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The “Nightlord” series is a set of novels by humor and comedy, fantasy, and science fiction novelist Garon Whited. The author was born either in 1969 or 1970 but since his birth certificate is conspicuously unavailable no one really knows. After living with his parents all across the Southern US, he decided to make a home in a small town in Texarkana. As a teenager, he went to Texas A&M, the University of Fayetteville and Texarkana College. In school, he was a student of a range of subjects from psychology, physics, philosophy, mathematics, religion, robotics and of course girls. He would be an excellent student in all his subjects except for one and he remains single to this day. Since he published “Sunset,” the debut novel of the “Nightlord” series, he became a full time author. When he is not writing his novels, he can be found playing “Dungeons and Dragons” which he has been doing ever since he was in the 5th grade. Whited is also a huge fan of running games, and reading fantasy and science fiction. He loves to read the works of authors such as EE Doc Smith, David Drake, Spider Robinson, Robert Heinlein, Steven Brust, Ray Bradbury, Roger Zelazny, Ray Bradbury, and Isaac Asimov. He also has a soft spot for “The Lord of the Rings” which he got as a child.

Apart from the “Nightlord” series of novels, Garon Whited has also written several free standing novels and novellas that have gone on to become just as successful. He started writing short stories as a kindergarten student as he was never a child that loved playing outside or cared for adventures. While he is now an adult, he still does not have a sense of adventure and prefers to experience it in his head. He got into storytelling given his predilection for fantasy which made his made up friends in the fiction world look very real. While these were imaginary characters, they would not shut up in his head and he finally knew that he had to find a way to make them talk or else get medication. It would take him about half a dozen years to finish writing his first work that he published in 2006.

The lead of the “Nightlord” series is Eric, an untenured physics and computer science professor. He suddenly finds himself turned into a vampire against his will and soon learns about wizards and then gets seduced by a fire goddess priestess. He staggers into kingship as he was the best nice guy the locals can find to rule the. Given his compassion, he is loved by the kids and loves them too. But given his paranormal nature, cats always avoid him though he is sometimes capricious. He is also a go-getter and never believes that he cannot do something. Even Though he is an easy going character, he can be unpleasant when someone hurts his horse or a child. He always tries to be ethical but has almost no sense of moral obligation since he is not perfect. Despite everything he has been known to be a kind, generous, and compassionate man that gives without expecting anything in return.

“Sunset” the first novel of the “Nightlord” series introduces Eric who has just been turned into a vampire against his will. He had never believed in vampires before then until he met a beautiful woman and on waking up the following day he bit his tongue with his fangs. But he still has to make a living and works a day job as he learns about how to live as a dead man. The most important rule is that predatory instincts and bloodthirsty urges are very strong. The only good thing is that he will be taught everything including the magic to help him survive by the beautiful Sasha. But soon enough he learns that the least of his problems is being a vampire. When Sasha is murdered Eric finds himself in a very strange world as he goes on a quest to avenge her. In the strange new world he is made into a Nightlord and working with Bronze his magical steed he battles a dragon. But everything gets interesting when he finally meets with the head of the Church of Light Tobias. It is not long before he is in the fight of his life as he tries to ensure a terrible darkness does not take over.

“Shadows” is the second novel of the “Nightlord” series opens to Eric still trying to adapt to life as a king. His life is made even more difficult given that he is allergic to sunrise and sunset. He is also dealing with demonic adversaries, random assassins, a fire goddess mother in law, and a basement full of insecurities. Thrown into the mix is a priestess/princess, several princesses squabbling like children, a bunch of psychotic magicians and a city filled with wizards. This is enough to cause anyone with a weaker disposition to give up but Eric has the supernatural to assist him. His paranormal horse understands and likes him even though he has his weaknesses and he also has a smart mouthed sword that does whatever he tells it to do. It is an epic tale with tales of wonder and wit, new enemies, Nightlords, kids and old friends.

“Orb” the third novel of the “Nightlord” series by Garon Whited is a novel set nearly a decade after the events of the second work. Eric had finally managed to get rid of the demon king who is now out of the orb. But the damage he caused in that decade in power was great. Since things are so bad, Eric leaves Earth and goes to an Earth-like planet taking with him Bronze his magical horse. He taps into his knowledge and powers to establish himself and his friend in the new world. Given that their new home is infested with alien races of mages and vampires, Eric and his friends are forced to leave to restrategize back home. The story slips between a high magic sorcery and a high tech alternate reality with magical living mountains and self-driving cars.

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