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Nicolle Wallace is an American author, political analyst, and commentator that is best known for her Charlotte Kramer series of political novels. Wallace’s father was an antique dealer while her mother was a teacher when she was born in Orange County California in 1972. She spends most of her childhood in Orinda in California and attended the Miramonte High School till her graduation in 1990. Once she graduated from high school, she went on to the University of California at Berkeley, where she got her diploma in communications. She would then proceed to Northwestern University and attended their Medill School of Journalism for her master’s studies. Wallace then went back to California and got work as a reporter for a local TV station. She soon climbed the ladder and became a political reporter before becoming then Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s press secretary. She would then move to work at the Florida State Technology Office as Communications Director and was at the center of the 2000 Florida election recount.

Nicole Wallace’s pedigree soon got her tapped by the White House. She was George Bush’s Director of Media Affairs and Special Assistant to the President in the first Bush administration. During the following elections, she served as the Communications Director for the Bush reelection campaign. Once the elections were done, she got a promotion to White House Communications Director. She made a name for herself for her communicative and open nature with the press in her time serving as Communications Director. The McCain campaign pointed her as senior advisor in 2008 when he went against Barack Obama. She had her own share of controversy during this time as she was accused of accusing Sarah Palin the vice-presidential candidate of going rogue. The campaign was so eventful that it was made into a movie named “Game Change” in which Sarah Paulson starred as Nicole Wallace. She has asserted that the movie was a fairly accurate portrayal of behind the scenes happenings at the White House.

After spending so much time in the political world, Wallace decided it was time to move on. She would become a political analyst and political commentator on several morning talk shows and news programs. Some of the shows that she has appeared in include “This Week on ABC,” “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams,” and “Good Morning America.” Given her experiences in the White House, she thought she decided to write a series of novels to demystify the House on the Hill. Her first novel in the Charlotte Cramer series was the 2010 published work “Eighteen Acres” that went on to become a bestseller. The series of novels follows the life and times of three powerful women in the White House. The first of these is Charlotte Cramer, the first female President of the US, Senior Communications Advisor Dale Smith and Secretary of Defense Melanie Kingston. Her first novel of the series gets its name from the 18 acres of land that make up the White House property limits in Washington DC. She followed up her first novel with “It’s Classified in 2011,” and “Madam President” in 2015. Wallace has also been a host of the popular television program “The View” before she moved to become chief political commentator for MSBC in 2016. She is married to an American diplomat, businessman and lawyer Mark Wallace with whom she has one son.

“Eighteen Acres” is Nicole Wallace’s first novel in the Eighteen Acres Trilogy. It is a suspenseful novel that follows the drama and deception that dog the first female president of the United States. Charlotte Kramer the president does not have it any easier as she still has to deal with dangerous threats to the nation from overseas and in her cabinet. The story also involves chief of staff in the White House Melanie Kingston and White House newspaperwoman Dale Smith. Smith often has to work long hours following and reporting on the reelection campaign for President Kramer. Just when they are about to have major success things start imploding as rumors of Charlotte’s husband’s infidelity start being bandied about. Her closest security advisor has also made several serious errors of judgment that may just spell the end of the campaign. But it is not only the presidency at risk but also the safety of the United States. Charlotte needs to fight hard to protect the US and get her campaign back on track. It is an intriguing story that blends family and political drama for one great story.

“It’s Classified” tells the story of Charlotte Kramer who is beginning her second term. She vows to leave a legacy but it is not going to be that easy given that events seem to conspire against her. She has a good support system since she has her best friend Melanie Kingston as her secretary of defense. But the senior communication adviser Dale Smith has a horrible secret that would destroy her and ruin the credibility of the White House if it ever got out. Tara Meyers the vice president is one of the most popular politicians in the country but the information that Dale Smith has could really hurt her. Things only get worse when a terror threat that was supposed to be classified is leaked, exposing all the weaknesses of the administration. The country’s safety is being threatened and Kramer needs to get her house in order. The novel is such a true insider’s perspective about the intrigues underpinning the actions of the political class that few of her readers can ever hope to have.

“Madam President” the third of the Eighteen Acres Trilogy is the story of powerful women who are in charge of guiding the country on a day that could change its destiny forever. The forty-fifth president has done what no other president has ever done – she allows a network news team to tag along and document the life of a president and her staff. But even as the network news gets an inside look at the workings of the White House, five major attack threats are reported. Melanie the defense secretary and Dale the press secretary need to come in and support the president. The administration needs to assure the nation that they are safe under their capable commander in chief. But the Kramer White House always reacts better in a crisis and with every eye trained on them, the women are going to do all they can to protect the administration. Both of them have professional and personal secrets that may destroy the West Wing. Nicole Wallace writes a timely novel of political and domestic intrigue that is just un-putdownable.

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  1. Priscilla H Barker: 2 years ago

    Nicolle, Just finished the enjoyable trilogy. Quite an eye opener! Watching you most days on MSNBC gives me confidence our democracy and voting rights WILL survive. Not sure how but with you and your fellow journalists I have hope. Thank you, Priscilla Barker from south Florida


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