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Publication Order of Nightwalkers Books

Publication Order of The World of Nightwalkers Books

Jacquelyn Frank comes out in this series as an amazing writer, and you have to give it to her for being a compelling one at that. This series has been adored by many, and she outdid herself with this work because it is just on a level of its own. The romance genre is what she is best at, and that is precisely what this series is about and it brings out a whole new meaning to the word, romance because of all the juice that is associated with this series. Nightwalkers is the title of this series, and the first book in this series is called Jacob. The first book of this series was published on December 1st, 2006 and since then, this writer has churned out book after book in this series that are just amazing and each time one comes out, no one is ever disappointed at all. These books in this series are just incredible and how Jacquelyn manages to keep the characters afloat and at the same time make the storyline relevant as well as great is why she is one of the best.In this first book of this series by the name of Jacob, we find a race of people that is known as the Nightwalkers who only come out in the moonlight. They have been forbidden ever to fall in love with humans. Jacob, the Enforcer as he is so popularly known, makes sure that this law is upheld and for 700 years he has abided by it. But all that is about to change in just one night.

He has always brought to justice whoever failed to abide by these laws that were set up years ago. He always hears their justification of why they did fall victim to the lust of a human and he has always seen himself as totally in control of his body so that he can never fall victim to this, but that is until he meets Isabella on a night in a New York City street. He had not planned on saving her life, but neither were the feelings that she aroused in him. When he holds her in his arms and feels her body against his, he knows that he is doomed, everything that he has always stood for is quickly going to ruins because of this moment but he can’t control it.With 376 pages of this book to read, you can be rest assured that every page that you open will be worth your time.

It is an interesting book and so is the rest of the books in this series, and you will love every book in it. You will have to get the book to find out what happens next or what transpires when this happens. It is an incredible book that a good romance novel reader will know about, and that is what reading is all about. The second book in this Nightwalker series is titled Gideon and it lives up to the expectations of where the first novel left off. This second book in this series is just great because it incorporates an of strong and persuasive as well as imagination skills to make sure that you do get to read a book that is on a scale of its own. You will be amazed at what this writer did, and that is why this series is among the top sellers on the market.In this second book, we come across Gideon, who is a Demon, and the battle against some evil forces inside of him just rages on. He has always been respected and for 1000 years, he has healed his people with no compromise or prejudice. There are humans known as necromancers who are hunting nightwalkers, and Gideon knows that the sister to some Demon King, who he had fallen in love with some time back might fall victim to this. He doesn’t want to lose her, but he knows the consequences of whatever action he might take. He had exiled himself for ten years so that he could get over her, but that never seemed to work at all.

Gideon has to gain her trust then he has to save her life and because of this, he is in a predicament that not even he had fathomed though they are destined to be together for eternity. This lust for her came nine years ago during the hallowed moon when he held her in his arms wildly, and when he realized what had happened, he left her right there, furious and that is what led to his self-exile. Every night in the Nightwalkers lives another secret, and this is what makes Jacquelyn a force to be reckoned with in this scene.If you want to know more about what happens to Gideon and Magdalena, then you have to get this book and read more about it. It is a truly incredible book that does not fall short of your expectations, and that is precisely what a book should entail. This series has been widely accepted by many, and that is what Jacquelyn is about, she writes some of the best books that you will ever come across in a bookstore. She is amazing and each time a new book in this series comes out, a lot of people are so eagerly anticipating its release.

Though no shows on TV have been made about this book, we hope that shortly, someone will notice the talent that is in her and make these books into TV or blockbuster films. It is a series that is just timeless as the characters themselves, and this is also what makes this series a good one because the imagination just stretches just beyond the norm and captures more. Jacquelyn Frank is a writer that is in a league of her own as far as romance novels are concerned and am sure that with this Nightwalkers series, she is bound to reach heights that she has never seen before because it is just an awesome read.

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