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The Wolf and the Watchman: 1793 (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The City Between the Bridges: 1794 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Order of the Furies: 1795 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Niklas Natt och Dag is a renowned Swedish author, who is famous for writing historical fiction novels. He made his debut with the historical literary book called 1793. This book is originally written in the Swedish language and has been translated into English for the readers in the English speaking countries. Also, it has been given the English title of ‘The Wolf and the Watchman’. Niklas has also finished writing the sequel to his successful novel and has named it as 1794. This sequel is expected to be released in September 2019. Author Niklas was born on October 03, 1979, in Sweden. He is undeniably connected to Swedish history by being a member of Sweden’s oldest living noble family. It is believed that Niklas’ ancestors were responsible for murdering a rebel named Engelbrekt in the year 1436. Also, they are responsible for commanding the army in 1520’s lost battle against Danes. Niklas’ ancestors were forced to go into exile when they demanded Charles XIV’s abdication in 1810.

The English translation of Niklas’ surname Natt och Dag is Night and Day. This unusual surname has its origins in Niklas’ family crest, which was a shield divided horizontally in blue and gold. When Niklas is not reading or writing, he can be seen enjoying his music and playing various instruments like mandolin, guitar, violin, or shakuhachi – the Japanese bamboo flute. Niklas is happily married and resides in Stockholm with his loving wife and a couple of sons. During his early teens, Niklas was introduced to the work of 18th-century composer and poet named Carl Michael Bellman, who chronicled the living condition of the destitute and the poor in Stockholm during his time. His writing was often filled with humor and startling beauties that made Niklas cry. Eventually, he decided that the finest thing that a person can be is an author. Since then, he has not looked back and often keeps himself immersed in his thoughts and imagination.

The inspiration behind making his debut in the mystery genre is a 1980 book called The Name of Rose. Niklas read this Umberto Eco book as a thrilling mystery based on murders set in the medieval times and was quite inspired by it. When he read it again a few years later, Niklas was amazed to find a layer beneath the actual genre that gave him a lesson about history and the controversial influence of laughter and comedy in the Catholic church’s doctrine at that time. Niklas fell in love with that book so much that he chose to attempt a similar thing in his debut novel. As a result, his first book contains an element of detective fiction for entertaining the readers, an element of historical facts for people who enjoy them, and an element of Enlightenment thinking about the conflict between chaos and reason. It is believed that a new police chief was appointed in Stockholm in 1793, who was truly honest. His honesty led to his downfall as the administration wanted him to work for their benefit and not fight crime or make life better for Stockholm’s population. The police chief was sacked and forced into exile in the month of December 1793, which saw the coldest winter in Stockholm in a very long time. Niklas decided to use this story as the historical backdrop of his first novel.

Author Niklas is happy to know that his book has gained a lot of praise. Readers in different parts of the world have loved the story and have appreciated his efforts in writing such an original tale. Even the critics have lauded his efforts with excellent reviews and comments on various literary platforms. Such appreciation and love motivated Niklas to attempt a sequel to his first book. He has successfully completed the writing part and is about to release it soon. Niklas hopes to get the same amount of love and support for his second as he received for his debut book.

The debut book written by author Niklas Natt och Dag is entitled ‘The Wolf and the Watchman’. Originally titled 1793, it was first released in 2017 and then republished in 2019 by the Atria Books publication. The central characters mentioned in this book include Mickel Cardell, Cecil Winge, Kristofer Blix, Anna Stina, and a few others. This novel’s story revolves around a murder in Stockholm in the year 1793. Niklas has set this intricately constructed and breathtakingly bold novel in Stockholm in the 18th century. It shows a dying man trying to search for a ruthless killer among the intriguing inhabitants and the dark corners of the teeming streets of the city. Initially, it is depicted that whispered conspiracies and paranoia spread all over Stockholm 4 years after the Bastille’s storming and a year later following Sweden’s King Gustav III’s death.

As the ordinary citizen start to feel increasingly vulnerable, violence begins to take its toll on the city and powerful people start exploiting the less fortunate for personal benefits. Mickel Cardell is introduced as a crippled former soldier and ex-night watchman. He comes across a mutilated dead body floating in the malodorous lake of the city and is compelled to provide a proper burial for the unidentifiable man. Cecil Winge is seen as a brilliant lawyer and consulting detective for the Stockholm police. When he comes to know about the discovery of the dead body, he becomes intrigued to find that the man had no legs, eyes, or arms. Cecil sees the case as a perfect chance to set things straight in the dying city. Cardell and Winge join hands to establish the identity of the dead man and investigate the circumstances that led to his brutal death.

In the meantime, Kristofer Blix moves out of his village and comes to the city to try his hand at becoming a doctor. He is a farmer’s son. He writes letters frequently to his sister and describes his wild experience of living in the city. He also informs her about how he went on a treacherous path and experienced misfortunes. In another case, a young lady named Anna Stina is forcefully kept in a workhouse by the priest she upset. She plans her escape and almost succeeds in her attempt, but falls in the hands of a sadistic killer. As the series progresses further, all the characters come across each and cross paths. Various twists and turns unfold as the story comes to an end and the sadistic murderer gets caught.

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  1. Pam H.: 12 months ago

    I have just finished 1794 and absolutely loved it. I did not realize that it was a second in a trilogy. I was so disappointed that the ending was left hanging. Does this mean that your third book will resolve those things left hanging in 1794? thanks

  2. mercedes dopico vazquez: 3 years ago

    I’ve just finished reading ,1794 and 1794, I loved both of them. I would like to know if there is a third book belonging to this sequel.
    Tnanks a lot for your attention.


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