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Publication Order of Lives Of The Saints Books

Lives of the Saints / The Book of Saints (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
In a Glass House (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where She Has Gone (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stephen Leacock (By: Margaret MacMillan) (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont (By: Joseph Boyden) (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Journey Prize Anthology 9(1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nino Ricci is well-known author in Toronto and other parts of the world. The writer was born on Ontario where he also pursued his university education. His parents however are originally from Italy in a region known as Molise. He has worked is several learning institutions some of them being the University of Toronto Scarborough and the Canadian Centre of International PEN. The writer has managed to obtain various wards like the Alistair MacLeod Awards and the Engel Award. Ricci is currently an affiliate of the Order of Canada. Together with his family they apparently reside in Toronto.

Ricci’s motivation to write came from the books that he read when he was young which include authors like Dr.Seuss and Mark Twain. The writer regards his strong point as his persistence nature and diligence. His attention to what he does can make him end up forgetting to relate with persons around him rendering this to be also a kind of weakness. His everyday routine will include proceeding to the computer at nine in the morning and playing solitaire for a few minutes just to relax. Afterwards he begins writing of which his main target in one day is five hundred words.

One of the most remarkable novels from Nino Ricci is Lives of the Saints. This amazing story is narrated with the perspective of a young boy named Vittorio Innocente who is seven years old. The boy resides together with his grandpa who is a mayor and his lovely mom, Christina. His dad, Mario has travelled to America to search for employment for the sake of his family. The tale commences when the child hears the weeping of a person and the sound seems to come from a stable. In addition to that, he also catches a glimpse of a snake that stings his mom of which the people of that community believe it symbolizes something evil. The kid becomes peculiar as to how his mom converses with a blue-eyed stranger. When he observes the stable he is able to spot blue eyes of an unknown person in the dark. He is innocent and has no idea of what could be happening. The boy continues to live life as usual which includes attending school, playing with his comrades one of them being Fabrizio . In the meantime he tries to discover what could be really taking place. However, when Vittorio is interrogated on what he saw, he asserts that he saw nothing and becomes concerned with the bite-mark on his mom.

The story continues to be more interesting when the boy’s naivety slowly fades and by how Christina performs something that later on influence the lives of her family. The fact that she had been stung by venom, it leads to ancient false notions rising amid the community albeit Vittorio asserting that the venom was green in color thus a positive signal. In this process of rumors Christina ends up being rejected by the surrounding community including her own dad. The villagers perceive her as a harlot who flirts with men in the dark when her spouse is busy making ends meet in America. Christina continues to ignore the villager’s mockery and their old taboos. They convince her that she should make a burning sacrifice to God and ask for forgiveness before a catastrophe hits her. In the meantime, Vitto’s grandpa quits his mayor job. On the other hand, Vittorio attempts to comprehend the real reason behind this and in the end gains a better recognition of the human temperament. As time goes on, Vittorrio is able to make a link between the blue-eyed man, Christina’s pregnancy, the mockery he gets from his fellow students and the family’s seclusion. At the end of it all Vittorio’s mom becomes despondent with the neighbor’s gossips and decides to travel to Canada to start a new life. The villagers continue to ridicule her even when she leaves by claiming that she has not gone to live with her spouse but instead has gone to meet with the blue-eyed stranger. Sadly, the boat in which they travel in becomes stable due to the storm. It is in that process when she goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl. The baby survives but the mother passes away. When Vitto arrives in Canada, he gets a chance to come across with his dad.

Another fascinating novel from Nino Ricci is Where She Has Gone. The main character, Victor is pursuing a master’s degree in Toronto. Rita is also a student in the same institution and is living in the domicile with her embraced sister, Elena. Generally, the tale is about Victor who struggles with identity issues and successfully deals with the feeling of desperation concerning the reunion of himself and his place in life. There is romance portrayed between Rita and Victor who are falling into each other but none of them is ready to confess as they feel uncomfortable. In fact Rita is his half-sister and it would be unacceptable for them to continue with the love affair. Rita makes up her mind to take a trip to Europe together with her new German comrade, John who is older than her. On the other hand, Victor is not comfortable with this idea as he does not trust John. Rita leaves for Europe leaving Victor in a totally bad mood.

Fortunately Rita sends him a postcard and he also decides to travel to Europe with the hope of visiting his previous residence, Valle del Sol. He successfully arrives in the old village where he is warmly welcomed and spends his time in the house that his grandpa left for him. As he recalls his childhood memories he notices that the surrounding has not changed that much. As he visits his relatives and childhood comrades he discovers that the people hold different kinds of history about his past. He falls in love with a girl from the village named Luisa. He is also concerned with discovering the biological dad to Rita which somehow introduced the theme of mystery. This book is a must-read for those individuals who like studying about the human life. The author is able to create a persistently interesting plot which incorporates the reader’s thoughts from one time and place to another.

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