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Nightshade Forensic Files Books In Order

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Publication Order of NightShade Forensic Files Books

Author A. J. Scudiere writes the “Nightshade Forensic Files” series of paranormal mystery novels. The series began publication in the year 2014, when “Under Dark Skies” was released.

The series stars Eleri Eames and Donovan. The pair work on strange cases as part of the FBI division NightShade, a group of unusually talented agents. Eleri was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has a mystic for a grandma.

“Under Dark Skies” is the first novel in the “Nightshade Forensic Files” series and was released in the year 2014. In NightShade nothing is like it appears.

Eleri Eames never thought she would ever be allowed to work for the FBI again, so the special FBI branch NightShade appears to be an amazing chance. Too quickly, her new opportunity begins disturb her.

The FBI offers Donovan a chance to leave his medical examiner job and try something new, he takes a chance on this NightShade division. Somehow, he has to try to escape from all his shadows. Can he really trust Eleri with the truth?

Eleri and Donovan, who get thrown together for their first case, have to deal with one charismatic cult leader and all of his true-believers. The cult is all mixed up with many decade-old abduction cases and a prominent FBI agent’s missing daughter. While Donovan and Eleri dig deeper, they learn that NightShade’s mysteries are no coincidence. Their secrets are either going to save them, or destroy them.

Fans of the novel found this one had a ton of action, some fantastic characters, and a plot that you eagerly devour. Donovan and Eleri are likable characters, and are a great match to be partners, as they do need each other. The plot has some twists, turns, and secrets, and this story is written quite well.

“Fracture Five” is the second novel in the “Nightshade Forensic Files” series and was released in the year 2016. NightShade’s newest agents are in the city of LA in order to take down a terrorist cell. Making things worse, it isn’t just one terrorist cell, it’s two. Or is it three?

There isn’t much to go on, just links between a veteran named Cooper Rollins and some missing Army munitions. With Cooper’s special ops training and severe PTSD, it is impossible to really tell just what type of game Rollins playing.

Donovan and Eleri are going to have to use their unique abilities to stop the attack before it happens. In the crowded city, there are way too many people that might reveal what Donovan is if he dares make the change. Eleri is beginning to show signs of powers she was unaware of having and is unable to control.

On the surface the cells appear to be unrelated, all with different motives and separate perpetrators. They are all linked to each other by Rollins and a very disturbing password: “Fracture Five”.

The character development is outstanding, and the plot is stellar with some believable twists and just the right amount of tension. There is a respectful and excellent explanation of PTSD in the novel as well.

“The Atlas Defect” is the third novel in the “Nightshade Forensic Files” series and was released in the year 2017. Eleri wanted a different sort of case. She really should have been careful what she wished for.

An odd human skeleton in Michigan’s Manistee-Huron National Forest triggers a NightShade investigation, Donovan and Eleri show up and find it missing. Two other skeletons are just a bit too easily found. Both of which display different anomalies that raise some alarming questions.

The bones are not from the area or even the continent most likely. One decades-old abandoned building does not register on satellite imagery. Files detailing genetic experiments on kids are even more frightening, and the majority of the kids are unaccounted for.

Who were these test subjects and where are their bodies? Donovan and Eleri believe that there are others out there that haven’t died yet. They will if something is not done. And quickly. If the case on its own wasn’t a problem, there is somebody watching them. Somebody with a special interest in Donovan’s own skeletal anomalies.

Fans found the pacing to be rapid, and right from the start, they were hooked on it. AJ’s style of writing helps move the story along nicely and allows the reader to immerse themselves totally in the story. She does a masterful job of weaving together fanciful fringe science with some complex forensic science together.

“Echo and Ember” is the fourth novel in the “Nightshade Forensic Files” series and was released in the year 2017. Agents Eleri and Donovan left their previous case with a sense of unease.

Unable to close that investigation, they have been tossed right into their next assignment way too quickly. A string of odd arson-based murders are only a slice of the trouble. Not only is Wade de Gottardi, a former agent, on their team for this, so are Dana Brantley and Christina Pines, two other NightShade agents. The trouble is, Eleri is not the senior agent this time. Dana is.

Maybe their boss doesn’t trust them anymore, or maybe it is just due to four people having already died. Either way, Eleri and Donovan are not in control anymore while they hunt a serial murderer that is getting bolder with each success.

As Donovan and Eleri are starting to get their special skills in hand, Christina and Dana are much more at ease with theirs. Dana’s talents prove useful, but Christina’s are more frightening. And suspicious.

While some old cases rear their ugly heads, Donovan and Eleri get pulled into the mysteries of their fellow agents. Is their new team going to implode from all the distrust before they can crack the case? Their special talents might not be enough to save them from one apparently unstoppable killer.

This one is action packed, fast paced, and filled with plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through. Readers liked learning more about Eleri’s past and her gifts as they liked getting to know her better.

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