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Publication Order of Chronicles of the Enlai Books

The Nexus Mirror (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Legend of Solis (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Origins: Adam (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chamber of Genesis (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Noah Michael
Noah Michael is a fantasy author best known for his Chronicles of the Enlai series. The Chicago-born author is dedicated to following his dreams even when they do not align with his main career.
After graduating with medical sciences and Biomedical engineering degrees, Noah went back to school to study medicine. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to read, write, travel, and enjoy his favorite music.
This talented author plans to continue writing and building more intriguing worlds for his fans to enjoy.

The Nexus Mirror
The Nexus Mirror comes first in the Chronicles of Enlai series. It is 2094, and for the past 200 years, the fantasy world of Enlai has been ravaged by a secret war. All the tribes in this world have their own powers, and the super-powered beings have not stopped fighting for their planet.
When it is discovered that one girl, the last of her kind, holds the key that could end this resistance, everyone goes searching for her. Whichever tribe gets the Nexus mirror will win the war and gain world domination.

Will the girl agree to let her secret weapon go? Does she even know that she holds that much power?Raiden is a great teacher. While he doesn’t have his students’ superpowers, this man is always ready to face whatever comes his way.

When Raiden’s orphanage is attacked by the thugs who killed his father, he will move heaven and earth to stop them. He will also not allow anyone to harm his student, Sarah.

Things take an exciting turn when Alia joins the battle. Alia has always felt different. She has an almost psychic intuition that makes her feel and sense things those around her cannot.

Alia is all alone despite her abilities, and the little money she earns goes to her blind sister’s care. Her life changes when Roko, a billionaire, takes her in and promises to heal her sister.

Roko is pure evil. The man will play people out, hoping that Alia will get him what he wants. As Alia rises in rank in his organization, she unravels some mysteries about her past and sees Roko for who he is.

At some point, Alia will have to make a difficult choice, and it is interesting to see how that works for Roko. While she does make a few mistakes, Alia remains bold to the end, and she doesn’t shy from standing up for what she thinks is right.

Other notable characters include Sarah, Raja, and Chief Yuran. You will enjoy meeting these characters and seeing what roles they play in this intriguing saga.

This story unfolds at a steady pace, slowly drawing you in so you get invested in the characters’ lives. The ending is a bit crazy, but you will love it anyway, and it will leave you curious to see what happens in the next instalment.

The Nexus Mirror is an intriguing story characterized by amazing characters, impressive world-building, and loads of action. There are enough magical creatures like zombies, engineered dinosaurs, and super-powered pirates to keep you on your toes.

Amazingly, the author starts each chapter by explaining the era and characters involved in it as it helps with the flow.

The Legend of Solis
The Legend of Solis comes second in the Chronicles of the Enlai series. After enduring chaos and destruction for many years, the Enlai are finally forming alliances and working together.

However, they face a great enemy, so the battle continues. It doesn’t take long for the creatures of this world to realize that their world needs a legend. It is the only way it will survive.

As the battle continues, the humans are taking no sides. To them, all the super-powered beings of Enlai are dangerous and need to be eliminated. Can the humans succeed in their quest? What will happen when the Enlai legend shows up?

Tobias Ford is a celebrated U.S. military soldier who has dedicated his life to serving his country. As the adopted son of the U.S. President, a lot is expected from him.

This man has been fighting the Enlai until he makes a startling discovery. Tobias will question everything he has ever known, and when he starts making a connection between his identity and the Enlai, his allegiance shifts.

Alia cannot remember anything about her past. She feels that something is missing in her life, but every time she tries to think, it is like her a door has been locked in her mind.

However, she can sense the distant darkness that is starting to struggle to break free. In this second instalment, the protagonist shifts, and the author introduces a new and likable character named Tobias.

This young man starts as a U.S. soldier dedicated to fighting the Enlai. However, when he discovers that he is also an Enlai, he has to make a tough decision that will change his life and the course of this war.

This story comes with so much action that it reads like an action movie. You will enjoy following Tobias in all his adventures and seeing how he handles the challenges he encounters along the way.

You will also have a chance to meet all your favorite characters from the first installment in the series.
Thanks to the author’s descriptive writing, you will almost feel like you are right there with Tobias making new discoveries and doing everything possible to save his people. Some scenes will move you to tears, and you cannot help but worry about the fate of some of the main characters.

Just like in the first book, this story is told from multiple viewpoints. It is fun following the story as it unfolds from different perspectives and seeing how everything comes together beautifully at the end.

The Legend of Solis is another intriguing read that takes you deeper into the world of the Enlai. While this book comes with a different protagonist, plot, and storyline, you will enjoy it more if you have read the first book.

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