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Nightingale Square Books In Order

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Publication Order of Nightingale Square Books

Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poppy's Recipe for Life (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Garden (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer Fair (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Heidi Swain is an accomplished English author.

Heidi has had a passion when it comes to writing ever since she was young. She ended up attending college and graduating with a degree in literature. She had a brief newspaper career and got married, having two children with her spouse. After some time, she finally got her courage up enough to take a creative writing class and really go after the literary ambitions she had.

She loves Galaxy bars as well as vintage paraphernalia and the occasional bottle of fizz. Heidi is now busy writing contemporary fiction and likes coming up with a whole range of female characters that are rightfully feisty. You can find her working at the keyboard whether it’s the night or the day at all hours. She even will write long hand while in her car on her lunch break.

Heidi resides in south Norfolk in the United Kingdom with her family and her cat named Storm. She also has her own personal blog where readers can find out more about her. She likes everything that has to do with writing and reading. She also loves to garden, to cook, to visit the countryside, and is interested in all things that are pagan.

Heidi’s favorite movies include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Pirates, Room with a View, Hope Floats, Out of Africa, Love Actually, Four Weddings, You’ve Got Mail, and The Man Who Invented Christmas. For music, she likes a range of artists, from Queen to Prince, Mumford and Sons, George Michael, The Oh Hellos, Fleetwood Mac, Years and Years, and Ateez. Her favorite books include A Room with a View, books by the author Trisha Ashley, Miss Read, A Christmas Carol, The Darling Buds of May, and Wind in the Willows.

Heidi Swain is the creator and the author of the Nightingale Sqaure series of fictional novels. The series first got started in 2018 with the release of the debut book in the series, Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square. The second book was released in 2019 and is titled Poppy’s Recipe for Life. The third book to come out was released in 2020 and is titled The Winter Garden. The fourth book in the series is titled The Summer Fair.

Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square is the first book in the Nightingale Square series by Heidi Swain. If you’re looking for something new and light to read, check out this summery tale from a best-selling author that you’ll be sure to enjoy. Fans of Cathy Bramley, Milly Johnson, and Carole Matthews will love this book!

Main character Kate is not having it. She’s on the run, trying to avoid her husband. They’re almost divorced, but not quite, and apparently he is quite keen to get her back. But Kate is not willing to go along and give the relationship another try just because he wants it. That’s not happening.

Now she has found the ideal place to hide away for some time. It’s a small cottage located on Nightingale Square in Norwich. It’s a long way away from the life that she used to live in London, but that’s kind of the point. She also likes getting to know all of the people that live here and has already gotten pulled into a new relationship. Lisa is her new neighbor and friend. She may be a little bossy, but she’s friendly.

But in the course of just a few days, Kate gets the job of trying to campaign to get the council to transform the green into a garden for the community. Elsewhere, the town’s residents are thrown for a loop when they find out that the Victorian mansion that is on the square’s other side has been purchased by developers.

It may appear that all hope is lost. But will a handsome stranger coming into the mix change things? Will Kate like it here or find that she would rather be anywhere other than Nightingale Square? Read this book to find out!

Poppy’s Recipe for Life is the second book in the Nightingale Square series by Heidi Swain. If you loved the first book, be sure to check out the second one too and see what you think.

When it comes to life things for Poppy have not always been straight forward, but it may appear that things are finally going her way and her dreams are at last within her reach. Could it all work out for her or could things take a turn for the worse? There’s never any real way to tell, so the best bet you have is to jump in headfirst and hope that it all works out while doing your best to make sure that it does.

Poppy is changing things up by moving somewhere new. She is relocating to live in a cottage in the picturesque Nightingale Square. Even better, her new home is very closely located to the local community garden. So she’ll be able to look into more her passion for making her own preserves and her tasty do it yourself pickles.

While Poppy does not always have the closest relationship with her family, she at least has the benefit of having friends. Being surrounded by friends that really love her helps to keep her going when she doesn’t feel her best. She also takes a positive look at things. For example, her new neighbor Jacob. He may be a little grumpy but she is convinced that once she gets to know him she’s going to find out there’s more to him that the cold exterior shows.

However, you can’t always predict just what is going to happen next. When Poppy finds out that her younger brother has shown up in town unexpectedly, she worries about what to do with the troubled youth. Sure, she loves him, but she’s just starting a life here. She may find that her newly discovered happiness is threatened.

Plus, the garden team is working together so that they can hopefully win the title of community space of the year. Poppy is going to have to figure out where her priorities are and what she puts her energy into and chooses to fight for. Can she handle it? Read this book to find out!

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