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In the Moors (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Unraveled Visions (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beneath the Tor (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Nina Milton is one of the noteworthy authors of The United Kingdom, who has written a few successful standalone novels and a novel series in her writing career. She was born and brought up in the watery city in Bristol. Nina even completed her education from the same city and also raised her first two children over there. But now, she lives in Wales and keeps herself busy with growing vegetables on her farm along with her husband named James. She likes it as a hobby besides her writing career. In her writing career till now, Nina has written several short stories and novels, which have been successful enough to help her win a few awards and prizes. Apart from that, she has also written a few children’s books in her writing career. Before becoming an author, Nina completed her Master’s degree in the subject of creative writing. After that, she got involved with the Open College of Arts as a tutor as well as writer. Nina still continues to work as a tutor for the college and helps the aspiring writers to improve their writing and story building skills. Author Nina says that she very fond of writing crime fiction novels. Currently, she is working on one of the crime fiction series and is about to publish a few more novels in the series, as its first couple of novels have already been published. This series novels are based on fast paced thrillers and containing a mixture of crime fiction and earth magic.

Author Nina says that apart from writing her interesting crime fiction novels, she likes to encourage her students to do some experiments with their personal voices so that they can develop unique stories. At the same time, she offers them strong technical advices that supports them in the development of their plots and characters. Nina says that her habit of writing fiction stories was developed by her reception teacher named Mrs. Marden. She also gives the credit of her successful books to the real life people whom she penned down in her stories. Author Nina says that she started her writing career by getting published in the magazines, just like a number of other writers. But, she has continued to write the short stories, which went on to feature in the British anthologies and have also won several awards in The Crossroad Competition. She has been writing and publishing books for children since the year 1995, especially for the 6+ and the 9+ readers and for the educational market. Nina went on to obtain her MA from the Bath Spa University in the year 2004. Nina has also tutored some upcoming authors and organized workshops on creative writing. While working for the OCA, Nina has written the course materials based on Writing Skills and Life Writing. She has also collaborated on writing the contents of ‘Writing Short Fiction’. After being born in Bristol, she now likes to live in a different environment in west Wales. There, she likes to get indulged in raising chickens and growing vegetables, apart from working on the plots of her latest novels.

The Shaman Mystery series written by author Nina Milton consists of 2 novels published between the years 2013 and 2014. The third novel of the series is also completed and ready to be published at the end of the year 2015. Author Nina is now working on the 4th novel of the series. The first novel of the Shaman Mystery series was published under the title ‘In the Moors’. It was published by the Midnight Ink publishing house in the year 2013. The plot of this novel deals with the description of a murder scene in the English countryside and features the main character in the form Sabbie Dare. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Sabbie Dare is introduced as a Shamanistic counselor who lives in a rain drenched home. It seems that the moors near her house have become the crime scene of a brutal murder. When Detective Sergeant Reynard Buckley carries out the investigation of the crime scene, he discovers the dead body of a young boy who was buried by someone in the moors. Based on his investigation, Detective Buckley suggests that the new counselling client of Sabbie Dare named Cliff Houghton is the main accused in the murder. Cliff Houghton is a wounded and broken man who can hardly walk. Sabbie Dare believes that Cliff Houghton is innocent and is getting framed by someone who wants him to bear the consequences of the crime that is actually committed by him and not by Cliff Houghton. While continuing with the counselling and therapy of Cliff Houghton, Sabbie Dare comes to know about several suppressed memories of a string of kidnappings and murders around a decade back. Soon, one more boy gets abducted and Cliff Houghton gets stuck deeper as the main accused in the case once again. Now, it is only up to Sabbie Dare to prove the innocence of Cliff Houghton, but she needs to do it as soon as possible before another boy gets abducted and murdered.

The second novel of the Shaman Mystery series was published in the year 2014 by the Midnight Ink publishing house. It was titled ‘Unraveled Visions’ and continued to feature the main character in the form of the Shamanistic counselor named Sabbie Dare. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Sabbie Dare is depicted as going for a fun evening in the Bridgewater Carnival. She receives a disturbing palm that reads from a young gypsy. The following day, she comes to know that a young police detective was shot dead and the gypsy is missing. Soon, Sabbie Dare begins to hear frequent pleas coming from the sister of the girl and eventually, she decides to take a look into the sad life of the gypsy. But, she is warned from doing so by detective Sergeant Reynard Buckley. After a little while, one of the women from Sabbie Dare’s neighborhood goes missing. The woman was believed to a sacred one and had an angry husband with a mysterious past. Now, everything lies in the hands of Sabbie Dare. She is required to make use of her Shamanic journeys and help the missing women, before it gets too late.

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