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Pride and Protest (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sex, Lies and Sensibility (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Netherfield Must Go (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Merry Bay- Engine Failure (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nikki Payne is a romance fiction novelist who is best known for her bestselling debut novel “Pride and Protest.” Even though she has now become very popular as an author, she still works a day job in Big Tech as an anthropologist.
Though she spends her days in a Big Tech office in the city, by night she can be found dreaming of ways to subvert canon literature. Payne has found much of her inspiration from the classics, as she turns expectations on their head to wow hopeless romantics with well-delivered social commentary.

In addition to her debut her second work “Sex, Lies and Sensibility” which she published in 2024 is also very popular, as it is equal parts heartwarming and hot. Nikki Payne is very active in the writing community and is a member of the premium feminist writing collective “Smut U.”

As for her earlier beginning, Nikki Payne has always been a massive reader. From a very young age, and when he was just 10 and 11 years old, he was already reading the likes of Stephen King and Johanna Lindsey.

Payne never had that first magical moment when she discovered her love for storytelling and writing. It was more about the little moments growing up such as feeling that the shows on TV were speaking to her.

There were many times when she used to zone out and come up with all manner of worlds which she also used to combine with intense Barbie play sessions.

The first book she remembers reading was Jon Stone’s “The Monster at the End of the This Book.” But the one work that she just could not forget was Alice Stephens’s “Famous Adopted People,” which was a poignant, dark, absurd, and funny work.

As she grew older, she began reading classic inspired works of fiction from authors such as Beth Massey and Abigail Reynolds. It was not long before she became a member of a Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF) community, where she fell in love with the women who were so open and welcoming.

As a cultural anthropologist, she studied power and aesthetics and used to teach a University of Pennsylvania course entitled “Politics of Ugly.” As such, it was not surprising that she would decide to become an author of Jane Austen-inspired fiction.

At some point, she began thinking of a story in which the characters are gendered and raced purposefully. She would make her male lead a hot Asian male savior and the female lead a vulnerable but hot, black, and delicate woman who is in dire need of reclamation and care.
She had an accelerated path toward publishing since she joined PitchWars. Working with PitchWars, she found people who helped her to accelerate and revise her draft to ensure it was almost perfect before she started submitting to agents.

Several elements of her story changed during the revision process, even though much of the fundamentals remained the same. From the time she submitted her manuscript to PitchWars to getting an agent took about six months.

Nonetheless, there were all manner of learning moments and surprises at every single step of the publishing process. From forming a relationship with her editor and agent to selling her first novel, it was a huge learning moment.

Nikki Payne’s novel “Pride and Protest” is a fascinating work of fiction about a woman who goes toe to toe with a powerful CEO. The man has been threatening to destroy the neighborhood in this modern and fresh retelling of “Pride and Prejudice.”

At the opening of the story, Liza B. is a woman who works as a DJ and seems to be the only person who will fight back against a ruthless developer. The man has developed a reputation for building unaffordable condominiums on just about every estate in Washington DC.
However, Liza’s planned protest at a corporate event goes wrong when she mistakes the gorgeous hot CEO for one of the waiters. Going toe to toe with the smoldering hot man, the sparks are soon flying, but in her way stands her impossible-to-ignore family.

She had always wanted to see him get out of her neighborhood but he is now living rent-free in her head.
At first, Dorsey has written off Liza Bennett as more interested in outrage. He is the heir to a very wealthy white family even though he is Filipino and always felt out of place. But when her protest results in a viral meme, everything changes and Dorsey realizes that Liza is the realest woman he ever met.

He once hated her guts but now she is the only thing he can think about all day.

Sex, Lies, and Sensibility by Nikki Payne is a work that tells of two sisters.

They had gone back to their hometown where they intended to operate a rundown beach town inn and needed to work with the locals in what is a spicy and delicious romance inspired by Sense and Sensibility. Nora Dash was shocked to learn that she is her father’s secret second family and this only came out at the reading of his will.

To make things worse, her racy videos just leaked and now she has no father and no reputation but only a forgotten beach house in rural America as her only possession. In rural Maine, she lives in an abandoned house with no other Black people for miles around and she is glad that no one can recognize her this deep in the country.

The good thing is that she has Yanne her free-spirited sister with her. But they soon encounter a problem as some self-proclaimed park ranger who is very hot has been giving tours of their property as if it were his own.

Ennis Freeman has gotten used to strangers showing up on his land unannounced. As such, when some city girl with manicured nails and everything shows up claiming to be the owner of his unofficial headquarters, he knows it will be hardly a week before they are gone.
But he is in for a shock as Nora is good for business. But he has secrets that may send the two girls packing.

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