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Publication Order of No Prisoners MC Books

The “No Prisoners MC” series is a set of novels by Lilly Atlas, a bestselling and award-winning novelist known for her contemporary romances.

She loves to call herself a proud mother of three spunky kids and a proud Navy wife. Before she attained all her success as an author, she worked for more than 10 years as a physical therapist which was a job she enjoyed so much.
Nonetheless, becoming an author is something that Atlas always thought of one day becoming. She used to spend her days plotting characters in her head and daydreaming of one day writing full-time.

She used to do this just about any time and everywhere as she was showering, driving, and sometimes when she was at work. At some point, she decided that enough was enough and that she needed to get the many ideas she had in her head onto the page.
Lilly published “Journey to the Deep Woods,” her debut novel in 2008, and this would be the stepping stone to greater things.

She now has more than two dozen novels to her name across at least four series, single-standing novels, collections of short stories, and has contributed to the “Mayhem Makers MMM” series.

Atlas is now a full-time author who spends most of her time wrangling her kids and expanding the many stories she has in her head. When she is not writing her novels, she loves to read all manner of novels.
She has said that every time she downloads a new ebook onto her Kindle, she half expects it to yell back that it is overworked and exhausted and that it needs a rest.

Fortunately, this is yet to happen and hence she still loves to download books from her favorite authors to read whenever she can.

Sometimes, she communicates with her fans and readers through the mailing list on her website. Through the newsletter, she usually provides her readers with fun bonus content.
Atlas also loves to interact with fans on her various social media profiles on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, where she provides exclusive giveaways and early cover reveals.

The “No Prisoners MC” series of novels by Lilly Atlas is an intriguing set of romance fiction works that has some very interesting characters.

These are stories of men and women from very different worlds who suddenly find themselves thrown together due to unforeseen circumstances.

The men are all members of the “No Prisoners MC” and pride themselves on being tough and hard. They have worked hard to become powerful respected and feared in their clubs.
But then they find themselves questioning their MC life or having to deal with threats to their family at just the moment they come into contact with the heroines.

As for the women, they are respectable women who are forced to go back to small-town Tennessee by circumstance.

Here they meet the men of the local MC who are certainly not part of their social circles. However, they cannot help but fall for these very alpha men.

Things only get more interesting when the women are threatened and the men step in to protect them, which only brings them closer and sparks the flame of attraction.

“Striker” is the first novel of the “No Prisoner MC” series that tells the story of a doctor named Lila who flees to a small town to escape the expectations and pressures of her family.

Lila is committed to her profession and can work very well under pressure. She is known to most of the members of the No Prisoners MC since she has been treating them when they get into many violent incidents.

She has been keeping her distance from them but she is attracted to Striker one of the MC members. Striker her love interest is known for his abilities as an MMA fighter who has risen through the ranks to become the vice president of the No Prisoners MC.
While he knows Lila is not the type of woman who socializes with the likes of him, he cannot help but want her.

He is known for being all about his club and the closest things to romantic relationships are the frequent one-night stands he has. While he is strongly attracted, he tries his best to keep away from Lila.

But their worlds collide when she unexpectedly finds herself in a lot of danger and seeks help from her friends at the MC. She makes a deal with them in which she will be using her medical skills in the service of the MC in exchange for protection.
Things turn interesting when Strike becomes her designated bodyguard which puts them in very close proximity.

The second novel of the “No Prisoner MC” series of novels by Lilly Atlas is “Jester,” which tells the the story of Emily, a first-grade teacher who finds herself thrust into a world of fear and danger.

She has no choice but to comply with the demands of a local MC president if she wants to save the life of her brother. In exchange, she is supposed to get close to a member of a rival MC named Jester who she is to use and betray.
But the man proves to be nothing like she expected he would be and it is not not long before he is in her heart and she is in his bed.

Jester is ready to give limb and life for his MC and now needs to work on dealing with an impending attack from the Grimm Brothers, who are their biggest enemies.

Will Emily be able to save her brother without destroying Jester the man who has opened her to an amazing world of pleasure, joy, and love? She is ready to do anything to protect Jester but also needs to help her brother too.
At some point, Jester discovers that she had been sent to spy on him by the rival MC and he blows his top so hard, she is afraid she may just lose everything.
Lilly Atlas writes a fun and stylish story full of credible and fun characters with loads of laughter, action, passion, and some tears too.

Lilly Atlas’ novel “Acer” is an interesting romance story and the third of the “No Prisoner MC” series of novels featuring Fia and Acer.

Fia just had one of the best nights with a dangerous man but knows she cannot do such a thing again particularly since he would never fit in her wealthy circles. But she just cannot forget her brief encounter and decides to seek him out once again.
She had sought him out for other reasons but while waiting for him, she comes under attack from a madman, and her life is turned upside down. She now desperately needs the help of Acer who she has been unable to get out of her mind.

Acer had once been betrayed by someone he completely trusted and spent the next 20 years rejecting any entanglements, as he did not want to deal with betrayal ever again.

Fortunately, he lives the MC life which means he gets to enjoy loyalty and personal connections from his brothers. At the club, he can be free to form close relationships since anyone who betrays his brothers is sure to be severely punished.
But then things change when some woman he had a one-night stand with reappears asking for his help. He agrees to help her while telling himself that he will be keeping her at arm’s length. But will Fia and Axcer be able to fight their feelings?

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