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Publication Order of Nightwalker Books

By: Craig Martelle, Frank Roderus

Nightwalker series by Frank Roderus and Craig Martelle
Authors Frank Roderus and Craig Martelle write the “Nightwalker” series of science fiction novels. The series began publication in the year 2015.

The series is set in a world that is now ravaged by the nuclear war. Jim Wolfe went into hiding, and now that he has emerged, is now the Nighwalker having been handicapped by daylight. Once upon a time, he was a truck driver traveling on some isolated State Highway in the Northwest when he saw the mushroom clouds out in the distance.

As a result, he hid out in a nearby mine. His hair has turned snow white, and is barely thirty years old. He can now detect avoid metal that emits radiation, and some incredible strength. Jim’s goal is to make it back home, and see if anyone else has survived this holocaust. He finds that he is unable to ignore the plight of those that are victimized by the “Wilders”, the new breed of outlaws. He calls on these newfound abilities to help those in need. Jim has nothing more than a hunting knife and a compound bow to fight off those who look to capture him “dead or alive”.

“Nightwalker” is the first novel in the “Nightwalker” series and was released in the year 2015. Darkness is his friend.

A world that has been destroyed by nuclear war. “Civilization” that was rebuilt using iron fists. Jim Wolfe emerges out of his hiding place some years later, able to see in the dark, stronger, and hampered by the daylight. He is now the Nightwalker. Embracing honor in a world without any, just one man alone.

He just wants to get back home. Did his little boy and wife manage to survive? He must find his way, walking through the dens of despair and villainy, through the criminal and corrupt. With enemies of peace that close in on all sides, how far will Wolfe be able to make it?

“Nightwalker 2” was released in the year 2019. The Alstons have got a beef with Jim Wolfe and want to settle up the only way that they know how to. The Nightwalker just wants to return home. He is all alone and running for his very life. He attempts avoiding humanity, however strangers stand out in this paranoid world.

In the Red Zone, nobody is safe from the wilders. Out in the Clear Area, one corrupt Federal Command makes it that much more dangerous. Wolfe runs until he cannot run any longer. Join the Nightwalker while he continues his journey back home.

“Nightwalker 3” was released in the year 2019. Paradise, something that everybody has a different definition for. Jim Wolfe stumbles upon a town with that name. They have music, electricity, hot running water, and all of the comforts of a home from the before times. He feels that something is off despite that warm welcome they give to him.

Skeptical as always, this town is not quite what Wolfe would define as Paradise. His JoJo and his Lurleen are not there. He digs into some of the dark shadows where only he is able to see the full truth.

“Nightwalker 4” was released in the year 2019. Wolfe’s trials begin getting harder. A heavy snowfall, a broken leg, all alone in the mountains.

The Nightwalker keeps his focus and perspective. His family waits for him. At least the answer about whether they are dead or alive is out there. Just a long ways away from them.

Wolfe is always going to have his willingness and his honor to help. And this is how he wound up with the dog, and how he winds up with a young girl, as well. Together they continue on his journey. Just as long as it will take, continuing to put a foot in front of the other. Through the Red Zone which is no longer nearly as toxic anymore on to the Clear Area, which is, yet in a different way.

“Nightwalker 5” was released in the year 2019. Wolfe can’t abide the Federal Command any longer.

With a change of attitude and a reliance upon his strengths, he starts to take the fight right to them. He owns the night, after all. He is faster and stronger than any of the soldiers. He has got a sense of honor, the likes of which they will never know.

He wants to continue on home so that he can find out once and for all about JoJo and Lurleen’s fates. When he meets to good folks in Ashland, he realizes that he must help them out. There will be a delay, however it is something that he has to do. The Nightwalker finally takes the fight to FedCom just to find that his enemies are there and they are waiting.

Join the Nightwalker while he tries to wrench control back from the hands of the government and deliver it back to the citizens of this great nation.

“Nightwalker 6” was released in the year 2019. The gathering of souls, the Sacred Survivors.

Little Rock, Arkansas is home to those that were able to make it through. They are led by a guru, a mystic, a charismatic soul. Jim Wolfe just wants to pass on through, but the Survivors are looking for more than he is willing to give.

This sets up the showdown between the followers of the one and the Nightwalker.

“Nightwalker 7” was released in the year 2019. So close. Did his family manage to survive or not? Just five hundred miles across the Gulf and he would get his answer. Mobile is thriving, however is it right or yet another cult? Jim and Jennifer must decide to settle in so they can recover or continue on. The choice is made tougher when life hands them some lemonade.

The Gulf of Mexico is calling, and Jim must listen. He finds a fishing boat that requires a hand. It is time for him to learn a whole new skill, however when Jim chooses to do something, he gives it one hundred percent. However, the Gulf is an angry mistress. Will a hundred percent be enough this time?

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