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Publication Order of Hopeless Romantics Books

On the Corner of Love and Hate (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Meet Me on Love Lane (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ingredients of You and Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
From Hope Lake, With Love (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Vineyard Valentine (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Broads Abroad Books

with Alice Clayton

Publication Order of Anthologies

Felony Ever After(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nina Bocci is an American author of young adult/chick-lit/romance novels best known for her Hopeless Romantics and Broad Abroad series. Apart from writing, Nina is a publicist, a novelist, constant apologist, eternal optimist, a hopeless romanticist, and an unabashed lip gloss enthusiast.

On the Corner of Love and Hate

For fans of Lauren Layne and Christina Lauren, here comes a sexy and delightfully sassy romance novel. It’s a story about a campaign manager working for a local Lothario to help him revamp his public image for the upcoming elections, only to find out there’s more to the man that he seems and that he is hiding something which can ruin their lives.

What could be the worst nightmare for a campaign manager? Could it be a smooth-talking charmer who has never met a scandal he never liked?

When Cooper Endicott vied for Mayor Seat, he never wanted to be involved with the drama that went with it. Now that he is rolling on the political hamster wheel, the other candidates are busy digging his past to find something that would tarnish his name and reputation. Even though he has been doing everything right, his colorful love life becomes the only sticking point for the majority of the conservative voters. He wants to emerge the winner, and he knows that to win the votes of the female population, he has to change his image. But the only problem is that he might just be falling for the woman he swore never to pursue: the Mayor’s daughter.

On the Corner of Love and Hate is the first book in Hopeless Romantics series by USA Today bestselling author Nina Bocci. It’s the perfect blend of heart and humor.

Emma Peroni is the hands-off daughter of the Hope Town Mayor. She works in the local government making sure that her town thrives. She is in the same office as Cooper, who was her childhood best friend but now enemies after he betrayed her. Cooper and Emma have a professional working relationship, and Emma can ignore him for the most part. However, Emma finds herself in a dilemma when her father requests her to be the campaign manager for Cooper as he runs for Mayoral position. To make matters even worse, Cooper’s mother is excited to see Emma work alongside her son. From the first page, it’s evident that both Emma and Cooper have feelings for each other. Their crabby banter is constant. But one thing that becomes clear during their banter sessions is that Cooper always feels guilty and defeated whenever Emma accuses him of being a playboy incapable of controlling himself around women. This makes you wonder whether Emma truly know about Cooper’s dating lifestyle or she’s just convinced that he’s a playboy to guard herself against him. As the two spend more time together during the campaign, their entire perceived notion for each other slowly fade away. One of the most critical aspects of this novel is the BFF quartet consisting of Henry, Nick, Emma, and Cooper. Henry is a listener and a self-proclaimed sex camel while Nick is the type of man with immature humor. Overall if you’re looking for a romance story that will hook you from the first page and pull at your heartstrings in one minute, you need to read On the Corner of Love and Hate.

Roman Crazy

Roman Crazy is the first book in Broads’s abroad series by Nina Bocci in collaboration with Alice Clayton.

How many of us wish had experiences or relationships we could go back in time delete or try again? Ninna Bocci and Alice Clayton tackle this idea and more ideas in the first book in Broad’s Abroad series. We have sassy humor, creativity, sensuality, and everything Clayton and Bocci are known for. Their collaboration has yielded a hybrid of Women Fiction and Romance and great storytelling. We learn from the blurb how Avery is hell bend in getting a divorce she thought she would never have. She was one of those wives who had obligations, responsibilities, and obligations as her daily goals. She thought she was in love with her husband and given up on her career and dreams to make sure his were fulfilled. But until she was struck by a vision of her husband performing with another did she snap out of her foggy life and discover that her life was all a lie.

Luckily for Avery, she had her best friend to steer her in the right direction in Rome. Daisy had live in Rome for some years and was a part of an architectural team that restored ancient structures. The two were very close friends, and Avery agreed to take Daisy up on her offer. When Avery makes it to Rome to Daisy’s place, all she wants is to crawl to bed. But Daisy has other ideas and knows how to get rid of the jet lag. As she digs deeper to discover what Avery has been up to, she pushes her to answer the very same questions Avery has been avoiding over the years, and she realizes that Avery hasn’t done any art for years. It’s revealed that Avery is a talented artist, the kind that any artist would dream of being. But things never worked out how she had planned.

Roman Crazy takes us on different journeys while at the same time remaining focused on the renewing relationship of Marcello and Avery. However, we follow Avery on every single step she makes, cheering her as she rediscovers herself and finds a purpose in life. The discovery of her purpose in life is what makes her happy and how important her happiness is something we can all relate to. Generations of women have given up themselves all for the sake of their husband’s career. Taking charge of your life after letting others lead is freeing and at the same time scary. This is what characterizes Avery and watching her blossom is fun and brilliantly done.

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    Bought Meet Me On Love Lane from book outlet but cannot find anymore there or our library. Could you advise me where to buy or order? I am am old lady?(88) but still enjoy happy endings, read mostly mystery but endings not always happy! The other problem I live in Canada and know I would have exchange unless they are sold here. Thanks for any information available.

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      Amazon, Chapters, ebay are options. Can choose the “used” option on Amazon get them cheaper.


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