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Publication Order of Nocturne City Books

Caitlin Kittredge is a published American author of fiction. She is recognized for primarily writing stories in the fantasy genre. She is also the author of comic books, having written Vertigo Comics’ Coffin Hill as well as Image Comics’ Throwaways and Witchblade.

Born in 1984 in September, Caitlin is well known for writing the Black London series and the Iron Codex series for young adults as well as the Nocturne City series. She has also penned short stories and other series. She first began writing books when she was thirteen years old and spent a few years practicing her writing. The first thing that she ever wrote was related to Star Wars. During this time she produced several comic books, screenplays, as well as fan fiction.

Catilin also wrote a dark fantasy that thankfully did not go anywhere but did give her an idea for another story regarding a werewolf who chose to fight crime. This would of course become her debut fictional novel, Night Life, the first in the popular Nocturne City series. She would work on the novel for two years and go through many drafts. She pitched her novel to a variety of agent, and one would later help sell the fictional series to St. Martin’s for publication.

Kittredge would attend college, where she studied English and graduated with her degree. Some other authors that have provided inspiration over the years include Neil Gaiman, Raymond Chandler, and H.P. Lovecraft. As you might have guessed, the writer also loves reading, and enjoys classic pulp novels in addition to comic books and film noir. When asked to describe her beliefs, Caitlin would say that she is ‘skeptical’ but believes in “Something Else”. The author thinks that there are too many strange things in the world to be able to completely discount the possibility that something’s out there.

Today Caitlin resides in Olympia, Washington, along with her two pet cats. She is able to pull off English cursing far better than American and can drive stick. She continues to read and write regularly. She also continues to love comics, punk rock, listening to her music loud, and wearing black clothing, as well as watching horror movies far too frequently. She likes to collect vintage clothing as well as books and comics and has many bad habits. She enjoys tea and ghost stories and is accomplished at playing the violin. She is also a full time writer.

Caitlin Kittredge is the creator and the author of the Nocturne City series of fictional novels. Set in the urban fantasy genre, the series first began with the publication of the debut novel Night Life. The series features main character Luna Wilder. She is a police officer that just happens to reside in a city that has residents that are both human and paranormal. Since she’s a werewolf, Luna relates to both of the citizens that live there. Night Life was followed by the exciting sequel, Pure Blood. Second Skin is the third novel, followed by Witch Craft and the fifth novel, Daemon’s Mark.

Night Life is the exciting first novel in the dark fantasy series Nocturne City by Caitlin Kittredge. If you are a big fan of fantasy or just love reading new books with paranormal elements, be sure to check out this intriguing series that takes place in a city where it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see witches, black magicians, or werewolves out on the street at night.

This is the book where readers get the chance to meet main character Luna Wilder for the first time. She’s a police officer and prides herself on being tough enough to handle the rigors of her job, all while making sure that peace is kept locally. But she also has a secret that she keeps to herself– that she is an Insoli werewolf.

In her case, she doesn’t have a pack that she’s joined up with. Luna relies on her instincts to keep her alive instead of a pack. When it comes to work, she’s just been given the task of trying to find the serial killer that’s responsible for several murders, all that have been conducted in a ritualistic way. The killer might even be linked to an escaped demon that was thought to be only part of legend, but that is being further examined.

Then Luna starts looking into Dmitri Sandovsky, who also happens to be one of her prime suspects. Once she meets him, she can’t deny that he is charming in a wolfish kind of way. He also happens to be the pack leader for a Redback clan. Whenever she’s around him, she can’t help feeling the animal inside of her. But it’s also threatening to take over her fiercely independent streak, something she values.

The last thing that Luna expects is to have to rely on Dmitri in any way, but that’s exactly what may end up happening. The two are thrust together as they make their way into an ancient underworld of demons, set up against a black magician that just might be powerful enough to lock them away for an eternity. Will the two survive and even triumph? Read this book to find out!

Pure Blood is the second book in the Nocturne City series by Caitlin Kittredge. This is a place in the world where everything from demons to witches and werewolves thrives alongside their human compatriots. Meanwhile, it’s up to werewolf and homicide detective Luna Wilder to try and keep things in balance.

When dead bodies start appearing in Nocturne City, all connected with a message about seeing with ’empty eyes’, she can’t ignore what’s going on. It looks like the city’s got another killer on its hands. At the same time, she can’t stop thinking about the handsome Dmitri. He helped her last time but also got infected from a demon bite.

That means that his pack elders don’t want him going anywhere near Luna. However, she needs him. When witches start getting killed and rival witch clans headed to war, Luna needs Dmitri to help her stop the clans– and the city– from going down. Can they make a difference? Get a copy of Pure Blood and read to the end to find out!

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