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Nine Kingdoms Books In Order

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Publication Order of Nine Kingdoms Books

Star of the Morning (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mage's Daughter (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Princess of the Sword (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Tapestry of Spells (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spellweaver (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gift of Magic (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dreamspinner (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
River of Dreams (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dreamer's Daughter (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The White Spell (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dreamer's Song (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prince of Souls (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

‘Nine Kingdoms’ is a magical series by Lynn Kurland in which she showcases an absolute fantasy ride through the world of magic. Excelling in presenting her readers with fantasy romance in her books, Lynn Kurland has come up with her recent work which is a part of the ‘Nine Kingdom’ series written by her. This marvel is named ‘Dreamer’s Daughter’ and has been made available from January 6, 2014. Dreamer’s Daughter is the ninth book of the ‘Nine Kingdom’ series and is an absolute delight for the fans. The New York Times bestseller is worth a read.

In this particular book by Lynn Kurland, she talks about the how Aislings, at first, believes that her destiny is just too submissive and plain. She belongs to a secretive country and works as a weaver. It this country, magic is an important part of the lives of the people, one of the major reasons for the enigmatic trait of this country. Aislings slowly realizes that the magical powers her country possesses is being drained away by the evils of the outside world. Grasping the fact that her country is in danger while coming back to Bruadair, she assumes that it is her responsibility to restore the safety of her country. She gathers her courage to save her descendents from the cruelties of the ones who want to control the world by inheriting their magic. Moving away from her original profession and destiny, she decides to become the spinner of light and magic. Meanwhile, the mischievous knight, Runach, accompanies her in the journey of protecting her place and the magic inherited by the people. He creates a sense of liveliness in this voyage full of adventure, drama and thrill. The story actually tries to unfold the mysteries set out by the previous book, i.e. ‘River of Dreams’. The romanticism of the book is projected by the lovely courtship of Aislings and Runach. Dreamer’s Daughter’ in no way misses the romantic fantasy portrayed by the series ‘Nine Kingdoms’.

Dreamer’s Daughter’ is the third part of the trilogy, which acquaints us with the characters of Aislings and Runach. Before Dreamer’s Daughter’, these characters could be experienced in the River of Dreams’ (2014) and the Dream Spinner’ (2013). In order to get a better insight into the characters of Aislings and Runach, one must go through the other two parts of this trilogy.

The ‘Dream Spinner’, which came out in 2013, was the first book of the third trilogy of the Nine Kingdoms. This one introduces the story of Runach of Ceingail’s to the readers. It reveals the mystery behind his lost magic after which Runach settles in for a simple life of gloom. This library hermit has nothing delightful about his life until the character of Aislings enters the story. Being sold as a slave by her parents at the age of 8, Aislings has given her life to weaving. In the middle of the storyline she does see her parents once and believes that they have come to pay off their debt and take her away. Do they actually come and rescue their daughter? Or does the destiny hold something else for this girl. In a quest of finding hidden answers and unsolved mysteries of their lives, Aislings and Runach set off for the same place. ‘Dream Spinner’ reveals a lot of secrets of the Nine Kingdoms and projects the idea of trust and friendship very beautifully.

The eighth book of the ‘Nine Kingdom’ series came out after ‘Dream Spinner’ as its continuation. ‘River of Dreams’ continues the journey of Aislings and Runach towards the realization that their destiny is different from the usual. In this book, Lynn Kurland lays stress on the destiny of Aislings and Runach. While Aislings wants to save the Nine Kingdoms from darkness, Runach decides to help her do the same, after which he would go back to the simple life he was destined to live. But, he soon finds a book full of magical spells which tell him that an ordinary life does not belong to him. On the other hand Aislings beliefs that she has almost completed her quest, come to be false. Her task of saving her place are far from over and with time running out on them, Runach and Aislings still have a lot of perils to face.

Being the New York Times Bestseller, there has been speculations that a series of movies will soon be showcased based on the ‘Nine Kingdom’ series but the news is not confirmed as yet. So until then, the adventures of the magical Nine Kingdoms can be relished by reading this bestseller series. In order to have a better idea of how the last story, i.e. ‘Dreamer’s Daughter’ becomes the climax to the story of Aislings and Runach, one must go through the earlier two parts as well. This would acquaint you with the characters at first to understand what their story actually is.

Unveiling the magic of Lynn Kurland’s writing, this series is one of her best gifts to literature and her readers. The mysterious journey of the characters of her books, have touched the hearts of many. The adequate mix of emotions, drama, suspense, thrill, fantasy, romance and a bit funny elements here and there have made this series a complete package for the readers. It is indeed a must read for all. Lynn Kurland’s writings have become quite popular in the 21st century and have brought many awards to her credit especially for the ‘Nine Kingdoms’ series. The romantic fantasy depicted in her novels is exquisitely charming and makes the reader long for more. The perfect timing of setting in mysteries and entertaining the reader at the same time has greatly inspired the masses to read her writings. Nine Kingdoms consists of trilogies, making it considerably easier for the readers to have their favorites and get away from the prolonged suspense of stretched numbers of books for just one story. It is by far the best series brought out by Lynn Kurland and is a must read for her fans and the rest.

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