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Nil is Lynne Matson’s debut novel that came out recently this year and has taken the fictional literature world by storm. The book is about a seventeen year old girl called Charlie who was walking in a Target parking lot and gets run over by a shimmering wave of air. She wakes up and finds herself naked alone and afraid on the island Nil. Nil is an off the radar island. It basically does not exist and cannot be found on any map that exists in the world as we know it. Charlie has to learn how to survive on her own by tallying up her days in order to know how long she has been on the island. While on the island, Charlie meets Thad, who has spent quite some time on the island. Thad explains to Charlie that she only has three hundred and sixty five days to find a gate on Nil… the gates are actually the shimmering waves of air that will eventually get her back home. If Charlie does not find the ‘gates’ in the specified time, she will die. The book does not clearly explain why you die and it is seen as part of the fictional effect.

The book is mainly on the main characters’ point of view (Charlie and Thad) in regards to their unique difference in personality. Thad has blonde hair and blue eyes and the story quickly turns into a love conundrum because Charlie falls in love with gorgeous Thad. Unfortunately, Thad’s time is running out and he does not have enough time on the island and this frustrates Charlie. Finding love and losing it was not in the books for her. Charlie starts to figure out ways to get out of the island to save her and her beloved from death…. Especially when they don’t know how they are going to die and why.

Many readers of this book have compared it to the series Survivor which is a reality show on network television about people on a deserted island that have to look for ways to survive for long periods of time. Some have formed alliances and fallen in love on the island (Survivor series) just as Charlie and Thad had to look for ways to survive on Nil.

Survivor meets lost. Thad is the survivor while Charlie is the lost. This story is a fascinating survivalist tale set on a bizarre island filled with beasts and no way out. Lynne brings out the basis of fictional series to life, she also clearly discerns the characters by making their genders clear by the way they talk and behave in the book… i.e. the reader is able to tell that Charlie is a girl and Thad is a boy even if the characters would not have been given titles like he, she etc. Lynne did a good job in differentiating the voices in the plot. This is very well descripted in the dull lines of the book. The book jumps back and forth on the perspective and the island is seen as a character in its self as part of the book. The island is its own perspective in regards to the characters perspective.

The hunger games series is one of the epic trilogies in relation to nil. They both offer the reader the thrill of continuous prose with a unique concept on theme. The book is light and fast paced giving the reader the zeal to read on. The hunger games series is also a book on survival turn love story just like Nil.

Other readers have also compared Nil to the book turned series, Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

Lord of the Flies is also about an island that is scared by the action of humans and a boy gets stranded on the island after a plane crash. It is also a tale of survival but the contrast of gender is not as clear as that of Nil. The books can be contrasted in regard to power struggle.

There is more power struggle in Lord of the Flies but in Nil it is more of a united front uproar for all characters to beat death. Nil is more about working towards finding a way out of the island making it a book that gives the reader suspense and the pace to read on till the end.

Nil as a series would take the movie industry by storm due to its fictional plot and theme that would leave the viewer at the edge of their seat. It is a trilogy that can adopt different setting and themes based on the writer’s imagination and literal preference. The plot can also be changed to suite the readers or viewers’ needs and still maintain the literature style of suspense and thrill.Nil is a book, hopefully come series that is connected to society in a metaphorical way. The theme of love is clearly brought out and without the spoiler alert buzzers coming off, how love may or may not come out victorious against all odds. The theme of sacrifice and fear of losing a loved one is also clearly brought out. Death is also another strong theme and the book shows how death can make people come together irrespective of difference in race, ethnicity, age etc., just to flee from it and maintain survival.

Readers have given this book a 4.5 average rate on good reads making it a New York best seller just like the Hunger Games Series which was also a best seller for quite a long time.

If you are a person of great imagination and fictional concept, Nil is a book that you will definitely enjoy reading. It brings out aspects in society that we may find hard to relate with in real life but the book clearly illustrates that once the human species is threatened, people are willing to put their differences aside and work together for survival.Nil is available in book shops now. Grab your copy and let us take our imagination to greater heights.

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