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Night Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Night Trilogy Books

Author Catherine Coulter writes the “Night” series of books, and is from the historical fiction and romance genres. It began publication in the year 1989, when “Night Fire” was released. The first two novels in the series were published in this year, while the third and final book was published the next year, and it was called “Night Storm”. This final book she wrote during the fall of the year 1988.

The series takes place in England, during the 1800s, during the Regency period. Each of the books feature different main characters, but are not simply stand alone works, as the male main characters are introduced in book one.

For a time, these books had gone out of print, but she cleaned them up some (rather than rewriting them entirely), before they were republished with new covers. They were republished by Avon Books.

“Night Fire” is the first novel in the “Night” series, which was released in the year 1989. This novel stars Arielle Leslie and Burke Drummond. Arielle Leslie is just sixteen and is sold by her half brother to marry a guy named Paisley Cochrane, who is an ancient and sadistic man that abuses young Arielle. He beats and physically abuses her because he believed that she would be the cure for the impotence that he was suffering from this entire time, but that did not come to be. His plan was just to give her to his son and have him get her pregnant; after which, he would claim the kid as his own. After he dies, she thinks she is free. That is not the case, however.

Burke Drummond, who is the Earl of Ravensworth, has just come back from the war and he desires to have Arielle. This is a young guy that she worshipped three years ago, back when they first met each other. Upon getting her, he is actually in for a big surprise. The couple faces problems and troubles that was never talked about in Regency times.

This is an enjoyable book that makes some eager to read more from this stellar series. Fans of the novel found this to keep them interested, with its fast pace. For some, their favorite part of the novel was Burke. With all of the twists and turns, it keeps you guessing and wondering what is going to happen next in the book. This is a fascinating story, and shows how women were treated way back when. It shows the main characters dealing with things that were not at all spoken of during these times in this place, let alone having a contemporary historical romance author write about it.

“Night Shadow” is the second novel in the “Night” series, which was released in the year 1989. This novel stars Lily Winthrop and Knight Winthrop. Knight Winthrop is Viscount Castlerosse, and is the quintessential Regency bachelor. He plans on marrying and getting his wife pregnant right before he dies, allowing all of his heirs to be raised up without the changes of his father. He is quite happy, since he is the center of this universe. But then something unthinkable happens.

A woman shows up at his door, and she claims to Tristan Winthrop’s widow. Tristan was murdered and Knight’s cousin. Making things worse is that she has Tristan’s three kids with her. Worse still is the fact that they have no money and no place to go. Ugly Arnold is coming after her, to boot.

What is he supposed to do at this point? Knight really cannot turn them away, if they have nowhere else they can go. He allows them to live with him and says goodbye to the carefree life that he used to have.

Coulter hopes that her readers laugh a lot at Laura Beth, Sam, and Theo’s antics, as well as how Lord Castlerosse creatively deals with the new species in his home. How he deals with Lily is something readers are going to have to pick the book up to find out.

Much like Coulter’s other work, readers will be interested the entire time and glued to each and every page, just wondering what will happen next. Fans of the novel found that they loved this book quite a bit, finding it to be light-hearted, sweet, and funny. The kids’ antics were hilarious and the novel moves at a quick pace. The novel is an entertaining read throughout, not to mention highly romantic. All of the characters in the novel are likable, and help make the book even more compelling.

“Night Storm” is the third novel in the “Night” series, which was released in the year 1990. This novel stars Genny Paxton and Alec Carrick. Alec is a character that was first introduced in the novel “Night Fire”. Alec (his official title is Baron Sherard) decides that he wants to put together a merger with a shipyard based in Baltimore, Maryland, and wants to buy the shipbuilding Paxtons out of their business. He knows that he will not have a tough time convincing the owner of this.

Although that is where Genny Paxton, who is the daughter of the owner, comes in. She makes it seem like she is “Eugene” Paxton. This is due to her wanting to build sailing ships of her own and not have any males interfering in that. Alec, who has great insight, knows precisely what is under her britches. He is able to get Genny’s goat more times than she is able to count.

The romance book is full of humor, wit, and some outrageous circumstance. Fans of the novel found the characters and their romances to be compelling, making the reader keep on turning the pages until the very end. Some found Hallie, who is just five years old and is Alec’s daughter, to be quite charming and she never let go of their hearts. Some are going to miss this wonderful series and getting caught up with the characters. Readers enjoyed the book, despite not being a fan of historical fiction, but this series was quite a surprise for them. Readers enjoyed the entire series, as they all have top notch stories.

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