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Nir Hezroni was born in 1968 in Jerusalem. He studied physics when he was in high school. After that, he completed his duty serving the military in the area of intelligence for a few years. After his service in the military, he took a backpack and went around the world traveling for some time. He eventually retired in order to study business management and economics. He moved on to build a career in the field of high tech. He still works as an I.T. guy during the day and writes at night.

He takes relaxing trips with his families these days instead of elaborate travels as he did before where he would climb mountains or explore ice caves. His debut novel was published in Israel in 2015. From there it was translated into Polish, English, and Turkish. Thomas Dunne Books is distributing the book in America.

Three Envelopes is a suspenseful novel that received good praise from readers and critics. He currently lives with his family which involves his wife Etty as well as their two daughters, Noam and Yuval, adjacent to Tel Aviv. Nir Hezroni is also the author of his follow-up novel, Last Instructions. He says that enjoys incorporating science into his books and stories wherever he can.

Three Envelopes is an exciting first novel from the engaging mind of Nir Hezroni. This book deals with the twisted mind of an agent within the Israeli intelligence agency that has managed to go rogue. The agent has a plan to carry out his revenge and he is going to do a good job of it. His name or handle as it may be referred to is Agent 10483.

The agent was good at his job and carried out all of his missions perfectly. This one had an eye for detail. But success and proficiency at that level need to be checked before they start causing more problems, and he definitely needs to be stopped. Avner is a high ranking agent that belongs to The Organization. When he gets a notebook sent to him, he knows that something is going on.

The notebook is penned by none other than the agent 10483. The only problem is that the psychopath was supposed to have been dead for only the past ten years. It’s then when he begins to realize that maybe something has gone wrong with this whole thing. Inside this notebook is the truth about the agent’s missions. These actually include some of the more famous unsolved crimes that will go down in history. It also might indicate that the mysterious agent is still alive– and not only is he still alive, but he is looking for revenge on the Organization too.

Avner reads from the notebook and starts to go in depth into this case to find out what was going on. As he reads the entries, he gets the truth about these missions and the agent who was given quite a bit of power to pursue his wishes. Avner cannot tell whether the man was indeed a pawn that was being manipulated by those above him and ordered into some of the biggest mass murders that have ever happened in history, or he was a genius crazy person that went above the handlers and dodged being held down for these events for years.

The questions begin to eat away at him as he considers what is happening. Why was this guy the only one to get three envelopes— envelopes that had the target names of a hit list? Why was he the one that was blamed for a basement of terrors where the victims were led to their deaths as installations of art when it may have been someone else? Was this man the victim of someone else, a scientific development allowing others to psychically manipulate his brain and get him to do what they wanted?

Anything is possible in this gripping debut novel from Nir Hezroni. You’ll be turning the pages to find out what happens and every word will leave you wanting to know more. This story dives into the world of intelligence, special operatives, missions, and conspiracy as every question answered only unearths two more. Go behind the scenes and see what happens when high-level technology meets intelligence operations and a killer that may have gone bad– or just wants vengeance for the organization that put him up to these horrible acts.

The sequel to this debut novel in the Agent 10483 series brings back much of the themes and the mood that defined the previous, critically acclaimed book. Last Instructions sees Hezroni once again reviving the antics and subject of the secret service operative for the Israeli side of things of who else but Agent 10483.

Readers will be instantly drawn into the world of Agent 10483. This psychopathic former spy has been working day and night in an attempt to take down the spy organization that once employed him. He’s plotting his ultimate revenge against the people he thinks caused the Organization to betray him. So what is a former spy to do? Well, he’s traveling around the world to find a nuclear warhead that’s been hidden. Once he puts his hands on it, he’s going to use it on them. Not too difficult!

With everyone in the world trying to pin this agent down, including two Organization teams, and the twin assassins serving Herr Schmidt ( a big player in the intelligence world who wants the nuclear device for himself), and a sub-contractor for the Organization called Carmit that he has encountered before, the agent must really work hard if he’s going to beat them all to the punch and take them down instead of the other way around.

The agent wouldn’t mind a one on one session with Carmit– after all, that guy has messed with his head so many times that it’s time to repay the favor. Dark and chilling, intense and engrossing, dive into the mind of a killer that might just finally get his chance to get even with them all (and maybe have a bit of fun doing it).

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