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Publication Order of The Nightmare Thief Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Wide Starlight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Depths (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nicole Lesperance is a middle-grade and young adult fiction novelist from Boston who is best known for the “Nightmare Thief” series of novels.

She published her debut novel “The Nightmare Thief” in 2021 and was surprisingly fast off the blocks with many of her novels becoming very popular.

The author grew up on Cape Cod and since her mother was a librarian, she grew up in a world of books.

As a kid, teenager, and right up to the time when she was going through college, she wrote a ton of stories, before she completely fell off the wagon while she was in her twenties.
She never believed she was creative enough to pen an entire book and hence decided that she would be better off as an editor.

Several years later while pregnant with her daughter, she had a dream that would never leave her and even stuck while she dealt with the chaos of life taking care of an infant.
Nicole began writing while her kid was asleep and it was not long before she was back in her groove and hooked once again.

In addition to her novels, she sometimes writes short stories and she was the winner of the Annual Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition.

Like many novelists, Nicole Lesperance had a very twisty, long, and winding journey toward becoming a published author.

She began writing seriously about a decade before she published her debut. In hindsight, she believes she took that long since she had a lot to figure out and learn.

She is grateful to Kathleen Rushal her agent who is the one who believed in her work, kept her spirits up, and persistently sent her manuscript out to publishers.

Lesperance also credits her success to her writing friends and critique partners who she says got her through it all as they celebrated the highs and were there during the lows.

Nonetheless, it took a lot of time before her debut novel “The Wide Starlight” would get a publisher. At some point, she had to pull it from submission and rewrite the entire manuscript, as she added in different memories and changed entire settings.
Still, she is now glad at how it all turned out, as it opened doors for her and made her a bestselling author.

As for how she came to write for children and teens, Nicole Lesperance goes back to her teenage years. During that time, young adult fiction was not very popular, even though she began reading in the genre when she was in her twenties.
At some point, she started thinking that writing young adult fiction could be something that she would be good at.

She loved how it was easier to blend several genres while writing in the young adult genre, as this allowed her to throw teenage perspectives into her stories whenever she could.

As for “The Nightmare Thief,” her middle-grade book, she originally planned to pen it as a young adult fiction work but her agent believed it was better if they made it a work for middle-grade kids.
Given that she had kids to whom she was reading a lot of middle-grade fiction at that time, she found it quite easy to transition into writing in the genre.

The one thing that fans and readers do not know about Nicole Lesperance is that she happens to be an avid knitter just like the lead in “The Wide Starlight.”

She loves to make sweaters with different colored and elaborate patterns and has said that she finds knitting is great for managing stress. Moreover, it is almost impossible to trawl through the internet while knitting.
When she is not knitting or writing, she can usually be found watching a film on TV or something engrossing such as “Knit Along” or “The Crown.”

She sometimes connects with her fans and readers through her social media profiles on Instagram and Twitter.

“The Nightmare Thief” by Nicole Lesperance is a work that has been compared to Stacy McAnulty’s “The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl” and Natalie Lloyd’s “A Snicker of Magic.”
It is a dark and suspenseful duology, with a dash of danger and a lot of love and magic.

The lead in the novel is Maren Partridge, who loves nothing more than handcrafting dreams while working in the family shop.

The only rule she has to follow is that she cannot ever give a dream to a person without first obtaining their consent. She has never had any problems adhering to that until Hallie her sister gets into an accident and ends up in a coma.
Maren believes that she has the capability of curing her sister by making use of a few well-chosen dreams. While no one is watching, she slips Hallie a flying dream.

Things get very interesting when some new and strange customer starts stalking Maren and threatens to expose her. The stranger manages to blackmail her into making custom nightmares for terrible and very dark purposes.
As she gets drawn further into the dark schemes, she will have to decide between protecting the town from her family’s magic or protecting her own family.

It is a surprisingly scary story that will sometimes provide some good excitement to middle-grade horror buffs.

Nicole Lesperance’s novel “The Dream Spies” opens with Maren having her life more or less normal.

Hallie her sister is pretty much recovered and they are both working at the family dream shop with the evil nightmare thief not having made an appearance in months.

But when Maren’s grandmother Lishta stumbles upon an advertisement for a dreamer sleepaway camp, she is alarmed. None of the camp directors on the ad are familiar and she knows she just has to investigate.

Hallie and Maren are posing as campers while Lishta takes a job as a lunch lady so that they can investigate. Almost immediately, something does not seem right and things get even stranger when campers begin singing the same song randomly.
An entire bunk of girls has made their hair the same way, and everyone gets up from their slumber in identical and very strange cravings.

Things turn even more bizarre when campers begin sleepwalking and they cannot be stirred out of their stupor.

As Hallie and Maren investigate they come upon a sinister plot by some dark master. They need to find out who the man is and stop him from turning even more campers into zombies before things become even worse.

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