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Publication Order of Night Warriors Books

A British author of horror, crime, thrillers and historical fiction; the writer Graham Masterton is well known for writing both fiction, as well as non-fiction books as well. Producing sex instructional manuals alongside his more regular fictional work, he’s a highly versatile writer, with a lot of work behind him, being an extremely prolific author working within the industry. All of this has lead to him becoming one of the most sought after voices currently working in publishing, as he’s also produced a number of long-running series and franchises too. One series that he’s particularly well regarded for is that of his much loved and equally well acclaimed ‘Night Warriors’ series of horror novels that’s appreciated by many. Featuring supernatural forces and demonic entities, it manages to take the reader on a journey into the other side, allowing them to gain a glimpse into the darker recesses of the human imagination. Showing ancient demonic forces breaking free into modern America from the fantasy world of dreams, bringing with them a whole host of surrealist horror and evil. Taking a dark look into very real human fears, this provides a surreal look into the darker side of the human psyche, as it’s reflective of films such as the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, which also dealt with similar themes.

With five books in the series so far and counting, this series started back in 1987 with the title ‘Night Warriors’, and it has been running all the way to 2011 with the book ‘The Ninth Nightmare’. Following up the first book one year later, ‘Death Dream’ came out in 1988, which was later followed by ‘Night Plague’ in 1991 and then ‘Night Wars’ over fifteen years later in 2006. All these add up to being one of Graham Masterton’s longest running series to date, with the horror franchise running throughout most of his writing career.

Night Warriors

First published in 1986 through the ‘Time Warner Paperbacks’ publishing label to much acclaim, this was the book that would initially establish the highly popular long-running franchise. Setting not only the series up, but the characters as well, it managed to create a foreboding style that would hark the arrival of a grim new world for readers worldwide to get lost within. The characters themselves would also be well drawn, showing a realistic sense of how people actually speak and interact with one another, giving it a realistic sense of grounding within the real world.

Taking traditional ideas of horror and what lurks deep within the id, this manages to create something really fresh and original with the genre, ultimately pushing it forwards. Really understanding the format, Masterton has a complete knack for knowing where everything goes, and exactly how it all goes together piece-by-piece. This is something that ensures that the novel stands out from the rest currently on the market, as it has a series of themes and ideas that are really explored in great detail and depth, taking an explicit look at how they all interact with one another, working together in unison.

Becoming the first mother of the dreaded Nightspawn, the dead body of woman out in California, America, gives birth to these hellish creatures from another world. Set to cover the world in these dreaded spawn, she will not be the last either, as these creatures are all set to cover the entire world, infecting everywhere with their evil. Stepping up to deal with them are three seemingly ordinary people who find that they must step-up and deal with this evil presence, with the fate of humanity set to be fought in dreams. Will they succeed? Can they defeat these evil creatures and send them back to whence they came? What will become of the night warriors?

Death Dream

Brought out through the ‘Tor Books’ publishing label this time, this book would carry on directly from the last, as it ultimately provided it with a sequel. Continuing on, it was released just two years later in the month of June in 1988, creating another chapter in the story, allowing it to progress and develop. Another factor to grow was that of the characters themselves, as they would all fully evolve alongside the world that they inhabit during the course of the story.

Once again this story deals with the darker side of human nature, diving into the deep, dark and murky waters of the human psyche and all the horrors that it can possibly conjure up. Not only that, but it has central characters that help reflect this as well, as they return from the previous book, this time far more aware of their situation, where they are, and what they must essentially deal with. Taking place out in California too, it really makes the most of its American location and underpinnings, juxtaposing that of the dream world against the real world. As a writer it is clear that Graham Masterton knows his subject matter well, as he brings it all to life and off the page essentially, with both character and location working together for great effect.

Taking on the might of the Shadow Creature this time around, the group known as the ‘Night Warriors’ must this time face their greatest challenge yet. All set to envelope the entire world in its wrath, it will bring the world of dreams into reality, setting forth its evil across the entire world, ultimately shrouding it in darkness. Mixing both reality and the mundane details of every day life with the horror of dreams, this may prove to be an extremely difficult foe to face and, ultimately, defeat. Will they manage it though? Can the overcome? How will they stop the death dream?

The Night Warriors Series

An excellent example of the horror genre, this particular series is at the forefront of the medium, as it has become a staple of Masterton for much of his literary career to date. Setting up some horrifically surreal concepts and ideas, it really makes the most of the format, exploring some truly horrifying concepts on the darker side of the human psyche. As more and more discover this work, it will continue to influence authors into the foreseeable future, as the legacy of this franchise that it’s left isn’t going away any time soon.

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