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Noah Hardy
Noah Hardy writes laugh out loud romantic comedies with heart. He is a husband of one awesome wife and a father of two really super cool kids. When he is not writing a novel in a coffee shop (and laughing to himself), he is attempting to be as good a father as Bandit from Bluey, but man, that cartoon dog sure sets a high bar.

He has flown planes, plays guitar incredibly badly, and traveled to 35 countries. While he has never been to space just yet, he does hope to be abducted by aliens some day.

Noah also writes as Marc Lewis, penning Adventure Comedy books for children ages 8-12.

“Borrowed Bride” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2023. Something new, something old. Somebody borrowed out of the blue. Zoe Fitzpatrick will do anything at all for her catering clients, however this is starting to get ridiculous.

It is the wedding of the year in DC and the groom and bride (Carter and Taliah, who is from Turkey) have just eloped. Which they did so that they did not have to be subjected to this wedding extravaganza that was planned by her future in laws. The groom’s dad is this powerful senator that gets set announce his run for the presidency of the United States in front of all of the VIP guests (congressmen, the President, and senators) in attendance and he is not about to allow some minor issue like a missing bride and groom ruin any of that. With an incredibly tempting offer of this big check and a set of dream jobs, he asks for Zoe to step in at the last minute and pretend to be the bride and save the day for him.

Zoe, with her catering business (Catering by Zoe) teetering on the brink of devastation, cannot afford to say no, even though her stand-in groom is Luke Whitfield, the pompous, arrogant, and frustratingly attractive twin brother of the groom. Ugh.

Even though she an incredibly talented chef, she’s got a bit of diarrhea of the mouth and is not that comfortable telling tall tales. She is an honest person to a fault. She learns that she is catering the parking lot (for the limo drivers and the security staff), but not the actual event.

Luke and Zoe are attempting to play newlywed happy, however they already look like they’re ready for a divorce. It is absolute hate at first sight, however while the night continues to progress through awkward kisses on full and total display, wild first dances, and one humiliating experience with the President, the pretend feelings they supposedly feel for one another begin getting dangerously close to being real.

This is an enemies to lovers, fake wedding/fake engagement, full length stand alone romantic comedy with a happy ever after. This is a closed door romance, with undeniable chemistry that will have you rooting for these two throughout. There was a fantastic build up to their HEA, with a bonus epilogue of their honeymoon. Perfect read for fans of authors such as Ali Hazelwood, Christina Lauren, and Sally Thorne.

It’s incredible that this novel takes place in just a 24 hour time frame and this is just a fun ride. Zoe and Luke have some top notch witty banter back and forth with each other. The family might be crazy but it was so entertaining, silly, and cute. Noah artfully writes this romantic comedy, and readers couldn’t put it down for very long, nor can they recommend it enough. He created a well rounded group of characters that all were messy and complicated, just like real life.

There is Aya (Zoe’s Asian buddy and employee), Victoria (Luke’s sister who came into her own too), and Kathleen and Senator Whitfield (Luke, Victoria, and Carter’s parents) who aren’t all that nice or moral, especially not Kathleen, who remarks about Carter’s bride being Turkish at one point. Oh and Ryan Wooten, who according to him, makes the girls say ‘woot woot’ just when they seem him.

This is the type of novel that you pick up when you are feeling down that will perk you right up. It is far too funny to be read in a quiet place, as it made readers laugh out loud when they were really trying to be quiet. Readers found it was one of the funniest romantic comedies they have read in such a long time and made them a huge fan of the way that Noah tells a story. Readers cannot wait to see what he writes next.

Readers love how you get to know the bad brother Luke and how he proves everybody wrong as Noah drops these hints and then reveals his emotional backstory of why he is as bitter as he is. Fans admire just how heartfelt Luke was able to be as he apologizes when Zoe calls him out on some things, and how he makes her a bitter person as well. Being with Zoe changes the trajectory of Luke’s life, and how he found her to be half-confounding and half-amusing. It’s great how they meet by mere chance and wind up being soul mates.

This is a lot like a soap opera on steroids, but with feels and swoons while Luke and Zoe get to know one another better as they are legally married only one hour after they first met each other. Readers loved Luke’s grandma as well, and felt that she was also very witty and wise. Loved that her pretend dad was one of the limo drivers.

Zoe was not that close to her parents and is incredibly uptight, and while each chapter progresses, you see this woman lighten up and have a lot more fun and so much confidence. Zoe’s a delightful surprise of a character and it’s easy to love her spunk and her positive outlook on life.

The one liners and witty banter, poking fun at Zoe, who was playing “caterer of the parking lot” had readers smiling from ear to ear.

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