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Publication Order of Whiskey and Weddings Books

Nicole McLaughlin is an American author of fiction. She is known by readers for her exciting romance novel books. McLaughlin is also the writer of the Man Enough and Whiskey and Weddings series, a romantic series that features the first book All I Ask, the second book Along Came Us, and Should’ve Been You.

McLaughlin first wrote her full-length novel that was six pages about her baby sister’s birth (at age 8). She finished it only because her mother said that she would give her a cassette tape by the singer Rick Astley if she completed the story. McLaughlin finished the book and got the tape. While her full-length novels now don’t come with Rick Astley tapes, she enjoys writing her cast of characters and says that her subject matter now is a touch more grown up and romantic than it used to be.

Nicole McLaughlin lives near Kansas City and shares her home and life with her husband and sons. She enjoys writing her thoughts and ideas into stories and novels, she finds meaning and income working as a photographer — for weddings and portraits, just like her character Charlotte. She always really enjoys cooking, catching a historical drama, or relaxing and watching a documentary.

Maybe I Do is the first book in the 2017 series, Whiskey and Weddings. It features the main character of Charlotte Linley. She works as a photographer and her specialty is professionally shooting weddings. Even though she despises weddings because she was left at the altar courtesy of her sweetheart from high school. But it’s not like she’s holding a grudge or anything even all of these years later. Charlotte Linley does still love photography and her work, even if she did get left at the altar by someone that she loved on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

These days, Charlotte is happy to just do a great job in her chosen field (even if it does involve having to be present at wedding after wedding even though hers was a burning disaster). She doesn’t really believe in fairy tales and isn’t the kind to get all sappy over love stories. But when Charlotte meets a new guy, she might be open to dating someone.

Even though this guy seems like a good fit for her, she is concerned because it seems like the only thing he has time for in life is his job. But they both have a love of whiskey in common, so maybe that can help Charlotte to bridge the gap between herself and her mystery man. Whiskey makes you frisky– but can the liquor really help bring the two of them together?

Charlotte doesn’t love weddings, and she still isn’t completely over her past of being left at the altar by someone she thought she was going to spend forever with. She isn’t exactly happy that it happened, but it makes no sense to sulk about it. If weddings are her bread and butter, then she’ll be at them as long as the checks keep clearing.

Today she’s just enjoying having a sense of control when it comes to her career. She’s thriving in her field as a photographer, and ever since she linked up with one of the gorgeous owners of a boutique distillery called the Stag, she’s been doing really well. After all, it’s the hottest wedding venue to hit Kansas City in a while and they are all making money. Charlotte is finally living the good life.

But when she meets Dean Troyer, she can’t deny that there is something between them. Troyer is still bitter after his own marriage ended. He knows that Charlotte is the genuine item, and realizes her talent and beauty in addition to admiring her professional drive and success. Dean flirts with Charlotte every time that she comes to The Stag, but he should keep his distance from her. It’s the professional thing to do, especially when she’s assisting him with his sister’s wedding.

But the more that Dean is around her, the more intrigued by Charlotte he becomes, and the deeper their relationship becomes. The only problem is that he feels like he is becoming part of a romantic comedy cliche– the divorced male lead who finds the gal of his dreams. He’s falling for Charlotte quickly. But are they just two bitter people finding shelter in the middle of a storm, or is this a connection that could be the coming of two soulmates together to live that fairytale of happily ever after (and plenty of shared shots of whiskey)? Find out in Maybe I Do from romantic novelist extraordinaire Nicole McLaughlin!

Maybe This Time is the second book in the popular Whiskey and Weddings book series. When two people with their walls up fall into a relationship, it’s an interesting dynamic… but can it result in true love?

TJ Laughlin has always had a lot to prove as the youngest son. Their father’s favorite is his eldest sister, who works as an attorney. The middle brother found his calling as a preacher, but TJ has never been able to figure out his own passion. He’s gotten used to low expectations, and it seems like no one cares if TJ finds his calling because the smart daughter and devout son fill the achievement need. If TJ did well, it was a nice surprise.

TJ has finally found what he wants to do with whiskey and weddings. The wedding business is thriving, and TJ is determined to be a part of it through co-ownership of The Stag. He likes working with the vendors and couples, but the truth is that they also remind him of how he is lonely.

When Jen Mackenzie comes to work at The Stag, he’s interested. She’s had a tough life, but working and volunteering voice lessons at the youth center give her something that is meaningful. Her sick mother keeps her in town and when she tells her she wishes Jen would settle down, she invents a relationship to keep her happy– with TJ. But the more time that they spend together, the more they like each other. Is it love for these two lonely people? Read Maybe This Time to find out!

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