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My Mother's Shadow (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Summer of Secrets (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Orchard Girls (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Life I Stole (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nikola Scott is a published author.

Nikola was born in Germany, where she grew up. She studied German and English while at university and then moved to New York and London to work as a crime and women’s fiction editor.

According to the author herself, when she was a child she was pretty average. She says that her teachers despaired because the only thing that she understood properly and the only thing she could do was stories. She would read books and make up her own stories, talk about the characters in stories she was reading and go over their fates, getting inspiration from their heroics while cheering them on.

The sciences and numbers were never quite Nikola’s strength, she admits. She says that the only time that she understood abstract concepts was when she would use her imagination to picture what things like a cell duplicating would be like. She would get through school regardless and would spend much of her time in the library reading books.

At university, the author studied American, English and German literature. Being surrounded by others that were just like her that loves writing, reading, and talking about it constantly was a nice change. The author did end up graduating on her own, rather reluctantly. She studied abroad and even worked at a local newspaper for some time writing. Then she moved on to working in New York and in London in book publishing and discovered that she really enjoyed being an editor and working in collaboration with writers to shape their stories and forming relationships with the writers and understanding their processes while doing everything to have to do with books for a living was a great joy for the author during the decade she was in the industry in this capacity.

When the author went back to Germany to live, Nikola decided at last it was time to go into writing on a full-time basis. The leap into the field became a great journey with a huge learning curve. Nikola quickly found out that writing when you want to and at night is different than becoming a writer who is working and who gets up to write and edit and write and start all over the next day to make the story shine. While the process can be frustrating, it can also be fantastic, and Nikola has not looked back ever since becoming a full-time author.

While she started out in publishing and in editing crime fiction, Scott has climbed through the ranks to do what she truly loves, which is to create and tell stories. She has turned away from dead bodies and blood spatters and gone on to write her first novel, and then another one after that. She loves family stories and history and loves to turn dark secrets into part of her novels.

Today she is married and has two boys with her husband and lives in Frankfurt where she writes on a full-time basis. Her books have been sold all over the world and translated into many different languages.

My Mother’s Shadow is the first fictional novel from author Nikola Scott. It was first released for readers to enjoy in 2017 and was a best-seller internationally! If you love the work of authors like Santa Montefiore and Kate Morton, you’ll be sure to enjoy this debut from Scott.

The year is 1958, and the Hartland House has always had a way of keeping secrets. Liz was sent to Hartland so that she would not catch her mother’s illness and will be staying with the Shaws. The Shaw family are very wealthy and take her in easily, treating her just like one of theirs. However, the influence that they have could end up being risky.

Cut to the present day, where Addie thinks she knows her mother and everything about Elizabeth. Her mother died recently, and they had a rough relationship. But when a stranger shows up and says that they’re actually Addie’s sister, Addie doesn’t know what to think.

It’s possible that if this is true then everything that she thought that she knew about her own life was a lie. But if Addie wants to find out the truth, the easiest way would be to ask her mother, and that’s not going to happen. With Elizabeth gone, Addie must trace her steps back to the summer that Liz would never mention and what could have happened to change everything for good. Will she discover the truth or be left with more questions than answers in the end? Read this novel to find out!

Summer of Secrets is the second fictional novel to come out from Nikola Scott. Readers were first able to get their hands on this book in 2018. Check out the e-book best-selling story that Kathryn Hughes said had her ‘enthralled’!

This is the story of two women that were born decades apart that have to deal with finding out that some man in their lives may not be what he appears. Flashback to August of 1939, where the orphan Maddy has retreated from the world and all of the rumors that there will soon be a war.

When her sister Georgina comes back from a trip with her handsome friend Victor, Maddy is happy that she’s back. But she doesn’t think that Victor is what he appears to be, and has no idea that their lives have suddenly been infiltrated with danger.

Fast forward to today, where the character Chloe has recently become pregnant. It should be one of the happiest times of her life, but she’s also scared of the future. Her husband may be devoted to her, but she’s still afraid of what could happen. She goes to Summerhill by chance, but is soon drawn to what could have happened around thirty years ago.

Can Chloe get to the bottom of what the past wants her to know? Will closure finally occur on events that happened decades ago but remain unresolved? Pick up a copy of Summer of Secrets to find out!

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