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Publication Order of Nightmare Academy Books

Monster Hunters/Nightmare Academy (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monster Madness/Monster Revenge (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Monster War (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Nightmare Academy series is a well known book series of fantasy, adventure, young adult, and children’s fiction novels. This series is penned by a renowned American novelist named Dean Lorey. The series is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2007 and 2009. The books in this series deal with the monsters that frequent haunt people in their nightmares. Author Lorey has set the stories of all the books on Earth and in a fictional outer world called Netherworld. The evil entities from this wicked world keep plotting to destroy Earth. The Netherworld sends Netherstalkers that invade the dreams of children during their sleepovers and try to eat them, thus causing the depletion of the human population as well as the Earth’s destruction. However, the evil elements are opposed in their attempts by the series chief character named Charlie Benjamin. He forms a team of soldiers to fight against the evil forces and provides them training in his self-created academy called the Nightmare Academy. The individuals receiving training in this academy are given the titles of Banishers and Nethermancers. They learn to fight and destroy the entities trying to attack Earth and destroy its human beings. Charlie builds the academy from a ship’s wreckage and he chooses its location to be the branches of the most incredible tree-fort of the world. In addition to teaching additional skills to people at the academy, Charlie Benjamin also trains them with different ways of using their unique & special gifts while fighting against the monsters. Author Lorey started writing this series in 2006 and was able to publish its first book in the next year. He concluded the series in 2009 with the release of its third book, Monster War. All the 3 books have fared quite well in all the places of their publishing. They have managed to reach out to a vast number of audience in places far and wide. Numerous readers have appreciated the efforts of author Lorey in coming up with such interesting stories. They praised the plots and the characters, and also gave positive reviews of all the three novels. The books continued to sell many copies after a few years of their first release.

Author Dean Lorey is a reputed author of young adult, children’s fiction, and fantasy novels. He has worked on a wide range of projects in his writing career, including several popular movies and TV shows. The famous shows and films that author Lorey has written for include Animal Crackers, Major Payne, The Crazy Ones, iZombie, Arrested Development, Powerless, My Wife & Kids, Those Who Can’t, etc. The Nightmare Academy is the only novel series that has written in his literary career and is very famous for doing so. Author Lorey was born on November 17, 1967, in Conyers, Georgia, United States. He spent most of his earlier years growing up in his hometown. Later, he stepped out and joined the film school of the New York University. During his time at the university, Dean Lorey was involved in writing copies of book covers for several publishing houses like Bantam and Simon & Schuster. He also got the opportunity to write commercials for Nickelodeon and MTV. In the year 1990, author Lorey shifted to California. There, he spent a long time writing the script for a movie. This script was later adapted into the 1993 movie called My Boyfriend’s Back. In order to complete the script, author Lorey had to collaborate with a couple of other writers named Sean S Cunningham and Adam Marcus. During their time together, Lorey became good friends with Adam and Sean. Some time later, Sean offered Lorey the opportunity to work on the screenplay of Jason Go to Hell : The Final Friday, and requested him to complete it for him. Lorey not only completed the screenplay, but also played a cameo role in the movie. From then on, he continued to work towards writing screenplays for films. Lorey was also keeping his focus on producing and direction for television on the sides. As of today, author Lorey is happily married and stays with his lovely wife, Elizabeth Lorey, in Calabasas, California. He is blessed with two sons named Alex and Chris. Immediately after his first book came out, the Universal Productions purchased its movie rights. Bob Ducsay and Stephen Sommers have already been selected by the producers and the movie is expected to get its shooting started very soon.

The debut book of the Nightmare Academy series written by author Dean Lorey is entitled ‘Nightmare Academy: Charlie’s Monsters’. It was released in the year 2007 by the Harper Collins publishing. The primary characters of this book are shown as Charlie Benjamin, Violet Sweet, and Theodore Dagget. In addition to these characters, the other important characters include Rexford Henderson, Brooke Brighton, Pinch, Tabitha Greenstreet, and The Headmaster. The plot revolves around the attempts of Charlie Benjamin and his buddies to repel the powerful Netherworld creatures called the Named. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Charlie possesses a unique ability of portaling monsters from other worlds during his dreams. His parents think that he might get bullied because of his rare condition, so they decide to give hi home schooling. Because of this, Charlie is not able to make any friends. His ability to bring Nether creatures in his room during the naptimes continues as he grows. On one occasion, a Silvertongue is brought by Charlie that tries to kill him. But, before he could do so, Charlie Benjamin wakes up. Then, he is contacted by Tabitha, Pinch, and Rex, who tell him about his rare ability, and also asks for his help in sending the Silvertongue back to its place of origin.

The next exciting book of this series is entitled ‘Monster Madness’. It was also published by the HarperCollins in 2008. The main plot of this book deals with the monster-hunters’ final chance of stopping a large scale monster war. The central characters are once again depicted to be Violet Sweet, Theodore Dagget, and Charlie Benjamin. This particular book’s story takes place in San Diego and Bermuda. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the Earth falls under attack by the mega monsters called Named. The monsters of this group are fighting among themselves and are heading towards Earth. Charlie and others fear that the war of the monsters could cause a great destruction on Earth. So, they start looking for help to stop the war. They come to know that a mysterious entity called Guardian can prove to be of great help in their mission. But, the problem is that the Guadian’s days are about to get over, and in order to save him from dying Charlie must undertake a journey to the center of the Hydra cave by traveling through the dangerous graveyards of the Bermuda Triangle and the monster-filled & treacherous Zoo in San Diego, and bring the required herb. If Charlie succeeds in doing so, it would become very easy for his team to stop the deadly monster war.

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