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Publication Order of Night Angel Books

The Way of Shadows (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow's Edge (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond the Shadows (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfect Shadow (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Angel Nemesis (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Night Angel is a series of fantasy books written by an American author of science fiction, literature, fiction and fantasy books Brent Weeks. The trilogy follows the adventures of Azoth (later known as Kyla Stern) as he ravages the underground as a guild rat to becoming an assassin with magical talent also known as the ultimate wetboy but then Azoth tries to leave all this behind finally becoming the Night Angel, the avatar of retribution.

The Night Angel series is set in Midcryu continent in the country of Cenaria. There are many forms of magic in this world, but The Talent is the most common in Midcyru. Brent Weeks began her Night Angel series in 2008 with The Way of Shadows and ended the same year with Beyond the Shadows. The series is also known as Die Schatten Trilogy in German, L’Ange de la Nuit in French, L’angelo della note in Italian, and El ángel de la noche in Spanish.

The Way of Shadows

From the New York bestselling author comes the first book in Night Angel series, The Way of the Shadows. Brent Weeks introduces us to her main character Azoth. For Azoth survival is uncertain, something no one would take for granted. As a guild rat, he has grown up in the streets, learned to judge quickly and take the risk as well.

But to be accepted in this society, Azoth will have to turn his back on the life he’s lived and embrace a whole new name and identity. As Kylar Stern, he must learn to steer through the assassin’s world of dangerous magic’s and politics- and cultivate an instinct for death.

Durzo Blint is one of the most feared men in Cenaria. Azoth is just but a frightened little boy on the streets but through a series of circumstances, their paths cross in the dark city streets and the guild rat transforms into the assassin’s apprentice. The only thing as the reader you know about the story plot is that you’re following Azoth’s adventures from the streets to becoming one of the most feared assassins. That can be somehow confusing- but thanks to the never-ending subplots that piece together to create a fantastic main storyline.

The story setting itself is exciting and adds to the overall quality of the novel. The story takes place in a capital city’s streets, in the city’s castles and mansions. Unlike other books you’ve read before, The Way of the Shadows is uniquely crafted and focuses more on the secondary characters rather than the protagonist. Azoth is no superhuman, he is a generic young, and there is nothing special about him, the way he does a thing or his personality. But this is positive for this story as it takes attention of the reader away from him and focuses on the fabulous supporting characters.

Just like many other movies you’ve watched, books you’ve read and games you’ve played, The Way of Shadows is a novel about a mentor-protégé relationship where the man who takes the show is the mentor. Durzo is the most skilled killer in Cenaria and the most detailed character. He is the one with the mysterious past and all the secrets. The person, everyone in the city, fears to the extent that he may throw insults at the king with virtual indemnity.

Apart from Durzo, there is a trio of characters who steal the show on some occasions. There is Duke Regnus Gyre, a good nobleman, the kind who can’t seize the throne because it would be a dishonorable act. He is a great character to read about. Then there is Count Drake and Lord General Agon. Overall, The Way of Shadows is a fast-paced novel that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last.

Shadow’s Edge

Kylar Stern rejected the killer’s life. After a bloody coup, organized by the Godking, Kylar’s master and the closest friend were killed. The friend was Logan Gyre – heir to the Canadian throne. However, few aristocrats survived to mourn his death. So Kylar starts again: in a new city, with new companions, in a new profession.

But when he learns that Logan is alive – imprisoned, in hiding – he faces the hardest choice: can he forever give up the path of shadow and find peace in a new family. He can also use his destructive talent and years of practice to save his friend and country, but then he will lose what is most precious to him.
The second book in Night Angel Trilogy picks up where the first book in the series left off not too long after the events in the first book. While Kyler is not the only lead character in this second book in the series, the author puts more focus on him. He is a generous and kind man, but he’s had a very tough life, one that’s rubbed him off in some rather unusual ways. Additionally, Kyler is not your ordinary main character, he is a Wet-Boy also known as Assassin and when the novel kicks off- we find him trying his best to leave all that killing life behind him and begin a new chapter in his life- where there’s no more killing.

But things are never easy for him, and several events happen which leads him away from what he wants in his new life- but here’s where everything gets exciting for the readers.

The other character in the novel is Vi who’s given a fair amount of time in this story as compared to the first book in the series. She is also an assassin and an interesting character. She is strong, tough but easily hurt and damaged by the things she has had to undergo to get to where she is today. Her story is just as exciting as Kyler’s. Then there’s Logan; the character stuck in a whole awful situation in this book. But as the reader, you’ll love how he handles himself throughout the story.

Brent Week’s writing style is very approachable and also easy to get into. Her characters are easy to get along with; the plot is well paced with plenty of detailed action scenes.

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