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Publication Order of Night Watch Books

The Others walk between us. Born as humans, but with some special magical powers and able to enter to the Twilight, a spectral parallel universe. Each Other is looking for recruit people to the Light or the Dark, in the eternal battle of good versus evil forces, the constant dichotomy all human faces every day. This book is developed in a world of vampires, werewolves, light and dark magic, and witches. Every person o creature with magical powers is called an “Other”. And when those powers are revealed to another, it needs to decide either, go to the Light side or the Dark side to be trained.

Night Watch is an easy read fantasy adventure, told in a foreign voice. The casual comments and attitudes of every character make it clear that the novel was not written by an American or British author, giving a different perspective of the story, least enjoyed how the complexity of the plot and the importance of events in every book.

Sergei Lukyanenko explains how good and evil make a deal to be in peace. The Light ones created the Night Watch, the Dark ones the Day Watch, just to be sure that neither side would violate the deal; the Night Watch and the Day Watch have checked all the actions on the other sides as their principal function. Also, they have a superior figure called The Inquisition, who are a group composed of Dark and Light Others, to arbitrate any issue between the sides, and obviously, in this war of powers, veterans others, who are leaders of their sides, continue using humans as bait, tending intrigues and playing a sort of sickly chess in which everyone, even themselves, is pawns to break the treat between them.

“We don’t even know how to wish evil on anyone. Except that our Good is not any different from Evil.”

It is necessary to clear that there is no benign or malignant side, but both have mixed point of views about the world and are capable of both kind gestures as atrocious to the world in order to get their goals. For several billions of years, Light and Darkness have been waging many battles with the intention to be a winner and a loser. Between both sides, they have always existed differences. While the Light ones believe that their duty is to help the weak and needy, the Dark ones reject all obligations and believe in the survival of the fittest and use their powers for their own purposes.

Night Watch shows the readers a ‘third’ word called twilight zone, which can be dangerous to others. That zone is splinted in several levels, each one harder than other so, only the most powerful others can get out of there. Each level has a different appearance, the level one is a gray color, but the second one is like human world, on that level others can see the humans on a gray tone and move slower than in real world. Stay there too long and you get stuck forever.

Three separate stories and the main character is Anton Gorodetskya brave and strong young Other in Moscow, city when this story is located. Anton is a Light magician of growing level and is also an agent of the Moscow Night Watch. On the story, he is in charge of their IT & analysis department of this organization who must follow the tracks of a vampire when he meets Svetlana, a young woman having a vortex over his head.

Each segment or book is subdivided by a prolog followed by eight chapters, the first seven the following story. Even though each story is independent of each other, they have a connection between them. Its structure works in the way each story has a relation with the one before because it uses previous situations and characters, so the story makes sense and the reader understands what is happening then. The events of each part of the prologs are written in third person narrative and take place outside the presence of Adam, the main character and active voice of the books.

This relation between them, makes the plot a little bit complicated for the readers, however, the existent connection helps the reader to understand how each story complements the other, so as to create an exceptional content and causes the reader to get attached to each character and their story, even if he/she reads about any of them in one story of another. The continuity of the story, in spite of the division in three different ones, makes it an excellent fiction book series.

The first part of the novel was brought to the big screen respecting the development of the characters in the novel and altering some significant elements of the story but keeping the several races of this magic world, like vampires, magicians, enchantresses, shapeshifters, werewolves, incubus witches between others. Also, there is the second part of this movie based on the second and third book of Lukyanenko’s saga.

The story was originally written in Russian and, during the translation process, it is understandable to think some elements related to the story, the language, and the culture might be altered, changed and lose its sense, but it does not happen in this case. The story is wonderful in both languages and many critics state the reader is going to enjoy every part of this marvelous story, from Night Watch to The Last Watch. It is also said that this work brings to memory some fictional contents from Stephen King or can be compared to the television show Dr. Who; if we have knowledge about these two icons from the science fiction and horror stories, we might have an idea of what we are going to find while reading this book series. It is, indeed, an honor to be compared with the work of the master of horror or with such a long and popular science fiction series as the time traveler many-faced doctor.

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