nicole Jordan read Tears of Gold Novel by Laurie McBain, that she realized a dream of creating her own novels. She later attended a goal setting workshop. The theme of this workshop was, ‘Do it now— Do not wait until you are too old to explore your dreams’. Immediately the workshop was over, she went home and commenced writing down her mind in long hand. After having four years of editing and writing characterized by umpteen rejections, her first story was purchased by Zebra books in 1985. With her husband, she migrated to Utah from Atlanta. She is very fond of her Irish Outlaw horse. The horse is actually an Irish Thoroughbred and her pet. During sows, Nicole Jordan literally competes with him. Nicole Jordan has no children.

Rocky Mountain is the earliest series by Nicole Jordan. The series has only two books to it. However, before starting this series, there are many more historical romance novels she had done before. The first book in this series is known as The Outlaw while the second book in the series and the last one is known as The Heart Breaker. Below is a brief review of this first two books in the series and the only ones.

The outlaw

This is the first book in the Rocky Mountain Series by Nicole Jordan and has English as its edition language. The book has 348 pages and the setting was done in Denver, Colorado in the 1886 United States. The book was first published in 1996, March 1st by Avon Books. Have you ever read a book, where the characters had to forsake their feuding families for the sake of their love? This is that book and the protagonist characters are Jake McCord Colorado ranchers and Caitlin Kingsley. Both were drifted apart after Caitlin’s brother is killed and this plants hatred in her heart for the only man she ever fell in love with. From this incident, she learnt to hate the only soul she ever burned for after her lover killed her brother.

However, Jake spends numerous years trying to run from lies while the law on the other hand hardened him and made him to only live by his gun. After so many years, he comes back home again with the zeal to clear his name and to revive the sensuous wildcat in his blood who feels like fever. Catlin on the other hand, Catlin desperately struggles to resist Jake’s fiery touch and possessiveness as she is haunted by the cruel hurt of dreams that are shattered. However, even after going through this, there exists a tender torment that binds the two lovers. Until he wins her trust and heart again, the dangerous outlaw will not rest. Does Catlin fall in love again with his once prince charming Jake? To answer this question get this book by Nicole Jordan and read through to cool your suspense.

The heart breaker

This is the second and last book in this series. It has 367 pages and was published on 1st February 1998 by Avon Books. English is the editing language and Denver, Colorado, 1887 in the United States is where the plot of this book has been set. The book has six editions. Heather Ashford’s family is burdened by debts and to solve this, she had to make a sacrifice of accepting ruggedly handsome cattle baron, Sloan McCord’s proposal in exchange of her romantic dreams. Due to deep sorrow that torments Sloan, he guards his heart from falling in love with Heather as he had promised himself never to love again, in spite of his acknowledgement that her daughter needed a mum. Despite of all these, he ignites her body night after nights. Every moment she looks at his eyes, she realizes that she needs more from him than passion— she needs his love. Sloan on the other side, does not want a wife, but the infant daughter needs a mother. What surprises him more is that a lady who is city bred and elegant, like Heather makes a home from his Colorado ranch house. She also takes care of his child in a tender manner. By so doing, Heather is stealing his breath every night and haunts his mind day after day. If he considers to keep a safe distance, he realizes that he cannot have this. Will this fierce bride of convenience manage to heal his heart that is already broken prior to him breaking hers? You can only get answers to this question by reading the entire book. That is just but a brief review of it.

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