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The “Night Prince” is a series of paranormal romance novels by international bestselling author Jeaniene Frost. Frost is best known for the “Night Huntress” and the “Night Prince” series of novels. She wrote her first novel “Halfway to the Grave,” the first of the Night Huntress series of novels and has never looked back since. Jeanine’s novels have been sold in more than twenty countries across the globe. She currently lives with her husband Matthew in North Carolina from where she writes her novels. When she is not writing, she can be found watching movies, spelunking, exploring old cemeteries, and traveling by car.

Jeaniene Frost’s favorite genre was paranormal as she started off reading paranormal romances that she swiped from her mother’s nightstand as a twelve-year-old. During that time, she used to measure her allowance with how many books she could get. Frost was so into vampires that she once answered a pastor that asked for the meaning of the cross by saying it was to keep vampires away. As such, it was not a surprise that she wrote her first novel as a paranormal romance as these have been some of her favorite genres growing up. She has said that she was always drawn by the vampires rather than the zombies, mummies or werewolves. For Jeaniene, the attraction of the vampires is that they are so versatile and she could make them into villains or heroes since they were the most human-like of all paranormals. Some of her biggest influences include “Sky O’Malley” that she read as a twelve-year-old which got her hooked into romance. As a teen, she read a lot of romance before she got into borderline horror-like and darker fiction from the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Diana Gabaldon. All of these influenced her writing with their romance, humor and dark paranormal elements.

The “Night Prince” series is a spinoff of the “Night Huntress” series and tells the story of Leila and Vlad Tepesh. The lead Vlad is a deadly, powerful and arrogant man that could best be described as the stuff of nightmares. He is Prince Vlad Tepesh who once upon a time ruled medieval Wallachia before he was immortalized in the classic Victorian novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. The deadly, proud and cold killer is a rigidly disciplined and authoritarian man that is the ultimate alpha male who does not compromise on his principles. The Night Prince Novels come with the usual fast pacing that Frost has come to be known for and also include the usual paranormal action and scorching hot sex scenes. There is none of the usual angsty vampire romance as Vlad makes for a fresh take on how to be a vampire in love while Leila uses her interesting paranormal powers to take the lead in the relationship. She is more than the usual suitable mate for Vlad but rather one who leads as well as lets herself be led. With a story too complicated to be told in one novel, Jeaniene wrote four titles in the series that are built on the mythology and world of the Night Huntress.

“Once Burned” the debut novel of the Night Prince series starts of telling the story of Leila who was involved in a freak accident that had disfigured her. She had accidentally touched a power cable and given her disfigurement had to find work as an entertainer in the carnival. But the accident also gave her some paranormal powers as she can now send electrical shocks simply by touching things. Leila can also see glimpses of the past, present, and future of anyone by touching their things which have a leftover essence. When she is forced to use her gifts to help a vampire find Vlad, she learns that Vlad knows that she is looking at his present. Figuring that Vlad is the lesser of two evils, she asks for his help and he is only too willing as he comes to her rescue, sweeping her away to Romania where he hides her in his castle. Together they start working on finding the villain vampire and Leila is soon falling for the ruthless and mysterious Vlad. He has the strength and sex appeal that she craves though she does not know what it feels like to be in a romantic relationship since her shocking gifts made one impossible. Luckily, her powers have no effect on Vlad and her touch will not hurt him like it hurt many other people that had tried to be with her, Given that Vlad can read her mind he showcases some arrogant and confident behavior that often results in confident flirting, heated glances and some steamy sexy time.

In “Twice Tempted” the second novel of the series, Leila had been fed up with Vlad playing with her feelings and had left. Vlad has issues expressing himself and while he loves her, he lets her walk away since he believes he cannot give her what she wants. She goes back home and rejoins the carnival though her life is not the same as it was before as she is now a hunted woman that needs to stay one step ahead of an assassin. Vlad misses her and when there is a bomb explosion at the carnival he is led to believe that she is dead. But when he comes to seek revenge, he learns that she is still alive and fumes that she did not bother to tell him that she was safe. But Leila is still angry with him for not returning her love. It comes down to the question of whether she loves the real Vlad or the toned-down version of him she made up. With Vlad willing to walk away yet again, she determines to learn everything about the only man she ever loved so that she can be with him. Using her paranormal abilities, she goes back into his past and sees the horrors of his past. But then she is overwhelmed by her powers and collapses but not before telling Vlad that he loves him just as he is.

“Bound by Flames” the third novel of the “Night Prince” series starts off a few weeks from the happenings of “Twice Tempted.” Leila and Vlad are now married but are yet to adjust to living together every day. Vlad is still his cocky self and has an almost pathological and freaky need to protect her which she hates. They recently learned that Vlad’s worst enemy is looking to kill him and this sends the temperatures soaring as betrayal, torture, death, and destruction come knocking. They got through a lot of emotional and physical pain but ultimately, they end up stronger and are more than ever determined to stay together. Vlad comes into his own as he is an arrogant and confident man who is totally unapologetic and owns who he is. But with Leila, he opens up and melts her heart every time. The sex is also great as there is not only a physical connection but also a strong emotional connection between them.

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