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Night Watch (Cynthia Eden) Books In Order

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Publication Order of Night Watch Books

Immortal Danger (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eternal Hunter / Hunt Me Down (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'll Be Slaying You / Slay My Name (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eternal Flame (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Cry Wolf (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cynthia Eden is an award-winning author who loves to write about dark tales of romantic suspense and the paranormal. Due to the immense success of her novels, Eden is a New York Times, Digital Book World and USA Today best seller. Furthermore, she has also been nominated more than three times for the well respected RITA Awards. Ever since she became an author, Eden has managed to pen down more than 80 novels. Currently, Eden resides in the Gulf Coast. During her free time, Cynthia loves to watch horror movies and read romantic novels. She also from time to time loves spelunking and hiking. Cynthia Eden attended the University of South Alabama where she graduated with a degree in Sociology.

Night Watch (Series by Cynthia Eden)

Eternal Hunger is the first book in the Night Watch book series. In this book, the author has managed to return her exceedingly sexy shifters. If you are an ardent fan of shifter romance novels, then you are definitely going to love this book series. It not only grabs the readers attention from the very first page but all the way to the last page. The author’s paranormal world is exceedingly complex and absorbing. If you haven’t read any of her books before, then brace yourself for an exceedingly fun and smooth read. The storyline begins as the author introduces the reader to Jude Donovan, an exceedingly tough and no-nonsense bounty hunter. Ever since he became a bounty hunter, Jude has never missed any of his preys.

However, his latest capture gives him a little bit of rough time. His latest prey is none other than the ultra-attractive Deputy District Attorney, Erin Jerome. However, before he knows it he is attracted to her. He notices that there is something exceedingly different with Erin Jerome and his inner animal definitely wants her all to himself. However, unlike all his prey, Erin is no easy target. Erin is not only deceptively strong, and no one can be able to easily push her around easily. Thus, despite the fact that Jude has a certain charm on her, he also will not be able to push her around. Having a fresh go at life in a new town means keeping a low profile at all times. Due to the fact that she is a shifter, Erin knows that she can easily cause trouble.

However, Jude’s past and her past collide when Erin is targeted and Jude ends up becoming her bodyguard. However, Erin Jerome’s final test is to not only believe in herself but to also take the last and final step. With that being said, this novel is full of sheer pleasure from the very first page to the last. Erin Jerome is one of the most significant characters in this book. Cynthia Eden has shown the readers why she is one of the best authors of this generation. The great thing about this series is that each of the books in the Night Watch series, reveals something new about each of this characters and the world that she creates. The author’s ability to create fast paced novels that are fun to read and exceedingly easy to get involved with is quite nourishing. The mystery surrounding Erin’s past and all the strings of murders are quite engrossing and the unexpected changes making the books quite riveting and thrilling.

The second book in this series is I’ll Be Slaying You. In this book, the author introduces the reader to Simon Dee and Sandra Daniels. Dee happens to be the only person within the Night’s Watch Group that is human. From the outside, she may appear to be a little thing. However, she is totally different on the inside. With an exceedingly horrible and a heart-rending past, Dee does not let anything stand on her way especially when it comes to taking down the bad guys. She loves to take down the vampires. As the novel begin’s Dee may not be your cup of tea, since she may appear to be a lady trying to show that she is a tough girl.

Simon Chase, on the other hand, is not only running from a bad past but is also a person who is full of mysteries. From the initial stages of the novel, we do not really get to know a lot about Simon. However, as the novel progresses we get to know exactly who he is and what he stands for. When Dee met Simon, she has lots of ideas of the person she thinks he is. Nonetheless, as the book progresses, she soon discovers that all theories she had were exceedingly wrong. Simon also has a secret of his own, concerning Dee. This little secret is going to change a lot of things including Dee and her view about everything. Despite the fact that Simon is mysterious, he also does all he can to assist Dee, even if it means that she is going to hate him eventually. The world that the author has managed to create has an awesome balance of numerous mythical creatures like Vampires, Demons, Shape Shifters, Witches and many others.

Furthermore, she has also introduced a nice mix of characters. Apart from Simon and Dee, the author has also included other significant characters such as Zane, Jude and a majority of the characters that we met in the first book. Personal agendas, intrigue, an F.B.I agent, a fire starter, the usual cast and intrigue all come together in this highly entertaining book series. Eternal Flame is the third book in the Night Watch book series. As it is the case with a majority of the author’s novels, this installment can be read as a standalone. Eden manages to seemingly bring all the characters and situations from the initial book, thereby giving the reader the right amount of information which is necessary to ensure that reader is not lost while at the same time not disturbing the flow of the story. In this book, Jana is the protagonist. Apart from being an actress, she is also an ignitor who is currently in the run from the cops, the Night Agency, and the police. However, when the male lead finally finds she immediately begins to develop feelings for him.

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