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Publication Order of Unbound Books

Nicoli Gonnella
Nicoli Gonnella spent his formative years on top of a mountain, breathing deep of the world’s energy and expelling the impurities out of his soul. He also attended school and other stuff.

Nicoli always wrote, however now he has abandoned all else in order to do it full time. His readers give him strength, spirit bomb style, and there is no telling just how strong he will become. This is not even his final form.

He lives with a corgi called Cornelius, his wife, and two kids.

“Dissonance” is the first novel in the “Unbound” series and was released in 2022. A thousand threats in a new world. Welcome to The Continent.

Felix’s life on planet Earth had became just a series of ruined relationships, dead end jobs, and rotating apartments which were smaller than most postage stamps. By all accounts, including his own actually, he was a coward. Much too afraid to move forward, to take any risks. But when given the chance to pick between risking his life or just walking away from a lethal encounter, he didn’t even hesitate.

Felix, just moments before his untimely demise, got snatched from earth and then thrust into this magical world known just as “The Continent”. Empowered by the “System”, he learns that he can strengthen himself through dedication and combat. In order to survive he will be forced to push himself beyond his own limits, or else he’ll fall to the monsters that are all around him.

Stats, levels, and magic. Death is the beginning of a horrible fate, however if he lives then nobody knows what he will become.

This book features some fantastic world building, with an interesting magic system, the plot is excellent, and the action scenes are tremendous as well. Pit and Felix have some cool interactions with each other, and Pit is not just some sidekick pet, he is quite a lot more than that.

“Silence” is the second novel in the “Unbound” series and was released in 2022. A Primordial defeated, and a sacrifice has been made. Now the hard part can start.

Felix had risked it all in order to stop the threat of the Unending Maw. But, instead of death, he and his Companion Pit got transported into the deadly Void, which is a place much worse than the Foglands. The Maw is there with them, and bonded to Felix somehow in this way that nobody understands, yet they all still hate.

The three have to navigate this desolate expanse of the dark Void, contending with marauders, voidbeasts, and the creeping influence of the Maw itself. It’ll take everything that Felix has, and more, just to only survive, let alone be able to escape.

Every choice has its consequences.

“Hunger” is the third novel in the “Unbound” series and was released in 2022. The void is vanquished, the pirates are pacified. Peace is such a fragile beast.

Felix has survived the tribulations of the Void and gone back to the Continent. at long last, civilization. But the city of Haarwatch has got a new and horrible issue.

The Inquisition has just arrived to stamp out unnatural monstrosities and sorcery, and Felix still has the Primordial Maw riding shotgun within his own soul. Now, he has to find his friends and some way to remove a piece of his own essence before it all comes crashing down.

And all the while, the sinister plots in Haarwatch’s center promise bloody and dire repercussions for anybody that catches the eye of the Inquisition.

“Fury” is the fourth novel in the “Unbound” series and was released in 2022. Banners fly, and the tower has fallen. A war is brewing in all of the rubble.

Felix Nevarre, destroyer of Domains and slayer of the Ravager King, is not going to go down without putting up a fight. Haarwatch has been split up into factions vying for their own supremacy, the Guild Tower has fallen, and the people despair while the monsters overrun the city.

A bloody battle is being waged through the streets, yet Felix’s power has grown quite a bit, his core being stuffed with all of the spoils of his victory, and he is looking to put it to good use. When the Inquisition advances its grip on the city and waves of monsters start to strike, he pushes back.

This new faction is rising, gathering under Felix’s banner those who are much too weak for the Guilders, or are too faithless for the Redcloaks. The goal of this faction is not domination, but survival. In their midst, this dangerous idea has started brewing. It ignites the mind and it sings in the Spirit, as the Body trembles with bated breath. A blue flame is blazing away in the hearts of the fearful, leaving behind just hope. And Fury.

“Threshold” is the fifth novel in the “Unbound” series and was released in 2022. A territory to defend, with a city already saved. The threshold is beckoning.

The war for Haarwatch has been won, which grants Felix a short respite. His time is spent struggling to restore the city with his people, but trouble is brewing on the horizon. The Archon hasn’t sat idle as Felix worked on consolidating his power, and the ancient seals placed on his prison have been broken.

Guided by this Territorial Quest, Felix and his other allies find themselves in the unenviable position of needing to split up their forces while the drums of war have resumed. The Archon is a threat to everybody, however the Inquisition is not yet ready to accept their failures in Haarwatch.

Felix has to return to the Foglands, more specifically the Waterfall Temple that he once claimed as a shelter. If he does not, and the Archon is able to secure the power that is hidden behind the Door of the Lidless Eye, there is no telling what could possibly happen. Undaunted yet divided, they move with purpose firming their Will while events threaten to outpace all of them.

Battle is looming as peace trembles, and once more fate balances upon the Fiend’s scales.

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