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About Nicole R. Dickson
An American writer, Nicole R. Dickson is well known for her focus on accuracy and authenticity in her fiction. With a strong voice, her style is highly accessible, which goes some way towards explaining why it is that so many have come to love her work. Creating both contemporary and historical fiction, she pays close attention to detail, really picking up on the precise details of the period she’s setting it within.

Her characters are also extremely well done, with personalities that really evolve over the course of each of her novels. Drawing heavily from the classics, with the likes of Bronte and Dickens inspiring her, she brings it forward into the modern age. This has proven to be massively successful, with her work being enjoyed the world over, with more and more discovering her novels every day.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in America, the future writer to be Nicole R. Dickson would grow up keenly interested in everything surrounding the written word. Coming from California, this would be an interest she’d hold on to throughout much of her life, always looking to develop her craft as a writer. Constantly honing and refining her voice, she’d build up her profile through the years, establishing her voice before finally becoming a full-time writer.

Interested in writers such as Dickens and Bronte from early on, she’d seek inspiration, whilst continually working on her own output. This would become a regular pastime for her over the years, as she’d really come into her own, with something to say through her work. Giving many of her novels a period setting too, research was also something that Dickson would work on over time too.

She’s always seeking inspiration for her latest novels, as she puts herself into her work, infusing it with her own thoughts and ideas. This has evolved into a highly personal approach to the format, making her stories extremely accessible and easy to get into. Underneath though, she’d bring in a depth that would subtly creep up on the reader, ensuring that they’d become fully invested for the duration.

Still writing to this very day, she continues to produce work regularly from her rural home in North Carolina. Living with her daughter and their dog and cat, she enjoys family life, as well as being a highly regarded author. Making a strong name for herself, she’ll continue to put her novels out for some time to come, with plenty more planned for the future.

Writing Career:
In 2009 Nicole R. Dickson would publish her first novel titled ‘Casting Off’, which would be her debut book. This would also see her receive a position in the top ten for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award that same year. For the most part she wouldn’t release any series as such, with each of her novels being entirely stand-alone titles that were self-contained.

When her second novel came out in 2014, she was published through Penguin, leading to her becoming a highly sought after household name. She does a series of orphan stories in progress too, as she’ll continue to build upon her personal brand and profile as an author. With a lot more to come, there’s many singing her praises around the world, with more and more discovering her books every day.

Casting Off
Published through the New American Library, this was first released in 2009 on the 28th of July, introducing Dickson as an author for the very first time. Establishing both her style and tone, it’s a completely stand-alone story that allows it plot and characters to speak for themselves. It also gave readers an idea of what to expect from her in future, as it would definitely set her apart as a writer.

This really works on multiple levels, with lots of story and character for the reader to completely invest themselves in. It’s heart-warming and relatable on a personal level, as well as having an engaging story that does manage to pull some surprises along the way. More than anything though, it’s a well told, tightly knit story, and one that really does keep the reader hooked throughout.

Heading off to the west coast of Ireland, Rebecca Moray is hoping to write a book on the history of Irish knitting, and it’s here she’ll do her research. Accompanied by her daughter Rowan, she wants to completely immerse herself in the history and culture of the island, putting the past behind her. She also comes into contact with an old fisherman called Sean Morahan, as the two of them find themselves struggling with regrets, as Rowan is caught between them both. What lies in their past? How will things play out between them? Where will they find themselves when casting off?

Here, and Again
First released through the Penguin/NAL publishing outlet, this would originally come out on the 3rd of June in 2014. Not a part of any series, this deals with another relationship, looking at the realities of grief and overcoming the pain of the past. Many readers would also once again find themselves fully involved and immersed in the world that Dickson had managed to create.

Set in rural America, this focuses on some difficult subject matter, although it deals with it with grace and tact. Once again uplifting as with her previous novel, it’s a well told and well crafted story, filled with plenty of heart and warmth. Allowing its characters to shine through, their personalities really do feel fully fleshed out upon the page too.

Looking after the farm of her recently deceased husband who was killed serving in Iraq, Ginger Marting is unsure what the future has in store. Keeping the farm going for both her and her children, she must cope with the grief, whilst attempting to keep her head above water. That’s when the soldier called Samuel turns up in her life abruptly, and the two of them find themselves to be kindred spirits, as he’s lost and far from home. Will he ever be able to find his way back? Can the two of them overcome the pain of the past? Where are they headed when go here, and again?

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