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Nicoline Evans is a published author of fiction. She attended Rutgers University. She majored in communications until realizing that creative writing was her passion.

Nicoline Evans is the creator and the author of the Haemans series. The series kicked off in 2014 with the publication of the first novel in the series. The sequel followed quickly after in 2015 and is titled Haemanism: The Spread.

Haemans is the first novel in this exciting fictional series. If you are looking for an engaging book that is full of twists and turns and tons of action, then check out the debut book in this series.

The bloodlines of the royals in Russia were thought to have been lost. No one ever believed that they would be recovered. But it appears that against the odds, the line could have resurfaced when no one was expecting it.

Now the descendants have been found once more, or that is what they appear to be. The bloodline appears to have been restored. Now they are being embraced, even being given honorary titles. But what the world does not know and what so many people remain ignorant to is the fact that these new people have brought with them sometime else.

The entire thing is wrapped in mystery and endless ribbons of intrigue that spool around the entire thing like Chinese dragons, curling their tails. The bloodline appears to have curated something, an addiction, and they have it with them. The presence of it may just be strong enough to alter a country forever.

The descendants manage to bring this addiction to the populace somehow, and no one is even really aware of what is happening. Through the manipulation of the media, deception through the government, and their fame, the prince and the princess are doing something that seems to be straight out a spy novel.

Mikhail and Milena are spreading their lifestyle of addiction to citizens across the nation. As a result, the average person is following their lead. Everyone is obsessed with the celebrities, the new appearance of the Romanovs from out of the blue and the pages of history. They are so famous and influential that they are able to subject an entire populace to the effects of silver cocaine.

The populace is slowly starting to fall into this addictive lifestyle, and now they are looking at a population without a moral center. As ethics fall by the wayside, an entire population starts to become different. It has happened overnight. The citizens have changed from the way that they were, pretty much average and everyday people, to individuals that are really strong and have seriously lost their morals or any sense of a conscience.

There is even quickly developing a new term for these people. They are called Haemans and are quickly taking over Russia in full force. Among them is Sevrick Bykovsky. He is hiding in the forest and is one of a few people that have gotten out of the worst of it.

Now he is outside St. Petersburg in the forested outskirts. He was forced to do what he had to in order to leave, but never forgets that he has left his fiancee behind. Arinadya Tarasova has become addicted and he decided that he was going to do whatever it took in order to go back and save her from this new dangerous life.

He has on his side a band of fighters for freedom to help him out. With this group of rag tag people on his side that have a ton of heart, they are going to do what they can to turn the tide. With each day bringing new challenges and new aspects of survival,

Nicoline Evans has crafted a thrilling dystopian novel that you are going to have a tough time putting down. Full of action and adventure, this urban fantasy with a touch of the gothic and of course historical realness that is being brought to the table.

It’s a world where the heroes are falling out and the villains have come to light. As one man tries to do whatever he can in order to try and save the woman he is in love with, In the middle of a totally new society, he is going to have his work cut out for him.

It seems that being addicted and destructive to yourself and others is in vogue now. Is this really what the world is like now? It’s unusual to go against the grain, but one man’s efforts may just prove to make a really big difference. Can he and the girl that he loves survive this brutal new world?

Sometimes when you come up against some of the darkest times in your life, you find out what you really are made of. When survival is everything and just getting through another 24 hours is an accomplishment, what should you do? Read this book to find out what happens next in this action packed debut book that takes a look at the dark side of the human heart.

Haemanism: The Spread is the second novel in the Haemans series. If you enjoyed the first book in this series, then check out the sequel!

Now that a princess has awakened, she has found that her demons have woken up with her. Princess Arinadya has shown up once again, and behind her comes the shadow of the destruction of all of the human race.

Now the planet is in trouble once more. It seems that a huge change is about to take place, and now the prince is taking the lead. Prince Mikhail may just be the one to put everyone at risk in his selfish plans to dominate the world.

Sevrick is busy trying to figure out how they are going to save Russia (he and his band of survivors). They are doing everything they can from their hideout underground. While the prince plots his plan to take over the world from his kingdom, they are working as quickly as they can to foil it.

Can they do it and save the country and its people in the process? Read this book to find out!

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